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[personal profile] thirdblindmouse has posted a fairly tragic holograms'-eye-view of the Star Trek universe, here.
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Burmese beauty queen 'vanishes with tiara' from pageant
A Burmese beauty queen who was stripped of her title for allegedly being rude and dishonest has run off with the £60,000 jewelled crown from a South Korea-based pageant, according to organisers.

May Myat Noe is said to have vanished from the competition after officials were adamant that she have breast enhancement surgery.
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(Mostly) male reporters doubt Gillibrand's account of sexual harassment unless she names names, which she of course has a responsibility to do. Let it never be allowed that a woman discuss her experience on terms not dictated by men.
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Michael Brown's Mom Laid Flowers Where He Was Shot—and Police Crushed Them

This is why it's really impossible to separate conservatism as a movement from racism. Because - and we saw this with Trayvon Martin, as well - it seems as though conservatives find it absolutely impossible to look at these murders of teenagers and say "Yes that's a tragedy, and it's terrible that it happened, but given the balance of harms, the importance of certain values, etc, I still think it's better that we have heavily armed police/free gun rights/etc." Instead, it's always "Well, that child who died was really a thug who doesn't even deserve a memorial."

It seems as though there is no death of a black person that wasn't, in the minds of at least the conservatives who have the loudest voices, justified.

If they can't acknowledge the humanity of the people who are injured by their preferred policies, that suggests that the politics are rooted in something other than high ideals or policy preferences, and instead are rooted in a basic disbelief that some people are human.
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Seriously needs to write the meta on Captain America, fandom, and how fandom uses the Captain America canon (including the fact that he is canonically a celebrity, and a symbol of America, with a fandom) to argue for progressive politics as part of the American ideal.

Or to put it another way - slash inherently has a political subtext, but when you slash Captain America, the politics is textual, and fandom just runs with that.
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The facts of the shooting are so unbelievably suspicious, so ridiculously over-the-top sketchy, that you could come into it thinking there is no racism anywhere and still conclude that this shooting was unjustified. And yet, the Ferguson police continue to rally around Wilson, stonewall inquiries, and generally just prove a general level of corruption.

Brown was shot dead in the street and they left him there for hours. The police have performed an autopsy but refuse to release the results - instead, there's just been a vague anonymous leak about marijuana in Brown's system. The family performs a private autopsy with extremely damning results, and Ferguson still doesn't respond. The Chief releases a video accusing Brown of a robbery prior to the shooting, refuses to take questions, and then admits that the robbery was unrelated to the shooting. And now, the Ferguson police release an incident report on the shooting that not only says nothing, but wasn't even filed until 10 days after it occirred.

Seriously, if Wilson had any kind of even vaguely plausible defense, he'd have filled out an incident report immediately, gotten his story straight, and the police would have released the autopsy straightaway. Yet ... we get silence.

I mean, if you wanted to frame Wilson, you couldn't have done a better job. So the fact that the Ferguson police aren't admitting they have a problem is itself proof that a problem exists.

I look at this story and I think, this is a parody, right? This is some kind of pointed satire about southern sheriffs? Is Ned Beatty in here somewhere?
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It's just that The Price is much better made and isn't getting the same attention, and I suspect that's because of the label "vid." As though the artistry itself somehow disqualifies it as criticism.
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One thousand marketing executives, and one thousand social psychologists, are writing papers on the viral success of the ALS icebucket challenge. It’s like a perfect storm of Cialdini’s Influence.


Aug. 14th, 2014 08:56 pm
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Joss Whedon's 2006 Wonder Woman script has been leaked, apparently.
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Oh my god, you guys, it's almost like they have facial expressions!

For anyone who's interested, the links have all been updated at the original vid announcement posts on LJ and on Dreamwidth, or you can also just download the remastered version from my website.
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Basically, this is another case of employers shifting costs to employees. Once upon a time, being an employer and obtaining the profits of being an employer also meant that you took on certain expenses and risks - like the expenses and risks associated with overhead, to keep the lights on in your store even when you didn't have a lot of customers. By using just-in-time scheduling, employers are shifting those risks onto employees, who can least afford to bear them. It's just like employers who are no longer willing to pay for training (or to pay union wages and let unions do the training); they want employees to bear those costs.
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Fembots. Really creative multifandom vid of ... well, fembots. Which is also the title of a two part episode of The Bionic Woman.
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I've read a striking number of fics where someone bails someone else out of jail, and there's a large discussion about "paying it back." They don't have to pay it back - the money is returned.

