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I was going to skip this because I just didn't make a lot of vids in 2012 - and one of them is a sekrit Festivid that will end up counting toward 2013 - but then I figured, ah, fuck it.

So, (public) vids I made this year - counting vids that were still sekrit this time last year:

Kill the Director
You Might Think
Coming Home
The Count of Monte Christo
A Different Kind of Love Song

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There have been so few this year that I almost didn't do this meme, but everyone else on my FList was, so I caved. I think the main reason for my relative lack of output was that my big fandom obsession this year was XMFC - which had only limited source, and then I got stalled on my second attempt to vid in this fandom (haven't given up though!).

Anyway, the questions I have below are different from the ones a lot of others used, because these were the questions when I first started the meme and I loathe change.

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In keeping up with tradition - my year in vidding output. It's been a slow year, particularly in the second half. Part of that was work, part of that was Festivids (I finished a vid! But you won't see it until next year!), and part of it - I have to admit - is that my main fannish obsession, Supernatural, hasn't been giving me the same kind of inspiration as it has in the past. Sigh.

Anyway, here's what I got:

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Hey, I see by my FList it's that time of year again. And thankfully work is letting up a bit (two big things will be finished today and they're almost done, and after that half the office is on vacation, whee!), so I had a chance to do this meme.

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