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I bought [ profile] buffyann in the VidUkon auction to make a Helena vid - and she delivered in spades. She's created a gorgeous, spooky character study, and I urge everyone to watch and comment at LJ or Dreamwidth.


Jun. 1st, 2015 05:00 pm
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The vidder I won in the VidUkon auction just sent me my vid, and it is awesome - except I can't talk about it until after it premieres so you all have to wait!

This is going to kill me...
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As I've posted before, [community profile] fandom_helps is currently running a fan charity auction to benefit Planned Parenthood.

Before the auction began, the mod received some requests from non-U.S. residents that they be permitted to donate to women's health/family planning organizations in their own countries instead of Planned Parenthood. The mod ultimately decided that this auction would be run for Planned Parenthood exclusively (although future auctions may be held that have a more international scope).

I don't pretend to know what sort of access women have to reproductive health care in countries other than the U.S., but particularly for those of you reading this who are not aware of the U.S. situation, I wanted to post about the importance of Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood provides reproductive healthcare for women at low cost, including, but not limited to, birth control and abortion services.

Although women nominally have the right to an abortion in the U.S., in reality, there is strong opposition to women exercising that right and the states are constantly passing new restrictions to make it harder for women to obtain abortions. In many areas of the country, women may have to travel hundreds of miles to obtain an abortion -- and yet on top of that, states attempt to make abortions impossible as a practical matter by mandating that "waiting periods" from the time that a woman firsts visits a clinic until the time when she can receive the procedure (ostensibly so she can truly think it over, like she needs that kind of requirement from the state, but in reality, so that women who find it difficult to travel and stay overnight will not have abortion access). In many parts of the country, Planned Parenthood may provide the only facility that performs abortions.

States also enact numerous requirements of "informed consent" that are in fact additional ways to pressure women to forego abortions. For example, Virginia is apparently about to pass a new law that requires the doctor to determine the "gestational age" of the fetus and for the patient to listen to the fetal heartbeat before the abortion may be performed -- but to do that, in many cases, the doctor will have to perform an entirely unnecessary (from a medical standpoint) procedure that involves inserting a probe in the woman's vagina. In some states, burdensome regulations have been used to try to shut down Planned Parenthood clinics. Planned Parenthood is at the forefront of efforts to combat these regulations.

Recently, the right wing has also decided to go all in on the fight to deny women access to birth control. This battle began with religious employers - like Catholic organizations that run hospitals or universities - denouncing a requirement in Obama's healthcare law requiring them to provide birth control coverage as part of their employees' health plans. Obama then changed the requirement so that insurers must provide birth control coverage directly to the insureds free of charge, but religiously-affiliated employers do not have to pay for such coverage. This has not satisfied Republicans, who are trying to introduce a new law that would allow any employer to refuse to provide any healthcare service they find morally objectionable. Rick Santorum - now, shockingly, a major contender for the GOP nomination - has publicly declared his opposition to birth control and his support for state laws that restrict access (which now are unconstitutional, but in the future, who knows).

Once again, Planned Parenthood is at the forefront of efforts to combat this new attack on contraception. In fact, there is a whole tumblr devoted to the stories of women who turned to Planned Parenthood for often-life-saving reproductive healthcare that they could not get elsewhere.

Point being, Planned Parenthood is of critical importance to women's healthcare in the U.S., which is why I hope you'll consider bidding at [community profile] fandom_helps.
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[community profile] fandom_helps, an auction to benefit Planned Parenthood, is accepting signups for sellers/offerors until 11:59 EST on February 13th.

After that, you can begin bidding at 12:01 EST on February 14th. Bidding ends at 11:30 EST on February 21st EST.

I'm offering a vid in any of the following fandoms:

White Collar, New Hawaii 5-0, Fringe, Lost Girl, Sherlock BBC, Star Trek TOS, X-Files, Starsky & Hutch, X-Men movie 'verse, New Doctor Who, Merlin, Dark Angel, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Firefly, Spartacus, Haven, New Girl, Wonder Woman (okay, yeah, that's my wishful thinking), any non-animated movie or movie series that I can get in good quality source and that doesn't freak/gross me out.

You can see my offer and/or bid on me at this link.

Hope to see you as a buyer or a seller over there! (Especially if you're offering Charles/Erik fic. I'm just saying.)


