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And really my only reaction is, where's the Oliver/Ray/Felicity porn? With Oliver giving, ahem, direction?

Oh my god,

Apr. 26th, 2015 08:08 am
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that's what a dry bar is?

There's one I drive by all the time, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what they were selling.
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Do abortion rights groups ever offer to teach a sex ed course? Because there are lots and lots of stories throughout the US about public schools that outsource sex ed to abstinence-only, anti-abortion groups that wind up giving lessons that are both inaccurate and deeply sexist. And I don't know the full backstory of how these groups get hired, but I tend to assume the explanation is at least partly bureaucratic - the schools don't want to spend money on this, the group offers to do it cheaply, a small number of legislators know the score but the rest aren't paying much attention.

If that's right, it would mean that abortion rights groups could effectively counter the trend by offering their own courses. Do they try?
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They have a monopoly and they know it and they treat their customers horribly as a result, and dear God I hope DOJ rejects the fucking merger.
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Winter's Children, by Neery. A really fantastic take on the "Bucky needs to raise little Steve Rogers clones" story. It's Steve/Bucky, but there's also a gen version, if you're into that kind of thing.


Apr. 16th, 2015 07:35 pm
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I love it when a show that I'd lost interest in suddenly makes a comeback.

*she says, addictively catching up on this season*
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It didn't really do much for me, but I'll stick with it just to see what everyone's talking about.

That said, it really illustrated one of the things that's just so bizarre about Hollywood blockbusters - and it illustrated what inspires slash.

Spoilers )
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I will give the Fast and the Furious movies a try.

(I haven't seen any of them.)
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the internet provides helpful warnings.

By the way, in my Supernatural rewatch, I just got to relive my rage about how Ruby was tortured naked, but Alistair was tortured fully clothed.
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States Are Passing Extreme Anti-Abortion Laws The Country Has Never Seen Before

This isn't just about hostility to abortion. I mean, of course, yeah, but what this really is, is a consequence of the new GOP's refusal to believe that government can actually do anything productive or help people's lives in any way. There's no role for government in the new GOP. They can't engage in public works, or reinforce infrastructure. They can't provide healthcare, or improve education.

So you have these new GOP legislators and the only role they can agree upon for government is to limit abortion, promote discrimination against gays, and impose new and ridiculous restrictions on welfare. So that's what they do, because it's either that or spend the day playing pinochle.
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is that all my knowledge comes from TV police procedurals, but I'm still reasonably confident that a pathologist can tell the difference between shots fired in a struggle, and shots fired into the back of a running man from 15 feet away.

But this cop was not concerned about that when he initially claimed to have shot the guy in self-defense after a struggle.

So I have to wonder - was the cop just really stupid and not thinking? Or does he know his police department well enough to know that he would have gotten away with it if not for the video?
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They now hurt a lot. I was hoping that with all the pain I'd at least have some visible bruising or torn skin, so that I could tell people I punched someone. But sadly no.
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Some dude with the last name Burger is marrying some chick with the last name King, and the upshot of the whole thing is, Burger King has agreed to pay for the ceremony.

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