Aug. 11th, 2012

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Because I have very strong and very specific feelings on the subject of breakfast, I woke up at 5:15 this morning so that I could shower and get to the Starbucks - which is like a 10 minute walk from the hotel - by the time it opened at 6:00 am, with my Supernatural travel mug in tow.

I am now back in my room, with coffee and blueberry scone, and plenty of time to decompress before things begin again.

Wow. That was a great (exhausting) day.

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This vid premiered at VVC 2012's Club Vivid.

(So, umm, this version of the vid differs slightly from the one that appears on the Con DVD? I actually consider this the "final" version, but if you prefer the DVD ... please never ever tell me.)

Song: A Different Kind of Love Song by Cher
Fandom: Multi

Summary: Age of the geek, baby.

Sizes: 49 MB (540 x 360 .avi), 19.2 MB (420 x 280 .wmv)
Length: 4:01

Download: Monsters from the Vids.

Download from Sendspace: The .avi file is here and the .wmv file is here.

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Thank you so much to [personal profile] rivkat, [personal profile] thingswithwings, [personal profile] such_heights, and [ profile] way2busymom for beta-ing. You guys were incredibly helpful.

Comments welcome.

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