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Posting's been light lately - partly that's because I've got more going on these days at tumblr (user name is giandujakiss), and partly that's because real life is kicking my ass like a big kicking thing.

But I can do the vidding meme! Because vanity!

Day 1: How did you first get into vidding, and what was the first fandom you vidded? What do you think it was about that fandom that pulled you in?

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I am rewatching Highlander (well, starting with Season 3).

Somehow, I had forgotten just how often Highlander would save money/make length by repurposing scenes.

I had also forgotten that pretty much the plot of every Highlander episode can be summed up as either "Duncan runs into an old enemy and decapitates him" or "Duncan runs into an old friend and decapitates him."
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I'm probably the only person who wasn't reading this as it was being posted, but there's this just-finished massive crossover/fusion between the X-Men movieverse, Highlander, the Avengers, and other Marvel-ish characters. It's terrifically fun and everything blends together incredibly well.

More recs!

Aug. 20th, 2011 10:17 am
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And shockingly, I am not mentioning XMFC in this post. Savor it while it lasts.


Freakum Dress - A celebration of the fabulousness of the Batman movies. Suddenly, the Joel Schumacher oevre seems way better than it did before.

Sit Down by the Fire - Kings vid. Never watched the show; doesn't matter. This is achingly beautiful.

House By the Sea - Spartacus. Absolutely amazing use of overlays.

Lost Girl: Character Introduction - What it says on the tin. Adorable.

Into the Fire - Lovely tribute to Benjamin Sisko of Deep Space Nine.

Matches to Paper Dolls - Scully character vid with fantastically striking and unusual clip choices.


Meet Me Inside - BBC Sherlock prison AU that works so surprisingly well.

Seven Year Itch - Killa makes me remember what I love about Duncan/Methos.

These Things I Know Are True - Killa makes you feel how much love there is between Sam and Dean.
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It's Death on a horse!

But cuter.

(Still can't get over the Peter Wingfield news. I mean ... wow.)
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It's been decades since I've seen this show, but the first two seasons are now out on DVD, so....

My first discovery: The pilot and related episodes - i.e., the whole set-up and backstory episodes - are appallingly awful. I mean, we're talking embarrassment squick territory. We're talking directorial incompetence rivaled only by early-season Highlander. And they're also incredibly dull because they aren't about Jaime at all; they're about the Bionic Man.

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And now I also remember just how hard I 'shipped Oscar/Jaime back in the day. Man, my mentor/mentee kink (which is second only to my buddy kink) really has a long history.

So the upshot of all of this is that I was prompted to rewatch [ profile] dualbunny's Bionic Woman: Reboot vid, I Want What I Want, and of course, now I have to remind myself that the show was not anywhere near as interesting as it appears in the vid and therefore I have no need to obtain the DVDs.
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Day 12 - A relationship vid you love

One of the earliest vids I ever fell in love with was Lum's Touched (Duncan/Methos). Seeing it while I was deep in the throes of my Highlander obsession was just - overwhelming.

I also find [ profile] settiai's The Boxer quite compelling. It's Holmes/Watson/Irene, and something about the song choice and the dynamic she illustrates really gets to me.

Finally for this category I'll rec [ profile] sol_se's Red Moon, John Sheppard/Ronon. I love the way she structures the relationship in this vid.

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The HL vid Opportunities, which I rec'd a couple of posts down, is available here. Yay!
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Day 7 - A constructed reality/crossover vid you love

Well, I'll start by mentioning [ profile] killabeez and [ profile] lapillus's HL vid, Opportunities, which sadly isn't available online is now available online, and it's adorable. It's a constructed reality where Duncan, Methos, and Amanda are master thieves, and among other things it makes wonderful use of outtake/blooper footage.

Also, [ profile] charmax's I've Been to a Marvelous Pary, which is just visually stunning, and works actual magic in blending the source material together.

And it's totally cheating, but I can't not mention [profile] halcyon_shift's Uncommercial Song, which she made for me and which makes me totally verklempt every time.

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We now have a "sneak peek" of the summer's most anticipated motion picture event - Stonehenge Apocalypse!

Starring Misha Collins, Peter Wingfield, and Torri Higginson. Airing June 12.

You're welcome.
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At [personal profile] such_heights's Vidding Workshop, [ profile] obsessive24 asked all of the vidder panelists a set of really interesting questions:
If all but one of your vids are erased from history, never to return (you can't reconstruct them, nor can you get anyone else to do it for you), which one would you keep and why?

AND, if all but one of the vids that you've ever watched are erased from history, never to return, which one would you keep and why?

And, name ONE vid that's had a formative influence on you as a vidder and tell us why. (I'm sure there is more than one that's had a formative influence on you as a vidder. Suck it up and whittle it down. ;) )
After tearing my hair about it, here's what I answered:
If I had to save one of my own vids, it would probably be Origin Stories. I mean, it's gotten a lot of attention for its message - which of course was [personal profile] thuviaptarth's - and I guess for that reason it's the most significant of the vids I've made.

As for what had a formative influence, that's actually an easy one - Killa's Highlander vid, In Your Eyes. And the reason that's easy is because it was one of the very first vids that made me "get" it - get what vids were for, get what they were about. Until then, I'd seen ones that were good and well-edited, but I was just being introduced to them and I hadn't seen ones that were my 'ships or my fandom. And you know, I've heard people say that a lot of people who say they don't like vids just need the right one - they need to see the one that's in their fandom or has their 'ship, and suddenly it clicks and they understand what it's all about. And for me, that vid was In Your Eyes - an extremely well-edited HL vid, with a Methos/Duncan 'ship, and I found it so evocative and emotional it was almost overwhelming. And I'd have to say hand in hand with In Your Eyes would be Luminosity's HL vid Don't Panic - I saw them both at the same time, and they had the same effect on me.

