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I agree with everything, but to the list of exceptions I think it's important to add POI's Root - startling because "big bad" female villains are more likely to be paired with female protagonists - and V's Diana. (The gender politics of the original V continue to surprise me, because while it was an ensemble cast, at bottom, you still had a woman versus a woman, with huge armies behind each of them).

Oh, also - it was a terrible movie, but there is Faye Dunaway as the villain in Supergirl. Which is particularly interesting because of the way the romantic hero/love interest was basically a toy in a tug of war between the two women.


Aug. 14th, 2011 06:27 pm
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[ profile] destina and [ profile] barkley made me a V vid! Okay, fine, they said it was made for VVC, but I know they really made it for me, because it's just the V vid of my heart. The real V, the original V, with all the action and the lasers and the lizards and the resistance and the explosions and the faces ripping off. You can watch it here. And then, if you're too young to remember the real V, you seriously have to go out and Netflix it.

Oh, also, a while back I rec'd an XMFC WIP where Erik and Charles are trapped in a mine shaft - fyi, for anyone who was following it, the author is continuing the story at a new link, here.
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And like everyone else, my reaction to that ending is - wow.

Except also, I spent the last ten minutes wondering if they would ever. stop. talking.

But still wow.

Annie is far and away my favorite character, and I'm beginning to recognize that I definitely have a thing for these sort of ditzy-appearing female characters who develop core strengths and power over time. Like, also, Cordelia on Angel (in that brief space between Queen Bitch and Saint Cordie), and Caroline on Vampire Diaries.

Anyway, here, have a wonderful Being Human vid, spoilers for all three seasons, focusing on Mitchell, George, Annie, and their relationship to each other.

Also, a fascinating meta comparing UK's Mitchell to US's Aidan, based in part on the cultural understanding of the wars their characters, respectively, fought.

Appropos of nothing, I keep seeing this "Thirty Female Characters" meme on my FList and I want to play but I really don't have time to do a long post with pictures for each one. I just kind of want to say - favorite female antagonist, Diana of V. Favorite nonhuman, Illyria of Angel. Favorite older woman, Madeline of LFN and Madeline of Burn Notice. Favorite from a children's show, Alexandra of Josie and the Pussycats. Okay, now you know.
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To everyone who commented at the vidder love meme. Work is ... a new and special kind of hell right now, and your comments were greatly appreciated. I feel very loved :-).

And on a completely different note, [ profile] sol_se sent me this article that talks about how the reincarnated V does away with the bisexuality of Diana in the original series.

From my perspective, Diana's sexuality was always sort of troubling - it made her an incredibly vibrant, impossible-not-to-watch character, but at the same time, it was clear that we were meant to read her voracious sexual appetites and her bisexuality as additional signs of her evilness. Still, whatever message the creators hoped to send, the reality was, every young girl who watched that show wanted to grow up to be just like her.
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Yeah, I still feel like they're performing the outline for a story, rather than the story itself.

Also, does anyone else think -

This doesn't really even count as a spoiler )


Oct. 27th, 2009 05:33 am
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Apparently in anticipation of the "V" remake, the SyFy channel (I can't type that without laughing) is airing the original 10-ish hour miniseries on Sunday afternoon.

I cannot tell you how much I love the original V - and even the appalling short-lived series that followed it. It was my very first fannish obsession - I was very young, and I didn't know anything about fandom, but I obsessively rewatched the series and had all that fannnish love. Which is why I'm waiting for the remake with some mix of anticipation and dread. (And also why I will never get over my resentment of "V for Vendetta," but that's a whole 'nother issue.)

(If I'm not mistaken, on the V remake commercial, some kid is calling the aliens "V's." That is so, so wrong!! We in the audience might sometimes have called them that, but they are Visitors! The letter "V" was something entirely different! Gah!)

All of which is to say - if you've never seen the original, I strongly recommend taking the opportunity to watch this weekend.

Caveat: It's listed in TV Guide and on my DVR, but the SyFy channel webpage itself (ha, ha, there I go cracking myself up again) lists a random assortment of other movies for the same time, so... I have no explanation.

ETA: Oh, do you think the remake will use the same theme music? I would be so happy if they used that marvelously ominous theme with the little piano-like thing .... Honestly, just hearing that music makes me shiver - it's like, Pavlovian by now.
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A review of the V pilot, with the trailer. I love how the sets for the Visitors' ships look almost exactly the way they did 25 years ago. And Morena Baccarin doesn't even seem horrible in it.


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