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Sometimes, the line between "abused!, put-upon!Jensen" and "judgmental!, sullen!, and privileged!Jensen" is gossamer thin.

Also, I really need to stop thinking of actors who are gay in real life as "canonically gay."
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1. I am not going to criticize LJ for being the victim of attacks - esp. since the latest rumors are that the attacks are coming from the Russian government as a way of silencing dissidents. I will, however, loudly criticize LJ for still not fixing the goddamn comment notification problem.

So, Dreamwidth just sent me a new invite code, and I offer it to whoever grabs it first: 8VTX6BBJN3VF4AAAM888

2. Obviously, now is a good time to worry about whether my LJ content is stable. I've been manually reposting my old vid posts here at Dreamwidth, so at least those will be accessible to people when LJ is down, but that won't save the old comments. I'd love to import the posts automatically, but I only want to import older posts (i.e., before I started cross posting), or even just posts with particular tags ("my vids"). As I understand it, however, you can only import all the posts - and that would wreak havoc with my Dreamwidth journal. So, manual it is, then.

3. I am absolutely overwhelmed with work, so of course I'm flooded with vid bunnies - Fringe! Steve/Danny slash! Two different White Collar ideas! And an awesome Nikita bunny that someone passed along! Sigh. Funny how that happens.

4. Yesterday I was at work and I saw a mailing label that said "New York Ofc," and for a moment I wondered why anyone wanted to send a letter to an Original Female Character.

5. Step 1 - eliminate Medicare, reduce taxes on the rich, raise taxes on everyone else. Step 2 - ???. Step 3 - Profit!

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