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This is for [personal profile] rivkat, who suggested the song.

Song: Seamstress by Dessa
Fandom: Nikita

Summary: The best-loved doll.

Sizes: 43 MB (540 x 360 .divx), 15 MB (420 x 280 .wmv)
Length: 3:11

Download: Monsters from the Vids

Download from Sendspace: The .divx file is here. The .wmv file is here.

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Thanks so much to [personal profile] danegen and [personal profile] some_stars for beta-ing.

Comments welcome.

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This vid was created as a Sweet Charity auction vid for [personal profile] meredith44. So ... you can blame her.

Song: Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine (Warning: Lyrics are NSFW!)
Summary: If you can't beat 'em ...
Fandom: La Femme Nikita (the TV show, natch).
Length: 4:41
Sizes and formats: 47 MB (640 x 480 .avi), 36.2 MB (480 x 360 .wmv), 18.9 MB (high-res 320 x 240 .wmv), 8.91 MB (low-res 320x 240 .wmv)

Download: Monsters from the Vids

And, guys, I just want to say - I don't want any comments! None! Not one single, tiny comment. I don't care if you think this vid is so good that it CHANGED YOUR LIFE, I don't care if you found a MAJOR FLAW that I could easily correct, I don't care if I ACCIDENTALLY INCLUDED FOOTAGE OF ME DANCING NAKED IN MY LIVING ROOM. I want dead silence. None of this, "Oh, I really enjoyed your vid" cluttering up my inbox. Pfft, I say! Pfft!

(Hell, I'll try anything once....)

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