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Here is my spoilery (very spoilery, seriously, don't read unless you want to be very spoiled) but brief discussion:

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I would refuse to see Batman vs. Superman until I had tickets to see a Wonder Woman movie in my hot little hands.

And - guess what? I have those tickets.

So I hunkered down and watched Batman vs. Superman. It was exactly as joyless, miserable, boring, and generally intolerable as I expected - with, of course, the exception of the Wonder Woman bits.

But I did it - and now my appetite is whet for more Wonder Woman!!
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I am so happy they're making a movie and I will be there at the first showing - I'm corralling people to go with to make sure that first weekend box office haul is impressive - but I gotta say, I am less than impressed with the trailers.

It looks pretty, no question. My problem is, it seems heavy and ponderous; the trailer tries to make it look peppy and clever, like a Joss Whedon flick, but the jokes fall terribly flat; they aren't particularly clever, there's no rhythm, they land like stones.

I figure there are three possibilities. One, that's what the movie is like, in which case, this will be painful. Two, this is not a funny movie, it's not supposed to be a funny movie, the jokes are minor asides, and whoever made the trailer tried to manipulate it into something it isn't - in which case, it may be fine. It won't be a joking-around sort of movie, but that's okay; not everything has to be. Third, it is a funny movie, and they just made a bad trailer.

So, point is, maybe it'll work out. But I am concerned.

Preach it

Dec. 22nd, 2013 03:47 am
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Waiting for Wonder Woman
MAYBE because I have seven nieces whose dreams matter to me, maybe because I have so many female friends whose talents dazzle me, or maybe just because I think it’s madness not to encourage and recognize the full potential of half of the human race, I keep looking to the movies for something better. For something more equitable. For women saving the world or saving the president or at the very least saving themselves.

Every so often I get my wish. This year it actually happened several times. The astronaut fighting to survive in “Gravity,” the kind of effects-laden extravaganza that typically drowns in testosterone, was played by Sandra Bullock. And in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” Jennifer Lawrence returned as Katniss Everdeen, the stoic, steely archer on whom nothing less than the hope for a livable tomorrow rests. Both movies made buckets of money, proving that audiences had no trouble, none at all, with a woman leading the way.

But around the same time that I savored this happy turn, I read some less happy news: Wonder Woman was finally en route to the silver screen — but not, alas, in a vehicle of her own. She’s slated to be an appendix to Superman and Batman in a sequel to “Man of Steel.” For all I know she’ll be zipping out to Starbucks for their lattes or the dry cleaner’s to fetch their capes. Meantime, producers scrape the bottom of the superhero barrel for male demigods to put in the foreground and the title. Just last week Variety disclosed that Paul Rudd was in talks to play “Ant-Man.” Yes, “Ant-Man.”
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Jul. 24th, 2013 01:26 pm
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the only possible way i’d be excited about a superman/batman movie is if wonder woman showed up in the first five minutes, killed them both, and took over the movie
Gingerhaze, in response to an ask about whether she's excited about the possibility of Superman carrying Batman in his arms in the forthcoming Superman/Batman movie.
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Someone actually wrote a paper on the failed attempts to make a Wonder Woman movie, accompanied by a Facebook page and petition to have a film made.

I haven't read the paper yet, but I'm looking forward to it.


Apr. 16th, 2013 04:15 am
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This documentary about American superheroines is showing this week on PBS's Independent Lens series.
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Captain America 2 may have just hired Marvel's most insane movie villain yet
If Marvel manages to get Batroc the Leaper on screen before DC/WB manages to get Wonder Woman up there, every movie executive at DC/WB ought to throw themselves into an active volcano for failing so hard at their jobs.
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*pulls tape off mouth ... ouch!*

Keeping my mouth shut all this time was tough! There was so much I wanted to say about everything but I was afraid that even things only tangentially related to my vids would give it all away.

The first thing I wanted to say was that I personally have been calling this the Bechdel Test Festivids. There were plenty of vids that focused on awesome individual female characters - a Losers vid that focused on Aisha, a Colombiana vid, a Maid Marian from Robin of Sherwood vid, a Mattie vid from True Grit, Audrey from Haven, Cha Song Joo from Capital Scandal, Ma Joad from Grapes of Wrath, and that's only for starters - there are plenty more. But I particularly noticed what felt to me to be a large number of vids that were about women's relationships with other women - Birds of Prey, two Charlie's Angels movies vids, a Charlie's Angels tv show vid, three(!) League of Their Own vids, a Bletchley Circle vid (I never heard of this show and now I want to watch! But all of the *ahem* links at the *ahem* places are expired!), Sense & Sensibility and Lilo & Stitch vids that focused on sisters, two Chak De! India vids, a Daria & Jane vid, the women of Parks & Rec - and that's also really just a small sampling. I mean, I didn't do a scientific comparison to prior years' Festivids, but it felt to me like there were a large number of women-centric - and in particular, women's relationship-centric - vids this year. Let's just say that if VVC ever does another Bechdel-test themed show, they won't be hurting for potential vids to include.

