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This is for Carl Sciortino, an openly gay Massachusetts state congressperson, running for the US House of Representatives.

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Are you ready?

Are you sitting down?


Maru has a kitten brother!

I repeat.

Maru has a kitten brother!

That is all.
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Therapy dogs provide stressed travelers comfort at busy airports
There's a new breed of airport dog. They aren't looking for drugs or bombs — they are looking for people who need a buddy, a belly to rub or a paw to shake.

"His job is to be touched," volunteer Kyra Hubis said about Henry James, her 5-year-old golden retriever that works a few hours a week at the San Jose airport. "I am just standing there with him. They are talking to him. If I need to answer for him, I do. But I am at the end of his leash, he's not at the end of mine."

Mineta San Jose International Airport is widely credited with introducing the first airport therapy dog in the days after Sept. 11, 2001, when flights were grounded, passengers were stranded and reaching friends and relatives in the East was nearly impossible. Passengers were anxious and afraid.

Enter Orion, owned by a volunteer airport chaplain who got permission to bring the dog to work. He made such a difference that San Jose formalized the program and now has nine dogs. Miami International Airport got onboard the program with one and Los Angeles International Airport has 30 and is hoping to expand its program.

The dogs are intended to take the stress out of travel — the crowds, long lines and terrorism concerns.

"You can literally feel the stress levels drop, people start smiling, strangers start talking to each other and everybody walks away feeling really, really good," Huebner said.

Miami's sole dog, Casey, a 4-year-old golden retriever, is a star. She has her own website, fan mail, business cards and a role on "Airport 24/7: Miami," a weekly reality show on the Travel Channel.

"Casey is so pure and genuine," explained Dickie Davis, director of terminal operations and customer service. "She's not asking for anything or selling anything. She is just a love magnet."

A woman who said her husband of 40 years told her he wanted a divorce that morning wept on Henry's shoulder.

"He just sat there," Hubis said. "He knew. He can feel."
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Dying now

Feb. 26th, 2013 05:04 am
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I love the way Michelle Obama can't really hide the fact that she's obviously a pretty graceful dancer.
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Daily Show segment (I wish these things would embed on Dreamwidth and LJ)

Meanwhile, no matter how bad the world gets, there will always be this video:

I'm just going to watch that a few hundred times.
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... absolutely no one who has ever seen Gomer Pyle:
Jim Nabors, the actor best known for playing Gomer Pyle on TV in the 1960s, has married his longtime male partner.

The couple met in 1975 when Cadwallader was a Honolulu firefighter.

“I’m 82 and he’s in his 60s and so we’ve been together for 38 years and I’m not ashamed of people knowing, it’s just that it was such a personal thing, I didn’t tell anybody,” Nabors said. “I’m very happy that I’ve had a partner of 38 years and I feel very blessed. And, what can I tell you, I’m just very happy.”
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Unfortunately, between Festivids and Real Life, all I am able to offer is a selection of links to things I saw on Tumblr that gave me joy.

The Les Mis thing (which is a lot like the Merlin thing)

Princess Avengers (the Pocahontas one is perfection itself)

This cat

These pandas

I would buy this in a heartbeat

This keyboard modification

These women

Katharine Hepburn in Holiday (which is an awesome movie, but they cut the best line from the play)

Castiel vs. Captain America

Old and new. And another one

I want to attend this

Suddenly my childhood love of Barbie is rekindled

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