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So here I am at my second Vividcon. My first was 3 years ago; I still consider myself a newbie. And they let me do a vidshow! My show was "You're My Best Friend," dedicated to BFFs. Designing the show, I was graced with an embarrassment of awesome choices - it was actually kind of painful to narrow things down. I quickly learned that my choices were less about vid quality - there were many excellent quality vids to choose from - than about constructing the right mix. Like, a mix of buddies in different settings, with different relationships to each other, different song types, different moods - it meant I couldn't include a lot of really wonderful vids because they didn't fit with the mix. In a couple of cases, I had to choose among several excellent vids to the same song, each about a different buddy pairing. (hey, that could have been a whole 'nother show!).

But anyway. Here's how the BFF Vidshow turned out:

From Here on Out by Mithborien. Teen Wolf. Buddies have your back.

Strength in You by Here's Luck. Gilmore Girls. Buddies give you strength to endure.

We Are Gonna Be Friends by humansrsuperior. Life. Sometimes buddies have different ways of doing things...

Do My Thing by Laura Shapiro. The Heat. ...but buddies still fit together.

My Best Friend by Killa. Lost Girl. Buddies inspire lots of feelings.

Ain't No Easy Way by Danegen. Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. So sometimes you get into bad situations with your buddy.

Shine by Eunice. Thelma & Louise. But your buddy stays with you until the end.

Thick as Thieves by Charmax. Dead Like Me. And even beyond.

Motown Philly by Jarrow. Psych. Buddies can be playmates.

King and Lionheart by cosmic llin. Star Trek: Voyager. And comrades.

I Do The Dumbest Things For You by Purplefringe. Stargate: Atlantis. And poor influences.

My Secret by Such Heights. Elementary. Buddies can teach us about ourselves.

Gimme Shelter by Thandie. Starsky & Hutch. You can shoot people with your buddy.

Never Always Getting Back Together by Ash. Supernatural. Even though you don't always get along, you and your buddy will still find a way back to each other.

And that was the show! Thank you so much to everyone who made suggestions and everyone who allowed me to use their vids!
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Posting's been light lately - partly that's because I've got more going on these days at tumblr (user name is giandujakiss), and partly that's because real life is kicking my ass like a big kicking thing.

But I can do the vidding meme! Because vanity!

Day 1: How did you first get into vidding, and what was the first fandom you vidded? What do you think it was about that fandom that pulled you in?

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the episodes where Starsky & Hutch dressed up like old women and hairdressers and movie cowboys were the most realistic of the series.


Joy is....

Jun. 20th, 2013 04:02 pm
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...watching people on your FList discover the shows you love.

Current fannish obsessions are great, but it's equally marvelous to see them marathoning your old faves, like various Star Trek incarnations, or Xena, or Starsky & Hutch.
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I have to say, as mind-numbingly dull as a find the central romance between Olivia and Fitz, I am absolutely fascinated by how this show has managed to make heroes out of villains and vice versa. The protagonists are doing absolutely awful things, and I care what happens to them but I also want to see them all thrown in jail for a very long time.

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AfterElton is having a slash couples tournament vote thing? It's in response to the Great EW Sterek controversy. Anyhoo, at AfterElton you can vote on (cherik) ... well, pretty much everyone right now (cherik) - though no S&H, sadly (cherik) - and then the winners (cherik) will face off in subsequent rounds. And AfterEllen is taking nominations for a femmeslash version.
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Which I watched. It was pure fanbait - probably the epitome in "let's attract slash fans but no homo" sort of thing. Leaving that aside, I thought it was okay; it didn't thrill, in part, I think, because the banter was too hostile to ping my buddy kink. But it was pleasant enough that I'll stick with it and see how it develops.

Mostly, though, I was struck by the Starsky & Hutch vibe. Not solely because it featured buddies (and made me desperately want to re-edit The Real Slim Shady again), but because the entire structure felt a lot like episodes like Bust Amboy - the detective work mostly consists of traveling from witness to witness, each witness is sort of quirky and interesting, and the guys adopt a faux-casual, constant-joking sort of attitude at each stop.

