Aug. 31st, 2015 08:20 am
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So after [personal profile] rivkat kept insisting I watch this show, and after seeing a critical mass of enthusiasm build up around tumblr/dreamwidth/lj, and after [personal profile] lithiumdoll posted her Killyjoys recruiter vid, I finally watched the first episode.

Okay, they've got me.
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Very brief thoughts from someone who has no familiarity with the original series -

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Aug. 25th, 2015 07:57 pm
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You guys understand how significant this is? This is real. I’m having trouble processing it. Like, my legs are shaking.
--GOP pollster Frank Luntz, after holding a focus group on the sources of Donald Trump's appeal
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Including hunting through the ringtones for message notifications that sound as close to my old phone's notifications as possible, and becoming resentful when they don't match exactly and I have to learn a whole new set of beeps and rings.

(I'm too lazy and uncreative to bother downloading notifications from the internet; I just use what's preloaded on the phone, and I have different ones for different email accounts, for reminders, etc - so it's always painful when I have to switch and the new phone doesn't have the same set as the old phone)

And then there was the 2-hour long ritual of re-tagging all of the fanfic ebooks I had saved on the old phone, because the tags didn't transfer over with the files. Consider that my gesture toward fanfic appreciation day - nothing says devotion like 2 hours of tagging poi/merlin/avengers/s&h/spn/holmes/xmen/hl!
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Dinner and Deception: Serving elaborate meals to the super-rich left me feeling empty
In a playground for the superrich, I was an overpaid chaperone wearing a bespoke suit. Gluttony was common. So was sex; more than once we had to interrupt coitus in the restroom. Once a woman asked to leave her baby at the coat check. When the maître d’ explained that dinner lasted at least three hours, she stared back at him, unfazed. “Yes, I know.” Grown men wearing Zegna and Ferragamo would sit at the bar chanting, “We are the 1 percent!”
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If you (1) loved the first Sherlock Holmes, but (2) hated the second one, I'd love to get your advice about whether I should see this movie.
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Sadly I'm missing Day 3 of VVC - too many real life things to do at home. And that means I don't get to attend vid review, which is my favorite part :-(. I hope people post good notes.

Anyway, as long as I'm on the plane, this is my con report. If I'd had the foresight I'd have brought my con program with me, but it's in my checked bag, so I'm working from memory.

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And my plane trip is coming to an end now so I'll have to post about premieres later. Oh, I can't wait to see reports on the day that I'm missing!
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So here I am at my second Vividcon. My first was 3 years ago; I still consider myself a newbie. And they let me do a vidshow! My show was "You're My Best Friend," dedicated to BFFs. Designing the show, I was graced with an embarrassment of awesome choices - it was actually kind of painful to narrow things down. I quickly learned that my choices were less about vid quality - there were many excellent quality vids to choose from - than about constructing the right mix. Like, a mix of buddies in different settings, with different relationships to each other, different song types, different moods - it meant I couldn't include a lot of really wonderful vids because they didn't fit with the mix. In a couple of cases, I had to choose among several excellent vids to the same song, each about a different buddy pairing. (hey, that could have been a whole 'nother show!).

But anyway. Here's how the BFF Vidshow turned out:

From Here on Out by Mithborien. Teen Wolf. Buddies have your back.

Strength in You by Here's Luck. Gilmore Girls. Buddies give you strength to endure.

We Are Gonna Be Friends by humansrsuperior. Life. Sometimes buddies have different ways of doing things...

Do My Thing by Laura Shapiro. The Heat. ...but buddies still fit together.

My Best Friend by Killa. Lost Girl. Buddies inspire lots of feelings.

Ain't No Easy Way by Danegen. Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. So sometimes you get into bad situations with your buddy.

Shine by Eunice. Thelma & Louise. But your buddy stays with you until the end.

Thick as Thieves by Charmax. Dead Like Me. And even beyond.

Motown Philly by Jarrow. Psych. Buddies can be playmates.

King and Lionheart by cosmic llin. Star Trek: Voyager. And comrades.

I Do The Dumbest Things For You by Purplefringe. Stargate: Atlantis. And poor influences.

My Secret by Such Heights. Elementary. Buddies can teach us about ourselves.

Gimme Shelter by Thandie. Starsky & Hutch. You can shoot people with your buddy.

Never Always Getting Back Together by Ash. Supernatural. Even though you don't always get along, you and your buddy will still find a way back to each other.

And that was the show! Thank you so much to everyone who made suggestions and everyone who allowed me to use their vids!
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And am even on the Twitter for the duration. So if anyone really wants my random VVC thoughts, you can see them there.

Started with a really nice dinner at the restaurant [personal profile] cofax7 recommended.