Feb. 3rd, 2012 01:53 pm
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[personal profile] cee_m has organized [community profile] fandom_helps, a fandom charity auction to benefit Planned Parenthood. You can post offers through February 13, and bidding runs from February 14 through February 21. I know I'll be planning to offer a vid - and I really, really hope for the opportunity to buy lots of Charles/Erik fixit!
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The lovely and talented [personal profile] james wrote me a beautiful Danny/Steve first-time story for [community profile] help_japan - featuring a kidnapped!Danny with rescuer!Steve, and an incredible sweetness in the depiction of their relationship. So go read, and leave comments!
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[ profile] kate_lear just wrote me the most amazing BBC Sherlock Sherlock/John story for the [ profile] waltzmatildah Queensland auction, with this wonderful insight into Sherlock as his relationship with John slowly develops. The whole thing is just absolutely gorgeous and sweet and romantic and hot as hell - with a bonus adorable Lestrade - and you should go over and read it immediately.
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image by [personal profile] tripoli; click on the picture to see her post of the larger version.

This vid was created for [ profile] destina for the Sweet Charity auction.

Song: Blaze of Glory by Jon Bon Jovi
Fandom: Supernatural

Summary: Number one with a bullet.

Spoilers: Through "Swan Song"

Sizes: 54 MB (540 x 360 .divx), 22 MB (420 x 280 .wmv)
Length: 4:37

Download: Monsters from the Vids

Download from Sendspace: The .divx file is here and the .wmv file is here.

Embed under the cut )

Lyrics under the cut )

Thanks so much to [ profile] destina for bidding on me and giving me such a fun assignment, and to my patient betas, [personal profile] danegen, [ profile] halcyon_shift, and [personal profile] rivkat.

Thank you also to [personal profile] tripoli for the graphic she made for this vid as one of her Sweet Charity goodies. Please take a moment to tell her how gorgeous it is!

Comments appreciated.

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[ profile] help_pakistan. Bidding from now until August 28. I particularly like how most of the offers are tagged in Delicious for easy searching.
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Pediatricians now reject all female genital cutting

(Also? That is an ... interesting ... photo chosen to illustrate this article).

In other news - don't forget, bidding ends Sunday at [ profile] ao3vidders, the auction to benefit the OTW.

And, hey, Wiscon people, have a good time - it will be very boring here without you!


May. 17th, 2010 08:18 am
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Bidding is open at [ profile] ao3vidders! There are 18 amazing vidders participating, and the funds go to benefit the OTW. Though the money will not be dedicated to a specific purpose, the auction is intended to show vidders' support for the OTW's plan to develop architecture for vids.

Bidding runs through May 30.
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This vid was created for [personal profile] rivkat for the [ profile] care_faith_hope auction.

Song: The Pioneers by Tunng
Fandom: Torchwood

Summary: Three times bad and three times good.

Sizes: 65 MB (720 x 480 .avi), 25 MB (420 x 280 .wmv)
Length: 3:38

Download: Monsters from the Vids.

Streaming link and embed under the cut )

Thanks so much to [personal profile] such_heights and [ profile] sol_se for beta-ing.

Comments welcome.

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Apr. 24th, 2010 08:35 am
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In the wake of BAM's demise, [personal profile] collswan has created [community profile] ao3vidders (mirrored at [ profile] ao3vidders). It's a vidding auction designed to raise money for the Organization of Transformative Works's Archive of Our Own (AO3). AO3 is a fannish archive that currently houses fanfic, but may one day house other fanworks like art, and, we hope, vids. If that happens, vidders will no longer be left out in the cold when yet another streaming site abruptly shuts down or blocks content.

As I understand it, donations will go to the OTW generally and will not necessarily be directed specifically to the AO3, or to the development of vidding architecture for AO3, but the idea is that donations will ultimately help OTW attempt to achieve that goal.

Unfortunately, I can't offer a vid this time around; I've got one auction vid in progress (in the beta phase, woo-hoo!) and another following right on its heels, so I'm a bit full up on auction commitments. But if other people participate, that would be awesome. Vidder sign-ups are May 1 through May 15, and bidding is May 16 through May 30.
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...which I really need to finish sometime this century, because I'm also up for auction at Sweet Charity, so I've kind of got to get my commitments in order.