One vid to save? I agonized over this, I certainly couldn't possibly name a favorite vid for a million dollars. But the thing that comes to mind is Killa and T Jonesy's Closer. Which is a boring choice, I admit, but it not only shows what vidding can do, and it's not only still a model for everything that came after, but what I love about it is how it reads so differently to fans and non-fans. If you're not into fandom or vidding, it seems to read like a humorous parody - for fans, however, it tends to read as dark and really disturbing, and that kind of division really highlights fan culture, and how fans view the text, and the art, differently.
So now I turn her questions on you - what say you all? And for nonvidders, you can just answer the second question.

(BTW: Work's doing that thing where they intermittently block LJ, so I may not be able to respond to comments there for a while.)
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Fake feminism in Angelina Jolie's "Salt"
The cover story of this year's Entertainment Weekly summer movie preview concerns the behind-the-scenes scoop on the new espionage thriller "Salt," directed by Phillip Noyce and starring Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber and Chiwetel Ekiofor. Much of the article is a group pat on the back for the supposedly amazing progressiveness of the fact that Angelina Jolie ended up playing an action hero originally written for a male star like Tom Cruise (who bailed when the script began to too closely resemble a "Mission: Impossible" picture).

But there's a real kicker buried amid Noyce and his colleagues' smugness:
"In the original script, there was a huge sequence where Edwin Salt (the original male protagonist) saves his wife, who's in danger," says Noyce. "And what we found in the new script, it seemed to castrate his character a little. So we had to change the nature of that relationship." In the end, Salt's husband, played by German actor August Diehl ('Inglourious Basterds'), was made tough enough that he didn't need saving, thank you much."

In related news, I've been rewatching Wonder Woman, and absolutely reveling at how awful wonderful awful wonderful it is.

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is the music. The first pairs skaters choose a violin instrumental version of Queen's Who Wants to Live Forever?

Be still my heart.
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This is the song currently obsessing me - Of Monsters and Heroes and Men, by James. I'd vid it, but I haven't found a fandom for it - and I've run through a bunch of them. It's got that whole build to a crescendo thing that I find absolutely irresistible generally, and particularly so for vidding purposes.

I could see it for Highlander, actually, but I'm not up to tackling Highlander again right now.

So I'll just, you know, share it instead.
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this post - which seems to be causing some degree of consternation and/or soul-searching on my FList - is that it doesn't really distinguish between bad trope and bad writing.

I happen to love exactly these kind of whumpage stories and I refuse to apologize for it no matter how juvenile the fantasy - and yes, I agree, it's a juvenile fantasy. But it's a very popular one that runs through a ton of fics, including many excellent ones. The difference between the good fics and the bad fics isn't the trope but the writing. I mean, aside from basic construction issues like grammar, etc, a good whumpage fic along these lines manages to dial it back a bit, add some plot, give the hero the occasional thing to think about besides his own misery, gives the hero some agency instead of having him be an entirely passive victim, gives characterizations to the victimizers so they aren't just randomly or irrationally evil, etc. A bad whumpage fic - and even those can still hit the id the right way, depending - is much more over the top.

Which isn't to say that these are to everyone's taste - clearly, they aren't, IDIC, etc. But I feel as though the OP is describing badfic even as she identifies a trope, and at least some of the commenters are doing the same.

So, for example, a really excellent story that's very well-written and very popular in SPN fandom is [ profile] leonidaslion's The Light of Munin. It's classic whumpage, with exactly the tropes the OP describes, but it's also a wonderful story. And Lanning Cook's deeply wonderful Highlander story, Sacred Trust, also follows the same trope pretty closely - and it's brilliant.
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Okay, Show, you get one episode --

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So last night, I was very sleepy, and I sort of vaguely grasped that there was a debate about warnings going on, and then this morning up and down my FList I see that people are really, really upset with each other and - unusually for debates of this type in fandom - I also see that people on my FList have taken different sides.

I'm coming in extremely late, and probably don't have much useful to contribute, but this is a big thing now that's happening in my community so I feel as though I have to say something, especially because of various comments and posts I've read involving people I know.

So here goes.

I am not a survivor of sexual assault, and I do not have triggers. I don't write fic, and so I don't really know what it's like to have to come up with warnings and balance spoiling the fic versus giving a readers an idea of what they're in for.

(I've only once had to warn for a vid, and I felt horribly uncomfortable doing so - not because I was concerned about spoilers, but because I'd never warned for anything before, the song was a famous one, and I was concerned that by warning I was perhaps being ... melodramatic. As it turned out, the warning was necessary, and I'm glad I put it there, such as it was. Once I realized that the warning was needed, I wanted to go back and edit the post to make it less half-assed, but by then the warning itself had become a minor topic of discussion and I felt uncomfortable changing it.)

So here are some thoughts I have as a reader of fic who does not, in fact, have triggers.

1. I do not recall ever reading an author's warning that I felt spoiled a fic for me.

This is very important, because to some extent I feel as though the debate takes on an angels-on-pinheads quality. I get that authors are concerned about wanting to surprise their readers, or maintaining the artistic integrity of the stories, but I have never once felt that a warning diminished my reading experience.

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