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CBS created a mashup of Person of Interest, H50, and its new show, Intelligence, keyed off the fact that all three star Lost alumni. The influence of fanwork/remix culture is just overwhelming here.

And sadly, it doesn't embed, so here's the link. And on Tumblr.

(There might be an ad that plays before the actual mashup - don't be fooled, that's not the thing.)
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I have never watched The Sentinel, but I know the basic premise. I've read a lot of Sentinel fusions with other fandoms (i.e., Steve is a Sentinel and Danny is his Guide! Sherlock Holmes is a Sentinel and Watson is his Guide! Derek Hale is a Sentinel and Stiles is his Guide! John Reese is a Sentinel and Finch is his Guide! Erik Lehnsherr is a Sentinel and Charles Xavier is his Guide! etc).

(not for nothing, but you could do a whole massive meta on fannish slash archetypes just by categorizing characters as Sentinels and Guides. But I digress.)

One thing that seems to be very common in these fusion stories is that the universe knows of, and accepts, the existence of Sentinels, and there's some sort of "Center" where Sentinels are treated for Sentinel-specific mental conditions, hooked up with Guides, etc.

But I'd always thought that in the actual Sentinel series, the existence of Sentinels was not generally known.

So, is this all fanon? The idea of Sentinels as generally known, Centers to treat them, and so on? Because if so, it's remarkably consistent across fandom fusions.
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They do this kind of thing all the time, and it's probably not even unique to H50, but this very minor example from last night's episode has bugged me all day:

Spoilers )

And completely unrelatedly, I keep going over a particular scene in Shame -

Spoilers )
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I wish to god that footage had been available when I was making Shock the Monkey.

Holy shit. Is this supposed to be a show about a state-sponsored goon squad?
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The Cost of Living. Danny's a hooker, and Steve wants to save him.

Hooker!fic. Jared's a hooker, and Jensen wants to save him.

Nope, it never gets old.
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Just as H50 seems to be intentionally shedding everything that made me want to watch it in the first place, Merlin seems to be rediscovering everything that made me want to watch.

Teaser for the next episode under the cut )
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[ profile] queenklu wrote me this gorgeous H50 Steve/Danny fic for [ profile] help_japan. Basically, I asked for a fixit fic for something in episode 1x14, and she took that prompt and ran with it in hot, funny, angsty spades. Beautiful. *sniff*
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[ profile] stele3 wrote me the most adorable Steve/Danny fic for [ profile] help_japan, where Danny is sort of a guardian angel - but he doesn't like to be called that - and Steve is a little more suicidal without him as a partner. It's funny and sweet and absolutely perfect.


Oct. 4th, 2011 04:24 pm
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Apparently, H50 was even worse than I realized - see here and here. I was only half paying attention and apparently I missed a lot of really awful stuff. I'm tempted to rewatch, but ... I don't think I need to see that.

Unfortunately, this is why I'm so behind on my Lost Girl viewing. Every time I sit down to watch I get caught up in work and when I look up, I've missed half an hour.

I hate real life. Although it seems to have come in handy with H50.
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1. There are a surprising number of Beauty and the Beast TV show vids on YouTube. This message brought to you by the Festivids dispute process.

2. I watched the first two episodes of Unforgettable, which, you will be unsurprised to learn, is an entirely forgettable police procedural. I cannot imagine how this gimmick could possibly generate enough material to last more than a season. That said, I do love Poppy Montgomery and will continue to watch for her. (And do you know why I love Poppy Montgomery? I thought she turned in a wonderful, and disturbing, portrait of Marilyn Monroe in the TV miniseries Blonde. I've never seen Without a Trace, which I gather is where most people know her from.)

3. I have given up on L&O: SVU. Partly this is because Stabler left the show; for me, it was always about watching Benson and Stabler work together (although we were getting precious little of that recently even before he left). But the nail in the coffin was when the season premiere turned out to be an adaptation of the DSK case, which genuinely revolted me and finally prompted me to cancel the season recording on my DVR. I feel like I'm growing as a person.

4. This is Pinboard porn.

5. Well, he was warned.

6. Sometimes it seems as though fandom authors simply cannot keep up with the bottomless demand for D/s AUs.

7. Through my Charles/Erik obsession, I have realized something about myself. Dean/Sam was an anomaly for me, in that I had a favorite character (Dean!), who I also thought was the prettiest, preferred to woobify, and imagined as the submissive in D/s scenarios. I see now that in fact, with just about any other pairing, I am far more flexible. For instance, I tend to want to woobify Charles, but I totally prefer him as the Dom in D/s scenarios, and I think Erik is hotter. And in H50 fandom, it's a whole 'nother combination. Huh.

8. It's a pity, though, because I really can't see Charles as a hooker. At least not if he still has his powers.

9. This journal continues to be rather dull these days and politics-free, partly because work insanity continues, partly because every time I look at my political blogs for more than 10 minutes I get exceptionally depressed and have to turn away, and partly because I have a bunch of Festivids tasks I am avoiding. Even my cat is noticeably upset with my neglect.

10. But Festivids is awesome in that just thinking about the different nominations has totally inspired me with a million vid ideas. Whee!

11. It is also possible that a completely indefensible Charles/Erik vid bunny came to me yesterday, which I don't have time to make at all. If I do make it, however, it will be with utter sincerity.


Sep. 22nd, 2011 05:38 pm
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Via [personal profile] leupagus, this is a teaser for next week's H50 with a spoiler about a plot point that received a fair amount of advance publicity:

Clip, my comments, beneath the cut )

H50 2x01

Sep. 20th, 2011 12:21 am
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So my takeaway from that is -

Spoilers )
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You actually do, in fact, have to set aside your skepticism, and read this H50 mermaid!Danny AU.
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I read this a while ago, but I keep coming back to it. Home Improvement, H50, Steve/Danny, Steve deals with internalized homophobia. Oh, and there's an injured puppy, to really sell it. (Spoiler warning: The puppy's all right in the end.)
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The lovely and talented [personal profile] james wrote me a beautiful Danny/Steve first-time story for [community profile] help_japan - featuring a kidnapped!Danny with rescuer!Steve, and an incredible sweetness in the depiction of their relationship. So go read, and leave comments!

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