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but here are my general observations.

Male protagonists are permitted to go on violent sprees to avenge the harms inflicted on female loved ones, but not on themselves. They often may have endured horrible tortures personally, but their violent vendettas are rooted in harms to women who they must protect.

Villains, however, frequently base their vendettas on harms to themselves, rather than loved ones. Silva in Skyfall, or Lex Luthor in some Superman versions, are examples. It is a sign of vanity and weakness if one goes on a vendetta to avenge harms done to one's own person.

Unless you are a woman, because female protagonists - unlike male protagonists - are permitted to avenge themselves. Which I take to be a subtle suggestion that women are expected to be vainer and more self-centered than men.

Generally, when heroes - male or female - avenge others, those others are female. Both women and men may avenge mothers, female lovers, daughters, female friends, sisters - but not men. Presumably, this is because women are viewed as uniquely vulnerable and helpless; men are expected to care for themselves, and so harms done to them, while tragic, are not worthy of vengeance by heroes (though they might be by villains).

There are exceptions - I can think of several off the top of my head. Khan avenged his wife; Maggie Q's Nikita avenged her male fiance. Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke is sort of avenging her father, although she's also largely avenging herself so I'm not sure how much that counts. Nonetheless, I believe these are decently accurate general rules.
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It starts as a short one-shot sex pollenish thing, and then ends up becoming this massive AU of Skyfall. It's unfinished, in the sense that the second story in the series ends on a cliffhanger and there's a third story in the series forthcoming. The characterizations are amaaaayyyyzing.
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She compares Song of Ice and Fire, Batman, Skyfall, etc. Basic point, I shall spoil for you: If you defend the constant sexual assault of women characters on the ground that it is "realistic," why don't you insist on "realistic" rape of male characters who are placed in similar situations?
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(via [ profile] talitha78)

In other news, I have achieved Festivids Draft! Woohoo! That's always such a relief, because every year I'm sure this is the year that I'll be late/default, and then I'll feel like a terrible hypocrite for enforcing the deadlines against anyone else. But I'm safe for this year!

Happy Turkey Day, for those of you to whom it's relevant!
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My thoughts are - very similar to others' thoughts. Nothing at all surprising here. This is not squeeful, in case you need the warning. Also, everyone on the planet should read [personal profile] selenak's fantastic meta on the Craig trio of Bond films.

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But here I want to talk about the trailers.

1. As, I suppose, was inevitable, there was a truly astounding number of movies showcasing maverick white guys with their penis-guns who play by their own set of rules.

2. Only, to be more specific, there were an astounding number of movies showcasing aging, near-retirement maverick white guys with their penis guns who play by their own set of rules. Which suggests that Hollywood has a stable of older maverick white-guy penis-gun actors but hasn't really found a set of younger maverick white guys with penis guns who play by their own set of rules to replace them. Does this mean there will be fewer maverick white penis gun movies in a few years?

3. Not for nothing, but I sincerely doubt that guys who live alone in the desert with their stockpiles of weapons name their favorite gun "the Nazi Killer." Just saying.

4. I saw the trailer for Zero Dark Thirty twice. Twice. Happily, there is at least one woman in that movie, and astoundingly, she appears to keep her clothes on the whole time.

5. How many times do I have to sit through the trailer for Gangster Squad? This trailer has been shown at every movie I've attended in the last decade, up to and including Brave. Is this an actual real movie that will one day be released, or is is just a string of clips from The Untouchables that plays on an endless loop?

6. The Untouchables was actually a really good movie.

7. Judd Apatow's experience of life bears no resemblance to mine.

8. I don't know if I should be embarrassed to say this, but Django Unchained really does look like it could be one of those great Quentin Tarantino marriages of the truly horrific with the truly hilarious.

9. Great, now I'm really in the mood to watch The Untouchables.
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but I'll say it again - I do have a special place in my heart for female mentors/male mentees ... I wish there were more of these pairings, either in fic or just as part of the dynamics of a show.

This post brought to you by a summer rewatch of Bond movies (female!M/Bond is my favorite thing ever - he calls her "mum"! *dies*), and Star Trek: Voyager (Paris and Janeway have such awesome chemistry).
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New vid. James Bond. Mostly, to be honest, I desperately wanted to do this song.

Song: Der Kommissar by After the Fire
Fandom: James Bond
Summary: Why did it have to be snakes?
Formats: 720 x 480 .avi (30.6 MB), 540 x 360 .wmv (45 MB), 360 x 240 .wmv (11.5 MB)
Length: 3:49

Download: Monsters from the Vids

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Yes, it's juvenile. Shoot me.

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