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Woo hoo!

(First year without me - *sniff*. But it's awesome to see!)
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So, as you may or may not know, this year we've got brand new technical challenges.

Viddler is no longer offering free accounts, and YouTube and Vimeo are both now vigorously taking down vids if they don't like the music selection. This is a serious challenge to the FV model, because we need a streaming site that can host vids anonymously for the thing to work. Technically, people can just submit vids as download links - upload them to Dropbox or whatever - but in practice, when people come to view vids during the anon period, they don't like downloading things, so download-only vids don't tend to get a lot of views or comments.

So! [personal profile] lithiumdoll offered to redesign the Festivids website so that we can host vids at the site itself.

It's been a tremendous amount of work for her, and of course, there have been lots of technical issues - both the site redesign itself, and then lots of back and forth with the company that hosts the website because of bugs on that end. But it's basically saving Festivids - I don't think we could feasibly do it without the site hosting.

LJ is now offering video hosting - and yesterday we considered that as a backup - but the problem there is, the vids won't crosspost (so you couldn't watch them on Dreamwidth) and more importantly, any single account can't host more than 2 GB, which isn't enough for Festivids. But we'll keep that in our pocket if things get desperate.
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Real life's been so busy that I haven't even been able to check FList/DWircle, and I keep thinking it's almost at an end, and then more stuff gets piled on ... so, right now ETA for sanity is December. December's looking good.

That said, Festivids assignments will be going out soon, and - yay! Even though [personal profile] odessie has (thank God) taken on the bulk of the responsibilities, I'm still monitoring things and to be honest, assignment distribution is, like, the best time of year for me. So - woo!

And hopefully I'll be back ... some day.
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Real life has me so by the throat that I can't even check my FList/DWircle, so I'm basically absent from this space for at least another week or so, but I just needed to check in to announce that Festivids signups have begun! They run through October 29, so there's plenty of time, but if you sign up early, the mods will be able to coo over your signup and be happy.
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I have no idea who nominated "Festivids" as a Festivids fandom, but I love you forever?


Sep. 27th, 2014 08:36 am
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I'm barely around these days because real life is killing me (which is why I'm so grateful to [personal profile] odessie for shouldering [community profile] festivids modding responsibilities - she's saving my life - and also, hey, nominations for [community profile] festivids have started, so you should nominate things!)

But I do have one comment about the Scandal premiere:

Very small spoiler )
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This vid was made for [ profile] trutgras as part of the [community profile] festivids exchange, and was originally posted here.

Song: Waterfall by James
Fandom: Gattaca

Summary: Not in our stars, but in ourselves.

Size/Format: 36.9 MB (720 x 480 .avi)
Length: 3:11

Download: Monsters from the Vids

Download from Sendspace: here.

Embed under the cut )

Thanks so much to [personal profile] rivkat for the speedy beta.

Comments welcome.

(Crossposted to LJ)
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[kiki miserychic explains the supernatural thing to him and then....]

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Day 5: If you have ever had a character try to push their way into a vid, what did you do about it?

I'm going to go with Jake, for my Young Americans vid. See, that vid was made for Festivids. The show (which I've described in great detail here) is mostly about an ensemble of 5 teenagers, and there are two main romance storylines - Scout/Bella and Jake/Hamilton. I am ridiculously, irrevocably in love with Jake/Hamilton, but my Festivids recipient preferred Scout/Bella.

Different vidders have different thoughts about what to do when this happens with Festivids. My view (speaking personally, not as a mod!!) is that if someone requests a character/pairing that's really not where my fannish id is, the best compromise is for me to make an ensemble vid - because presumably, they like the source well enough to enjoy a general tribute, and if I've offered it, I'll like it well enough to handle a general vid - and then, I just make sure the ensemble features a healthy dose of their preferred character/pairing.

So that's what I decided to do. Except I am so in love with Jake/Hamilton, you guys - and particularly Jake - so she kept trying to shove her way even further into the vid. What ended up happening was, I featured Jake/Hamilton at some critical dramatic points in the vid - like the climax leading into the second chorus - and then I ended on a moment between Jake and Bella. Which I really shouldn't have done - it was an ensemble vid, it deserved an ensemble shot - and my beta even told me not to, and she was right - but Jake's face in that scene. I couldn't help myself.

So. That's what happened.

Full list of questions )
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And so far, no one is complaining that they were matched incorrectly or accidentally left out of assignments, so that's a win....

That's nothing a computer would do, of course, but I like to manually shift around a lot of the matches in order to suit my own preferences. (Not fandom preferences - more like balance preferences, for the set of matches as a whole. Mwa ha ha ha ha ... the power, it is godlike!) And no matter how many times I double check, there's always the fear that somehow I've messed it all up.

*fingers crossed!*
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...aside from inspiring all kinds of metaphysical discussions about the nature of a fandom, a continuity, and a fanvid - I always am shocked to discover that other people have heard of that random movie/TV show that I was sure no one else knew about.

Like, The Naked Jungle? That obscure 1950s movie in which Charlton Heston plays a jungle plantation-owner action hero who is canonically a virgin and freaked out because his new mail-order bride isn't? And she tells him in pretty plain terms that he should be grateful because sex takes practice and at least she knows what she's doing?

Yeah, yeah, there are also some ants. Whatever.
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And I am so invested that I might have to stop watching until all of the episodes have aired, so I can watch them all at once. I don't think I can take the pain of waiting a week in between.

Oh my god. I never even heard of this show before Festivids, then I tried to *ahem* it and couldn't find a link. And now it's airing on PBS and already it's too much, I can't take the suspense.

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