Aug. 23rd, 2016 06:07 pm
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I think it would be much fairer to their personal physicians if [Clinton's and Trump's] medical data were available to a neutral panel of physicians, a bipartisan panel who could review their data and say, Hillary doesn’t really have a clotting problem, Trump is not really a manic depressive psychotic. It would be much better if we had a neutral view.
-- Dr. Robert Lahita, a professor of medicine at Rutgers University, who has studied the history of presidents' health
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I feel a teeny bit bad for Ryan Lochte. Not for the thing with the gas station - that was pure bro arrogance and he deserves what he gets.

But the false robbery report - he never intended that, he never sought attention, he never went to the cops. He just lied to his mom - which, to be fair, is something most people do at one time or another. And then suddenly it's an international incident. After that, I can't say I'd have behaved any better, under the circumstances. I mean yes, he should have come clean; but I imagine myself in that position, and I'm not sure I'd have had that strength.
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That the women seem to run in bathing suits and the men ... don't?
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Was disappointing. I think we just need to ban men from writing and directing movies.

A bit spoilery, probably not much if you know the premise )
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So, for example, when cab drivers, or hairdressers, try to strike up a conversation with me, I pretty much give one-word answers until they give up. But I understand what they're doing. If we're just sitting together for a while, it makes sense to talk. They want higher tips, and if you see a steady stream of new people every day, you probably enjoy learning a little about them.

But I do not, will never, understand the dental hygienists who keep trying to talk to me. My mouth is busy. This is not a good time
And tipping the hygienist is not, as far as I'm aware, standard. Why are you talking to me? Why are you asking me questions??? You yourself are fully aware that I cannot talk right now. Just finish the tooth polishing and let me leave.

On the bright side, I am so enchanted with the varied flavors of tooth polish available these days. Vanilla, strawberry, orange? When I was a kid, you got mint-vomit and liked it.

I volunteer

Aug. 8th, 2016 06:02 am
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U.S. Male Gymnasts Want to Be Objectified
Even when they medal, they stand in the shadow of female gymnasts. Might the answer be disrobing?

When the United States men’s gymnastics team came to the site of the Olympics earlier this year for a reconnaissance training camp, the American athletes did what anyone in Brazil with a carefully sculpted body would do. They went to the beach, stripped to their Speedos and whipped out a selfie stick. The soaring peaks of Sugarloaf Mountain in the background have never looked so meek.

What happened next was exactly the reaction the U.S. team imagined. The Internet went gaga for the ensuing Instagrams. That wasn’t an accident. It’s one of the ways they think they can get attention in a country that showers glory upon gold-medal-winning women gymnasts while ignoring America’s less-successful men’s team. So the men’s team has been brainstorming ways to market their sport better. They would like to be objectified.

“Maybe compete with our shirts off,” said U.S. star Sam Mikulak, the four-time, reigning all-around national champion. “People make fun of us for wearing tights. But if they saw how yoked we are maybe that would make a difference.”
Frankly, whenever I watch the Olympics, I am reminded that aesthetically, I find the male gymnast's bodies to match my personal ideal of the male form - more than any of the other athletes (swimmers, runners, etc).

Okay, slice of peanut butter cake for breakfast - check.
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Joe Scarborough reporting on his show that in an hour-long meeting with his foreign policy advisor, Donald Trump asked three times why we can't just use nuclear weapons. I can't wait to see where the day goes from here.
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(In case anyone missed it, he refused to endorse Paul Ryan and John McCain in their primaries, or Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire, because they waffled on their endorsements of him).
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Bret Stephens:
Mrs. Clinton is not the apotheosis of evil. She may be a corner-cutter and a liar, and she’ll almost surely appoint liberals to the Supreme Court. But at least she’s not a sociopath.
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Like, of course it makes sense he'd be unpopular with people of color, but the amazing part is how badly he's fumbled even cosmetic attempts at outreach. It's like he's intentionally insulting them.

Maybe that's just the basic lack of organization of the campaign though. With Trump, hard to say.
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It's two mainstream newspapers now that have come out with massive editorials endorsing Hillary Clinton - even though it's long before the season for that - because of the unique threat Trump poses to the Republic.

One of them, Houston Chronicle, is usually Republican - they endorsed Romney in 2012.

Meanwhile, no one should be holding their breath waiting for a Trump-Clinton debate.
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panicking again.

I actually don't think there will be big scandals because I don't think they are corrupt. But I think they are political and there will be nasty stuff that will be embarrassing or distracting.

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