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This vid premiered at VVC 2012's Club Vivid.

(So, umm, this version of the vid differs slightly from the one that appears on the Con DVD? I actually consider this the "final" version, but if you prefer the DVD ... please never ever tell me.)

Song: A Different Kind of Love Song by Cher
Fandom: Multi

Summary: Age of the geek, baby.

Sizes: 49 MB (540 x 360 .avi), 19.2 MB (420 x 280 .wmv)
Length: 4:01

Download: Monsters from the Vids.

Download from Sendspace: The .avi file is here and the .wmv file is here.

Password: fandom

Thank you so much to [personal profile] rivkat, [personal profile] thingswithwings, [personal profile] such_heights, and [ profile] way2busymom for beta-ing. You guys were incredibly helpful.

Comments welcome.

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Date: 2012-08-18 12:00 am (UTC)
trouble: Sketch of Hermoine from Harry Potter with "Bookworms will rule the world (after we finish the background reading)" on it (Default)
From: [personal profile] trouble
At the risk of sounding terribly twee... I just rewatched this vid (... four times) and I was thinking about what I liked about it. I watch a lot of multifandom vids and enjoy them all for various reasons, but this is one of the first where I can't imagine a different song making the point you were going for. It's such a great song for this vid, just outstanding choice. :)

A long time ago I read a comment (I think it was on your blog) about how slash vids have a certain language to them that outsiders don't really get. At the time I didn't really understand that comment because I wasn't really around to see how slash vids developed - I've only started really watching vids in the past four or five years or so, and I know slash vids are a long-time thing. But this is one of the first vids I've loved and yet realised that I couldn't share with someone outside of fandom. (I share a lot of vids with friends who are fans of shows but aren't fannish.) It's like an internal language where I watch this and I really really get it. It's awesome, and I really appreciated it. I think some of my favourite clips are from shows I've never seen but recognize because they're very fannish shows. (The guy from Heroes - I don't know his name - being all YAY I AM IN NY LOOK AT IT ALL!!!! immediately comes to mind.)

I've liked all of the vids I've seen from VVC - they all really outstanding, it makes the idea of trying vidding seem so intimidating because y'all are so great - but I think this may be my favourite from this year. It just reminds me so much of what I like about fandom, and what I've really missed these past few years of not having a lot of time to indulge in it. So, thank you for making this awesome vid and sharing it with the rest of us. :)

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