Anyhoo, a critical external hard drive failed mid-vid - but, as happened once before, I beat it by anticipating the failure and backing up the files in advance. \o/!! (Also, Kein Ayin Hora)

So I'm working on this vid - which is Torchwood - and right now, it's looking like the vid will not have any clips from the episode Meat. The reason the vid will not have any clips from the episode Meat is that I literally cannot bear to watch that episode - I can't even bear to review scenes from it for vidding purposes. I think other people in the fandom find it ridiculous or unrealistic or something, but for me, it's so fucking heartbreaking that it's like a physical pain. It's agonizing to me. And even without sound, even just looking at the images, I can't bear it.

(I feel similarly about the end of AHBL1, but that scene is so crucial to SPN's canon that I have to force myself to review it even though I hate doing so.)

So the vid will probably be Meatless, unless I can get up enough strength to look at the clips again.
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There's a new SPN tonight, but for those who are still feeling raw from last week and need 5x16 Sam and Dean resolution (with kissing), we have:

Rearrange me til I'm sane by [personal profile] rivkat

This Here Pretender by [ profile] yourperiphery

and a second ending by [ profile] longsufferingly, We Share Each Other Like an Island.

(For those who are wondering, [personal profile] rivkat's has the most sex.)

And there are many awesome stories at the Fixit Comment meme.

Also, don't forget that Sweet Charity bidding has begun! And you can still sign up to offer long angsty-with-happy-ending Sam/Dean stories things through April 10! Bidding for fic ends April 11, bidding for art ends April 12, bidding for vids ends April 14.
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To those who celebrate. If you have time, you should totally check out the photos from WaPo's annual Peeps diorama contest. (Incidentally, I prefer a lot of the semi-finalist ones to the finalists).

Also, just a reminder: Sweet Charity bidding begins tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. (that's British time, though - check local listings). This year is a little different than in previous auctions - although bidding begins Monday, you can still sign up to offer something though April 10 - so if you, say, suddenly decide you want to offer a 20,000 word Sam/Dean angsty epic, just by way of random example, you can still do that. The auction ending dates are staggered depending on the type of item you want so make sure to pay close attention - fiction bidding ends on April 11, vid bidding ends on April 14, and other items are somewhere in between.

Speaking of vids, I'm available! I'm offering a lot of fandoms this time around, although I admit most are just wishful thinking (i.e., I'd be over the moon if someone bought me for Wonder Woman or Earth 2, but I'm not exactly holding my breath). Anyway, it's my understanding that Sweet Charity was revived at least in part because RAINN really missed the influx of donations, so don't forget to bid!
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Woo hoo! I'm not going anywhere, but I am very much looking forward to doing things like going to the movies, getting a facial (shut up, I do it like once a year, max), getting a hair cut (sadly, I also do that only about once a year, which is embarassing but there you go), vidding (one auction vid due; Sweet Charity bidding starts soon so I need to make some progress before that happens - and more people need to sign up because, among other things, I need my J2 AUs, and also, did you ever notice that there are not nearly enough post-Hell PTSD!Dean stories?), my taxes (okay, not so much looking forward, but it's gotta be done), etc.

I was going to do a longer review of Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid but it's just so boring and everyone's already said anything I would say, anyway.

Oh, wait, I do actually have something else to say:

Read more )
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Happily for all of us, Sweet Charity has been revived for at least one more auction!

Signups have already begun and continue through early April; this time, to avoid the mad rush that seems to always crash the servers, bidding will end on different dates for different categories of items.

I'm offering a vid; you can see the item description here but I'll probably subtract or add fandoms to the list of options before the bidding starts.

General administrative info and updates are available at [ profile] sweetcharityvox. Yay, Sweet Charity!!
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[personal profile] blue_soaring wrote me a marvelous angsty first time H/W story for [ profile] help_haiti. It's sort of a fusion of movie and book canon, and all I can say is yes, this is exactly how it happened.
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[ profile] fleshflutter just wrote me the most amazing Sam/Dean Bonded!Boys story. I'd rave about it except I'd be giving it all away - just trust me it's by turns angsty and warm and absolutely perfect in every way. It must be read immediately. This, this is what I want for the boys.

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