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So here I am at my second Vividcon. My first was 3 years ago; I still consider myself a newbie. And they let me do a vidshow! My show was "You're My Best Friend," dedicated to BFFs. Designing the show, I was graced with an embarrassment of awesome choices - it was actually kind of painful to narrow things down. I quickly learned that my choices were less about vid quality - there were many excellent quality vids to choose from - than about constructing the right mix. Like, a mix of buddies in different settings, with different relationships to each other, different song types, different moods - it meant I couldn't include a lot of really wonderful vids because they didn't fit with the mix. In a couple of cases, I had to choose among several excellent vids to the same song, each about a different buddy pairing. (hey, that could have been a whole 'nother show!).

But anyway. Here's how the BFF Vidshow turned out:

From Here on Out by Mithborien. Teen Wolf. Buddies have your back.

Strength in You by Here's Luck. Gilmore Girls. Buddies give you strength to endure.

We Are Gonna Be Friends by humansrsuperior. Life. Sometimes buddies have different ways of doing things...

Do My Thing by Laura Shapiro. The Heat. ...but buddies still fit together.

My Best Friend by Killa. Lost Girl. Buddies inspire lots of feelings.

Ain't No Easy Way by Danegen. Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. So sometimes you get into bad situations with your buddy.

Shine by Eunice. Thelma & Louise. But your buddy stays with you until the end.

Thick as Thieves by Charmax. Dead Like Me. And even beyond.

Motown Philly by Jarrow. Psych. Buddies can be playmates.

King and Lionheart by cosmic llin. Star Trek: Voyager. And comrades.

I Do The Dumbest Things For You by Purplefringe. Stargate: Atlantis. And poor influences.

My Secret by Such Heights. Elementary. Buddies can teach us about ourselves.

Gimme Shelter by Thandie. Starsky & Hutch. You can shoot people with your buddy.

Never Always Getting Back Together by Ash. Supernatural. Even though you don't always get along, you and your buddy will still find a way back to each other.

And that was the show! Thank you so much to everyone who made suggestions and everyone who allowed me to use their vids!
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Well, here I am home from VVC! Most of this post was actually typed up on the airplane home – I’m writing quickly while everything is still fresh in my mind, but I’m sure there’s plenty I’ll forget to mention! And I still haven't seen all the vids - missed a bunch from CVV, and from various themed show premieres - but here's what I can say right now:

My overall summary is that the vids were amazing and I may have OD’d. I spent most of my time in vid shows, rather than panels, so there’s a little bit of sensory overload going on for me right now (possibly, that’s also due to the con suite M&M bowl.) Right now, I feel like I’ve done more in the past three days than in the entire four weeks prior. And I just want to shout out a thank you to the con organizers - everything was fun and beautifully coordinated and (from the outside, at least) appeared to run perfectly. Everyone was telling me that VVC is known for being an incredibly well-run con, and that's exactly how it seemed to me. Thank you so much for having me there!

Also, I can report that I have all kinds of muscle soreness in new places, which I attribute to the fact that the hotel management kept the air conditioning at near-Arctic temperatures, and so I spent a lot of the con huddled and shivering in a ball. Which, as it turns out, apparently works as exercise. Who knew? (Thanks, MorganDawn, for posting a warning - otherwise I wouldn't have thought to pack a sweatjacket!)

Best moment: The Sunday noon break, watching everyone gather in the con suite for lunch – which consisted of food scrounged from the suite tables, namely, Swedish fish, M&Ms, pretzels, and potato chips. To be fair, I am in absolutely no position to throw stones when it comes to healthy eating; nonetheless, there was something hilarious about watching adults sit down to eat a meal that was basically the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Dinner. (If it hadn't been for the fact that Laura Shapiro had previously invited me to go to an actual restaurant, I'd have been right there with them.)

Second best moment(s): Watching my own vids on a movie screen. Vanity, I know, but – wow! They look like a real ... thing, there!

Question I was most often asked: How do you pronounce your LJ name?

Most surprising question: Are you having a good con? Not because there is anything surprising in the sentiment, but because this was my very first con – VVC or anything else – so I hadn’t heard that particular turn of phrase before.

Biggest regret: Not getting to at least say hello to everyone I know online. I saw lots of people I “know” but was too shy and retiring to approach. Nonetheless, I was very pleased to meet the many people that I did get to meet.

Second biggest regret: Not getting to talk more with the people I did meet! The days were so packed, I only managed to exchange a few words with most people. But at least now I know the faces - and the regional accents!

Greatest triumph: I won chocolate in Greensilver’s “guess the five most common premiere fandoms” contest. Greensilver announced in advance that she would give chocolate to anyone who could guess the top five fandoms for all premiering vids. I came closest with four, so I won. I guessed Multifandom, Avengers-verse, Game of Thrones, Sherlock BBC, and Community. Community was wrong – it was Harry Potter.