But there was that scene -
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If you are a fan of Danny and Steve on Hawaii 5-0, and you are not familiar with Starsky & Hutch, please, for me, embrace your fannish slash heritage and at least watch the pilot. It's a moral imperative.

(If you can't access Hulu, I'm sure you can find it on YouTube or in other fannish locations.)
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this Hawaii 5-0 vid, although I feel like all H50 vids should come with a warning about glamorizing gratuitous torture and elevating white men above all the people of color who mill about in the background.

Not the vidder's fault, obv., it's the show. You know. Whatever. This show makes me so uncomfortable but Danno is like a whole new Starsky. I'm so conflicted.
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Because Steve and Danno are so much like Starsky and Hutch, it's like I have no resistance. I was reading the fic and just hearing Starsky in all of Danno's dialogue and it was driving me crazy.

Unfortunately, I'm finding the show has not gotten any less problematic. And at some point I will subject you all to an extended rant.

In the meantime, though, because I gather there's been some question? - I have now at least one documented instance of Danno calling Steve "babe." I think. Episode 10 - "they have cleaning crews for that, babe." I played it twice; that's what I heard.
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There is nothing new under the sun:

ETA: OMG, does this show also have its own Huggy Bear, in the form of Kamekona?
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not to remaster The Real Slim Shady with Hawaii 5-0, Merlin, Star Trek: Reboot, Rizzoli & Isles, Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes, and BBC Sherlock.
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But ever since I read All the Girls Out on the Stoop I've kind of been devouring Steve/Danno fic. (I don't know either).

Anyhoo, I gather from the comments that it's probably already been seen by everyone in the fandom, but I really loved End-Around. It's got a subtle h/c thing going on, which always makes me happy, but what I particularly like is the way consent is emphasized and almost fetishized. Which just makes it all doubly-hot.

The story is actually pretty similar to one of my faves from S&H fandom, Feeling Big by Molo (part of the Big Series), in case anyone is looking for more in the genre.
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This little online article about TV's best "BFFs" illustrates each television show with an embedded clip. And whoever wrote the article was fairly indifferent between actual clips from the series, and fanvids - so the article includes [ profile] mamoru22's Boston Legal vid A Little Less Conversation, and [ profile] ancastar's S&H vid You're A Friend of Mine.

What I also find amusing is that some of the ordinary clips used appear to be just, you know, random things people uploaded to YT, and not official promos.
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Day 13 - Your "pick me up" vid of choice

If I Had $1,000,000, by Moon (Starsky & Hutch). Adorable clip/lyric matches.

Black Suits Comin', by Imation (Angel). This vid is old and desperately, desperately in need of a remaster. The webpage essentially doesn't even exist anymore - there's just this one working link left to download the vid. But man, it's still a fun vid.

Freestyler, by [ profile] obsessive24 (Smallville). An entire vid about penis insecurity. You can't convince me it's about anything else.

Feel It, by [ profile] millylicious (So You Think You Can Dance). Whee!!

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Oftentimes when I vid Starsky & Hutch, I'll get all excited because there's some awesome physical stunt that's so perfect for the vid, and then when I actually go to clip it, I pause and I'm like - who is that guy? Because the guy performing the stunt is so painfully not either David Soul or PMG. And now the clip is just unusable.

To my great sorrow, I just had that same experience in Supernatural, trying to vid Sam's great leap into the pool in Playthings. I'll never be able to look at that clip again.

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[ profile] thandie just posted Gimme Shelter, a marvelous love letter to Starsky & Hutch's action sequences. And now I have to rewatch the series.
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Get thee to [ profile] thandie's massive post of flail and picspam. Such pretty, pretty, 70s-era picspam of boys who love each other. And embedded videos with clips and bloopers and parodies.

I think maybe I need to break out the DVDs again....

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