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but here are my general observations.

Male protagonists are permitted to go on violent sprees to avenge the harms inflicted on female loved ones, but not on themselves. They often may have endured horrible tortures personally, but their violent vendettas are rooted in harms to women who they must protect.

Villains, however, frequently base their vendettas on harms to themselves, rather than loved ones. Silva in Skyfall, or Lex Luthor in some Superman versions, are examples. It is a sign of vanity and weakness if one goes on a vendetta to avenge harms done to one's own person.

Unless you are a woman, because female protagonists - unlike male protagonists - are permitted to avenge themselves. Which I take to be a subtle suggestion that women are expected to be vainer and more self-centered than men.

Generally, when heroes - male or female - avenge others, those others are female. Both women and men may avenge mothers, female lovers, daughters, female friends, sisters - but not men. Presumably, this is because women are viewed as uniquely vulnerable and helpless; men are expected to care for themselves, and so harms done to them, while tragic, are not worthy of vengeance by heroes (though they might be by villains).

There are exceptions - I can think of several off the top of my head. Khan avenged his wife; Maggie Q's Nikita avenged her male fiance. Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke is sort of avenging her father, although she's also largely avenging herself so I'm not sure how much that counts. Nonetheless, I believe these are decently accurate general rules.
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The original USA Network La Femme Nikita series. (When I have a lot of work to do, I like playing the full series of something in the background - I know it well enough that it doesn't distract but it keeps me just attentive enough so that I don't constantly get up and find something else to do. Movies don't work as well because they end too quickly - I constantly have to choose a new one. A long series can keep me occupied for days.)

Honestly, anyone who hasn't seen this series should really seek it out, especially the first season, when it was at its best (and the first season is actually kind of self-contained; you could stop after the first season finale). The main theme is an ongoing moral conflict - is it okay to sacrifice a small number of innocent lives in order to save a greater number? Is it okay to let murderers to go free - to even reward them - if it will save lives? And Peta Wilson was truly excellent at portraying Nikita's inner turmoil over the choices that had to be made.
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Seriously, POI crossovers are rapidly becoming my favorite genre.
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This is for [personal profile] rivkat, who suggested the song.

Song: Seamstress by Dessa
Fandom: Nikita

Summary: The best-loved doll.

Sizes: 43 MB (540 x 360 .divx), 15 MB (420 x 280 .wmv)
Length: 3:11

Download: Monsters from the Vids

Download from Sendspace: The .divx file is here. The .wmv file is here.

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Thanks so much to [personal profile] danegen and [personal profile] some_stars for beta-ing.

Comments welcome.

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...carefully reviewing footage from Nikita.


And honestly, the thing that leaps out at me more than anything else is that the women wear too. much. makeup.

I don't mean that in an aesthetic or fashion sense - I mean it in a character sense. Because Alex and Jaden, for example, wear this incredibly obtrusive, heavy eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and lipstick at all times, and while that's perfectly appropriate for when they go undercover at a formal evening party, it's really jarring when, say, they're wearing tanktops and sweats for their combat and weapons training.
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1. I am not going to criticize LJ for being the victim of attacks - esp. since the latest rumors are that the attacks are coming from the Russian government as a way of silencing dissidents. I will, however, loudly criticize LJ for still not fixing the goddamn comment notification problem.

So, Dreamwidth just sent me a new invite code, and I offer it to whoever grabs it first: 8VTX6BBJN3VF4AAAM888

2. Obviously, now is a good time to worry about whether my LJ content is stable. I've been manually reposting my old vid posts here at Dreamwidth, so at least those will be accessible to people when LJ is down, but that won't save the old comments. I'd love to import the posts automatically, but I only want to import older posts (i.e., before I started cross posting), or even just posts with particular tags ("my vids"). As I understand it, however, you can only import all the posts - and that would wreak havoc with my Dreamwidth journal. So, manual it is, then.

3. I am absolutely overwhelmed with work, so of course I'm flooded with vid bunnies - Fringe! Steve/Danny slash! Two different White Collar ideas! And an awesome Nikita bunny that someone passed along! Sigh. Funny how that happens.

4. Yesterday I was at work and I saw a mailing label that said "New York Ofc," and for a moment I wondered why anyone wanted to send a letter to an Original Female Character.

5. Step 1 - eliminate Medicare, reduce taxes on the rich, raise taxes on everyone else. Step 2 - ???. Step 3 - Profit!
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And like everyone else, my reaction to that ending is - wow.

Except also, I spent the last ten minutes wondering if they would ever. stop. talking.

But still wow.

Annie is far and away my favorite character, and I'm beginning to recognize that I definitely have a thing for these sort of ditzy-appearing female characters who develop core strengths and power over time. Like, also, Cordelia on Angel (in that brief space between Queen Bitch and Saint Cordie), and Caroline on Vampire Diaries.

Anyway, here, have a wonderful Being Human vid, spoilers for all three seasons, focusing on Mitchell, George, Annie, and their relationship to each other.

Also, a fascinating meta comparing UK's Mitchell to US's Aidan, based in part on the cultural understanding of the wars their characters, respectively, fought.

Appropos of nothing, I keep seeing this "Thirty Female Characters" meme on my FList and I want to play but I really don't have time to do a long post with pictures for each one. I just kind of want to say - favorite female antagonist, Diana of V. Favorite nonhuman, Illyria of Angel. Favorite older woman, Madeline of LFN and Madeline of Burn Notice. Favorite from a children's show, Alexandra of Josie and the Pussycats. Okay, now you know.
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The Undercovers

Spoilers )

Vampire Diaries: Bad Moon Rising

Spoilers )

Fringe Season Premiere

Spoilers )

Nikita: Kill Jill

Spoilers )


Sep. 10th, 2010 09:24 am
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I did like it, especially the end, but so far, it's got nothing on the USA series.

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Every single time I see him on my screen, I get bored. The more he appears on my screen, the bored-er I get.

I just want to see Annie going on missions and going undercover and eluding the bad guys and being smart and beating people up. I get that you're trying to have some kind of overarching Grand Conspiracy plot, and that's fine, but every time we see her mooning over a vacation fling as though it was True Love I want to fast forward. He is seriously sucking the life out of this show. Stop it.

In other news, I am unreasonably excited for the premiere of Nikita on Thursday.

Also, they're filming something near my house - there's a huge set up with trailers and equipment and a very nice catered breakfast spread that, sadly, they aren't sharing with the public.
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This vid was created as a Sweet Charity auction vid for [personal profile] meredith44. So ... you can blame her.

Song: Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine (Warning: Lyrics are NSFW!)
Summary: If you can't beat 'em ...
Fandom: La Femme Nikita (the TV show, natch).
Length: 4:41
Sizes and formats: 47 MB (640 x 480 .avi), 36.2 MB (480 x 360 .wmv), 18.9 MB (high-res 320 x 240 .wmv), 8.91 MB (low-res 320x 240 .wmv)

Download: Monsters from the Vids

And, guys, I just want to say - I don't want any comments! None! Not one single, tiny comment. I don't care if you think this vid is so good that it CHANGED YOUR LIFE, I don't care if you found a MAJOR FLAW that I could easily correct, I don't care if I ACCIDENTALLY INCLUDED FOOTAGE OF ME DANCING NAKED IN MY LIVING ROOM. I want dead silence. None of this, "Oh, I really enjoyed your vid" cluttering up my inbox. Pfft, I say! Pfft!

(Hell, I'll try anything once....)

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