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I hate reccing vids from VVC because it's like this flood of amazing stuff, and there's something for every fandom and every taste, and I dislike feeling like I have to choose vids. That said, here are a few that stayed with me:

I Walked, The Borgias. Very interesting cutting style, focusing on Lucrezia and Cesare.

Get the Party Started, Leverage and White Collar. So much fun how the vidder blends the 'verses.

Come On, Firefly. Charmax delightfully highlights every beat and twang.

Black Dove (January), Doctor Who, focused on River Song. Really amazing editing.

A Sophisticated Song. Tribute to Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. Be still my heart.

High Voltage, all the Stargates. I really only barely know Stargate but I just loved this aesthetically.
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Day 14 - A mood vid you love

I... actually don't know what this means. But here are two vids that create a disturbing but beautiful mood.

Want, by [ profile] destina. SPN, demon-focus.

Hello, by [ profile] merryish. SGA, ensemble.

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Day 12 - A relationship vid you love

One of the earliest vids I ever fell in love with was Lum's Touched (Duncan/Methos). Seeing it while I was deep in the throes of my Highlander obsession was just - overwhelming.

I also find [ profile] settiai's The Boxer quite compelling. It's Holmes/Watson/Irene, and something about the song choice and the dynamic she illustrates really gets to me.

Finally for this category I'll rec [ profile] sol_se's Red Moon, John Sheppard/Ronon. I love the way she structures the relationship in this vid.

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We now have a "sneak peek" of the summer's most anticipated motion picture event - Stonehenge Apocalypse!

Starring Misha Collins, Peter Wingfield, and Torri Higginson. Airing June 12.

You're welcome.
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So as I continued, for reasons beyond understanding, to immerse myself in the horror show that is the "debate" over the SGU rape episode, I started to think about other bodyswap TV episodes and how they dealt with sex.

At which point, I remembered Buffy's Who Are You/This Year's Girl, and how Faith slept with Riley.

And the reason I like how that played out is that there was a real demonstration of how painful this was for Buffy - instead of a reset-button kind of thing which is what usually happens when women are mind-controlled/bodyswapped/drugged into sex in TV shows, so that there's no real sense of any harm done (I'm looking at you, SGA and Supernatural).

Now, this was a slightly different situation - it was a rape of Buffy, she hadn't consented, but Riley of course was ignorant of it, so the only rapist was Faith. And because Riley was Buffy's boyfriend, and someone she slept with willingly anyway, Joss could easily have brushed past the rapey-ness (thanks so much, [ profile] rivkat, for introducing me to that word) and focused solely on Buffy's jealousy, etc, after the fact.

But he didn't. He went out of his way to demonstrate that this was a sexual violation. How? Because he had Faith the Rapist intentionally propose rough, kinky sex to Riley, and it was very clearly an aggressive act against Buffy. Faith could force Buffy to do anything Faith wanted, particularly sexual acts that Buffy would ordinarily find distasteful, and that was Faith's motivation for seducing Riley in the first place.

So, anyway, my point is, that was an episode that did not shy away from demonstrating the horror of the sexual violation to the person being violated - unlike just about every other show that uses this trope.
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I lied, I'm commenting on the SGU thing.

There are many, many things wrong with this defense of the episode (including the bullshit claim that they're raising questions which is so obviously an after-the-fact justification it isn't even funny; they may be raising questions but they aren't questions about sexual orientation, or real-life consent, etc. - they're building other questions on the bodies of women, people of color, and gay people, and ignoring that their "fantasy" scenarios bear very close resemblance to real-life dangers for particular groups of people) but mostly, I'm fascinated by the many comments by people claiming it isn't rape.

And, of course, this is the same creative staff that brought us SGA's Irresistible, about the hilarious guy who drugged women into servicing him in his own personal harem. Good times.

(Which is exactly why Dollhouse can't work, why Dollhouse's refusal to use the word rape is absolutely inexcusable, despite the claims of the show's defenders that Dollhouse isn't endorsing the rape. The problem is that we're not working from a blank slate or even a common definition. People don't recognize rape when they see it. They don't recognize it without the name, and even then they work very very hard to define the word as narrowly as possible. Dollhouse makes this kind of rape look slightly more sinister than every other instance of it on TV ever, and then offsets this with constant rape, 2 to 4 instances per episode - and still spends an inordinate amount of time on the rapists' good sides and their philanthropic ambitions. And I keep trying not to rant about Dollhouse again, except that this sort of casual portrayal of rape is so very, very common, and when it comes up it's hard to talk about it in a vacuum.)

I should add - [ profile] sheafrotherdon is blogging this whole thing extensively.
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[personal profile] thefourthvine points to these fantastically awesome poems constructed entirely out of SGA Storyfinders requests.

It's even better than The Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld.

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