Then I mostly was exhausted because I am old, which means I am now awake at 4 am, and I'll be falling asleep later. But that's okay; the consuite will likely keep me in enough candy to power me for days.
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In every office I've ever worked, I've made sure to keep on hand at least one thick cardigan sweater, one small blanket, and - in extreme cases - fingerless cotton gloves (fingerless so I can type easily).

Chilly at Work? A Decades-Old Formula May Be to Blame
It happens every summer: Offices turn on the air-conditioning, and women freeze into Popsicles.

Finally, scientists (two men, for the record) are urging an end to the Great Arctic Office Conspiracy. Their study, published Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change, says that most office buildings set temperatures based on a decades-old formula that uses the metabolic rates of men. The study concludes that buildings should “reduce gender-discriminating bias in thermal comfort” because setting temperatures at slightly warmer levels can help combat global warming.

The study says most building thermostats follow a “thermal comfort model that was developed in the 1960s,” which considers factors like air temperature, air speed, vapor pressure and clothing insulation, using a version of Fanger’s thermal comfort equation.

But Dr. Kingma and his colleague, Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt, write that one variable in the formula, resting metabolic rate (how fast we generate heat), is based on a 40-year-old man weighing about 154 pounds.

Maybe that man once represented most people in offices. But women now constitute half of the work force and usually have slower metabolic rates than men, mostly because they are smaller and have more body fat, which has lower metabolic rates than muscle. Indeed, the study says, the current model “may overestimate resting heat production of women by up to 35 percent.”

The authors also note that the model is not always calibrated accurately for women wearing skirts or sandals.


Jul. 27th, 2015 03:16 pm
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Is very soon!!

As I said before, I'm renting a car, and I'm not afraid to use it. I'm generally available to those who need me to help them with errands, but also - is there anyone who'd be up for dinner Thursday night? I'm renting basically the smallest vehicle the agency has available (if they have any motorized chairs, that would be great) so I can't take more than 2 or 3 passengers, but if you're interested in a Thursday night trip into the city, drop an email and let me know. If you have restaurant suggestions (steakhouse might seem appropriate?) also put those forward - maybe I can make reservations.

In the interests of full disclosure, as I've mentioned before, I'm a really terrible and somewhat novice driver. You have been warned.
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that my Trump entertainment isn't over yet. This column about it gives me such glee. My favorite part:
It takes some brass to attack a guy for doin' what you did. Especially when that guy is Donald Trump, and what he's doing is running the same party playbook you have for the last few decades — just louder, and dumber, and with fewer limits than a trust-fund kid in a fully insured rental car.....

You can't argue Donald Trump shouldn't be making policy just because he's rich when you've pushed for and won the complete gutting of the campaign finance system so rich people can write "FOR ZERO DERIVATIVES REGULATION" in the memo of a massive check. This is the system working. How is Trump any less qualified to determine policy than Sheldon Adelson, who may have mob ties in China, who likes to quash marijuana referenda to keep people away from vices that aren't gambling, and who dictates our position on Israel? How is Trump less qualified to talk about abortion than ten-gallon shithead Foster Friess? Why is his money dirtier than the Kochs, whose exploding pipelines kill people? Hell, if anything, his candidacy cuts out the middleman. My god, think of the savings.
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in Some Kind of Wonderful now playing an overbearing mom on an episode of Law & Order: SVU.

I don't think anything in my life has made me feel quite this old.
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In a, you know, modern industrialized state, you'd expect a reasonable, state-supported system of rail travel. But this is America, so railtravel is spotty and limited - making this a lot more devastating:

The Cities That Have Lost the Most Flights: Airlines have whacked schedules to smaller cities, especially in the Midwest and South

But don't mention rail travel, because that's communism.
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-- like female characters:
Hollywood’s Other Piracy Problem: 3-D Printers

Right after watching the trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” last April, Ken Landrum began building his own Stormtrooper gun. From his home in St. Louis, he cobbled together images of the “blaster” featured in the ad, and then used software on his personal computer to design nearly 40 separate pieces to be 3-D printed and assembled into a near-exact replica of the Walt Disney Co. prop.

“My goal is to make it better than the studio did,” he said. At a minimum, he has done it faster: Mr. Landrum posted photos of his design on a message board for 3-D printing enthusiasts—some eight months before the movie premieres and five months before most official Disney toys hit shelves. As the movie’s opening gets closer, fans have filled his inbox asking for the files needed to print their own. Mr. Landrum said he handed out more than 100 in one week in mid-July, recently deciding to start charging $55 a file. “It’s gone haywire,” he said.

Mr. Landrum’s hobby is part of a looming problem for Hollywood. The steady rise of 3-D printing as an accessible activity for millions means that the specter of digital piracy, which has wreaked havoc on the media business in the Internet age, now hangs over sales of physical products long considered immune to such forces.
Hey, if you won't exploit the market, someone else will. That's capitalism.

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