I apparently was caught in the zeitgeist, because both of my vids were about (scantily-clad) women who kick ass -- and, to a lesser extent, about their relationships with other women: Lady Marmalade (Cleopatra 2525) and Titanium (Wonder Woman).

Cleopatra 2525 )

Wonder Woman )

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So, Festivids reveals are up! You can now see who made what vids at the website or at either of the masterposts.

As for me, I made two vids:

Titanium (Wonder Woman). Yeah, yeah, everybody and his mother had me pegged for this; I knew even as I was making it that I may as well go ahead and sign my name because I wasn't fooling anyone.


Lady Marmalade (Cleopatra 2525)

More later....
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This vid was made for [personal profile] diannelamerc as part of the [community profile] festivids exchange and was originally posted here.

Song: Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia
Fandom: Wonder Woman

Summary: Suffering Sappho.

Sizes: 54 MB (544 x 408 .divx), 19 MB (400 x 300 .wmv)
Length: 3:59

Download: Monsters from the Vids

Download from Sendspace: The .divx file is here and the .wmv file is here.

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Thanks so much to [personal profile] rivkat for the beta.

Comments appreciated.

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What Does Wonder Woman’s New Origin Story Mean For Her Feminist Symbolism?
In the course of an interview with Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang, who are writing and drawing DC’s rebooted Wonder Woman, Geoff Boucher raises an interesting question. What does it mean to change Wonder Woman’s origin story, turning her from a statue brought to life by Aphrodite for Queen Hippolyta to Zeus’s daughter:
CC: If you went to the average person on the street and showed them a picture of Wonder Woman they would recognize her immediately. Ask those people her origin story and some of them might know the clay story but many, many others would not know that at all. That’s not a problem you have with Superman or Batman; everyone knows their origin. By making her the daughter of Zeus, we’ve gotten a big driving force behind our story.
That’s a sort of Buffy-ization of the Wonder Woman mythos that accords with a lot of recent stories that explore scenarios where there are a lot of people with varying degrees of power in the world. The idea that we’ve all got a little Wonder Woman in us has been part of the feminist mythos since the founding of Ms., which put her on the cover of its inaugural issue trying to halt the advance of the Vietnam War, striding past a billboard with the slogan “Peace and Justice in ’72.” A mythology that makes that possibility explicit raises the possibility of a pantheon of new superheroes. But it also risks reducing Wonder Woman to a permanent and perpetual mother-protector role, constantly rushing around defending her divinely-inspired relatives.
Umm, hello? As far as I'm concerned, WW's origin story is that she comes from Paradise Island where she lives among the super-strong Amazons, which, incidentally, was unquestionably the origin story in 1972. What is this clay statue business of which you speak?

*feels very old*

Apparently, it may be that the clay story was part of the Paradise Island story that I remember? Wiki is a little unclear and apparently her story changed over time.
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so very, very resentful. Hollywood is so desperate for new superhero movies that they're doing serial reboots - how many Batman reboots and Spiderman reboots are we going to get? - but they still can't be assed to base even one movie on a female character, even though Wonder Woman is at least as iconic as the male characters who are getting so much attention.

... but in brighter news, I saw a poster for Colombiana. I never even heard of this - but, really? A violent mainstream action movie starring a woman of color who is featured alone on the poster? That's kind of awesome. I'm so there.
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...if I could go to work every day dressed as Wonder Woman?

(Also, as far as I can tell, that's an amazing replica of the Season 1 costume.) No, that's a promo pic for the series, not a pic of the journalist.
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CNN fires Rick Sanchez after radio rant

Because a lot of the reporting suggests that it was just crazycakes for Sanchez to suggest that he'd been discriminated against because he's Cuban. I've seen high-profile reports and blogs say that Sanchez is essentially "white" and likely hasn't experienced prejudice, and therefore his rant about Jon Stewart was bad not just because it was antisemitic but because he was claiming an oppression he hadn't experienced.

For the record, I think his antisemitic remarks were inexcusable. His claim that his career has been hindered because of his Cuban ancestry, however, I think is probably true, and at the very least, isn't mock-worthy.

In other news, this is the most depressing thing you'll read today.

Also, I don't even know how to feel about this. Wonder Woman, OMG, yay! But David E. Kelley? Because I had to stop watching Boston Legal, I was so repulsed by his approach to gender and sexuality.

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