Bail is paid as a security to ensure that a defendant shows up for trial. Like, someone's arrested. We don't convict people without a trial, but trials take time to arrange. So what do you do with that person in the meantime? You can hold them in jail, but that's unfair - we don't know if they're guilty yet. So, unless there are special circumstances (they're likely to flee, they're dangerous, etc) we release them. And they or their families/friends often pay bail money as an incentive to make sure they don't just disappear and never show up for trial. If they don't run and they show up to their court appearances, the money is returned.

Bail bondsmen are business people who will pay a defendant's bail, for a fee. If the defendant doesn't show up for court appearances, the bondsman's on the hook - so that's where bounty hunters come in. The bondsman will hire bounty hunters to retrieve the defendant so that he can recover the money paid to the court.
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Every Door Opens (73930 words) by shiso_romanesco
Chapters: 20/20
Fandom: Captain America (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, Captain America - All Media Types
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson (Marvel), Natasha Romanov, Nick Fury, Tony Stark, Jarvis (Iron Man movies)
Additional Tags: post Cap 2, It's a slow slow burn my friends, Mature rating for descriptions of violence, Cap's thoughts on suicide/sacrifice are briefly explored in ch 15, CHAPTERS 18 AND 19 HAVE EXPLICIT CONTENT, but the rest of the fic is Mature
Series: Part 1 of We Made Ourselves

Then Bucky licks his lips, tip of his tongue just grazing the sensitive skin of Steve’s ear and Steve moans. Nothing close to the surge of lust behind his ribs, but a tiny, breathy sound all the same. Bucky doesn’t react—he must not have heard. Though a minute later he curls his fingers and extends them again, moving just slow enough for it to be a caress.

Just tip your head into his touch. He’ll take the lead and trace the folds of your ear with his tongue until you can’t keep quiet any more. Then he’ll smother your desperate little noises with his mouth, fingers twisting in your hair. Kissing deeply, tongues reaching to declare your filthy intentions. Find his knee with your hand and slide wolfishly up his thigh until you reach the bulge behind his fly. Palm him through his trousers until he’s panting in your mouth, until he’s pressing his forehead to yours, hips bucking, and you can see his dark eyes, glinting in the screen’s flickering light, pleading—

Steve jolts back to the present. The credits are rolling and Bucky is reading them as well. The screen blacks and two fluorescent lights buzz to life. Bucky loosens his hand from Steve’s head, welcoming the world back in.

This one gives new meaning to pining and slow build, so if that's your thing (it's definitely mine) you'll enjoy. Has an interesting style where it switches between Bucky and Steve POV, and second and third person - it sometimes goes too far and gets confusing, but most of the time it creates a really interesting effect.
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Women And People Of Color Get Punished For Hiring To Increase Diversity, White Men Get Rewarded
Women and people of color in executive positions who push to make more diverse hires and promotions get penalized on their performance reviews, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Colorado. White men, on the other hand, get rewarded for valuing diversity.

Ed. note:

The researchers looked at 362 executives, from CEO to director, and found that those who were ranked in the top 15 percent on a scale measuring their dedication to diversity got an average performance rating of 3.76. But those ratings improved the less women and people of color were seen to be promoting more nonwhite, female hires. A woman with an average dedication to diversity got a performance rating of 3.98, but a woman in the bottom 15 percent got a rating of 4.15, which represents a 10 percent increase in her review. Meanwhile, white men who pushed for greater diversity got a bump in their performance review scores.

The researchers also conducted an experiment to test these ideas, having actors play executives and give speeches either in favor of hiring someone who looked like them or someone who didn’t. When women advocated for other women, they were seen as colder, and when people of color advocated for people like them, they were seen as less competent. “People are perceived as selfish when they advocate for someone who looks like them, unless they’re a white man,” said David Hekman, one of the study’s authors.
And that's today's quote of the day.

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