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Saving Grace Series Finale

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In Plain Sight Season Finale

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And in other news, how much do I love Scarecrow & Mrs. King? I've been rewatching the first season on DVD, and it's got a certain casual 80s sexism and racism and classism (oh god, do not get me started on the casual racism of "I Have Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been ... A Spy"), and it's very Republican (in the 80s sense of the word - which has nothing to do with what Republican means today), but despite all of that, it can be incredibly charming. And it's such a fascinating show from a feminist point of view, because of the incredible mixed messages it sends about the virtues of domesticity and homemaking versus "career women," and how it doesn't seem to recognize that it's undermining its own message because Amanda is the most careerist woman of them all. And yet, at the same time, looking at it today, I also kind of appreciate a show that seems to genuinely place value on spheres that are traditionally feminine.

And of course, Amanda and Lee nail my buddy!kink so hard.

When's the second season coming out? When, when?? (Yes, I have really awful VHS-to-DVD copies of the rest of the show, but I want nice shiny professional DVDs!)

And, hey! I think you can stream the pilot episode here. It looks like most, if not all, of the episodes are available for streaming.
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And I love this show, I really do. I love Brenda, I love that they dealt with her menopause, I love that her sick cat has been the B-plot for like four episodes running.

I don't like that my favorite relationship - not 'ship, just relationship - of Brenda and Sgt Gabriel has been edged out in favor of Brenda and Fritz, and I think the early episodes were the best, but still...

And I love that Laura Roslin is guest-starring in this latest episode.

But here's what I don't want to see in any more cop shows:

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