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2017-10-20 02:48 am
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I am enjoying the Dynasty reboot

There. I said it.

(Never saw the original so I don't know how it compares)
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2017-10-07 10:07 am
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I am rewatching Anne of Green Gables because of this vid

Vid: Oh Boy (2 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Anne of Green Gables (TV 1985) & Related Fandoms
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Gilbert Blythe/Anne Shirley
Characters: Gilbert Blythe
Additional Tags: Fanvids

She'll never slow down for you. Anne/Gilbert

Such nostalgia!
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2017-09-30 05:29 pm
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We pause the slow destruction of America to bring you a vid rec

Nebulae (253 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hidden Figures (2016)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson
Additional Tags: Science, space, Spoken Word, Poetry, Fanvids

neb·u·la (neb'yə lə), n., pl. -lae, a cloud in outer space, visible against the night sky as a dark silhouette against other luminous matter.

Man, that gut punch of an ending.
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2017-09-30 09:58 am
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I am watching an episode of Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

that stars a baby Catherine Zeta Jones and a baby Daniel Craig. OMG.
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2017-09-17 10:05 am
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The Mod Squad has kind of an amazing list of stars-before-they-were-stars

Off the top of my head - Harrison Ford, Martin Sheen, Richard Dreyfuss, Richard Pryor ... it's hilarious.
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2017-09-11 04:20 am

So are there any new shows this fall that I need to pay attention to?

I know there's a new Marvel thing but so far I'm thinking pass. And there's Star Trek. Anything else?
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2017-08-29 02:32 am
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It's interesting to watch a television show

That runs for several seasons and watch it span different fashion styles. It's easier to catch in retrospect; harder when you're watching in real time and the fashion is just current fashion, not history.

Like, Charlie's Angels, ran from mid-70s to early 80s. And you can watch the makeup go from a pure 70s natural look to the opening salvos of 80s brighter, bolder colors.

And now I'm watching Mod Squad, which ran from the late 60s to the early 70s. And I can see Peggy Lipton's hair go from plain 1960s straight to inching toward 70s wings. The transition itself is fascinating.
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2017-08-04 07:19 pm
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I have been watching The Mod Squad

That is all. I just wanted everyone to know.
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2017-07-17 04:53 am
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Still Star-Crossed is getting so good!!

I am so depressed it won't be picked up.

At first I wasn't that into it; I liked some of the performances and the lush design, but the story wasn't doing much for me. But now it's really hit its stride!

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2017-07-14 11:34 am
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So I just rewatched Stella Dallas (1937)

Only watch this movie if you're committed to sobbing uncontrollably through the final half hour.

Seriously, it's dated, but even 80 years later it packs a wallop. I can't think of any movie that's affected me this deeply where no one dies, is injured, or even placed in any kind of physical jeopardy.

Has anyone written anything comparing Imitation of Life (1934), Stella Dallas (1937), and Mildred Pierce (1945)? It's like the same story told three different ways, with slightly different shading. (Edit: It turns out there totally is analysis, not necessarily of these 3 films in particular, but the genre has a name: maternal melodrama!)

Also, I'm reminded - in the 1930s and 1940s, movies were about women. When did we lose that?
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2017-07-12 03:18 pm
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For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture

I just rewatched Batman Returns. Still in awe of Michelle Pfeiffer's performance. Honestly one of the greatest in superhero movies and for my money, in movies generally.

Here, have a Catwoman vid by [ profile] dualbunny:


Hey, is there any good post-Batman Returns fixit fic?
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2017-07-05 05:34 pm

Late to the party, but -

In light of the latest news about Hobby Lobby (the company that won a Supreme Court case to avoid providing its employees with insurance that covers birth control), I figured a vid rec was appropriate.

[personal profile] eruthros has made a marvelous Indiana Jones vid critiquing the series. Beautifully done.
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2017-06-15 01:00 pm


Does everyone know that the Xena episode The Prodigal is sort of a bastardized retelling of the Jane Fonda movie Cat Ballou?

Because I'm rewatching Xena after seeing Wonder Woman (naturally), and it occurs to me that this obvious fact may not in fact be obvious to everyone.

But it's very much a deliberate reference - much like, say, approximately twenty zillion TV shows (including Buffy) had a "Die Hard"-like episode after Die Hard came out. Or like men jumping from high cliffs into water is meant to emulate Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It's a deliberate homage.
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2017-05-04 10:39 am
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So I've been watching Charlie's Angels

The original TV series. And honestly, every time I rewatch I have different political feelings about it.

Right now, they are mostly positive feelings. And I think I've posted about this before, so forgive me if I am duplicative.

The show was derided - even at the time - as "jiggle TV," relying on the sex appeal of the actresses and putting them in exploitative costumes to cater to male fantasies (nurse, women's prison, maid, etc). And there's some truth to this - the women's prison episode is, well, less-than-subtle. But what's also true is that the vast majority of the time, the costumes were, well, pretty modest. The Angels were fully clothed, often in multiple layers (sweaters on top of shirts, etc), and anything else is just what the viewer brings.

Another problem is that the Angels almost go out of their way to be as soft-spoken as possible; it's really obvious on first watching. It's like a palpable feeling that someone felt that if the Angels raised their voice to anything above a mild murmur, they'd be viewed as harpies. And you can do that in fiction - women can speak softly and still be heard and respected by the men around them - but in real life, people ignore women, and especially ignore soft-spoken women. It's a trap; women can't speak uniquely in dulcet tones and expect to actually be heard.

But then there are the positives.

The first - and I'm always surprised by this in 70s and early 80s media, though I shouldn't be - is the sexual sophistication of the women. That's something we lost, along the way; in modern media you can be a likeable slut but usually that means you're the best friend, not the heroine. The 70s and early 80s actually weren't like that; women could be interest in sex, even casual sex, and still be heroines. It's not in-your-face in Charlie's Angels, but it's definitely there; that all of the Angels are sexually experienced is not even in question.

Second, the woman are extremely competent. If you've got a competence kink, this is your show. They are extremely skilled at physical tasks, going undercover, pumping suspects for information, etc. And they are absolutely fearless, and without embarrassment - they do what it takes to get the information they need, regardless of the enemies they might make or temporary humiliation they may endure.

Third, the show is really about women bonding with women. The Angels themselves are portrayed as being closely emotionally bonded, and very often, they bond with the episodic female guest stars. Women are their clients, or are mixed up with the villains, and the Angels are incredibly supportive; a lot of time is spent on women's stories and the basic idea that women defend other women. The concept may have been intended to appeal to men's libido, but the women-centric nature of the show is inescapable.

So, you know, you go Charlie's Angels- you were an important milestone in pop cultural portrayals of women, despite the haters.
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2017-04-12 04:02 am
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I saw Gifted!

Almost nothing happened that wasn't entirely predictable, but Chris Evans was very touchable-looking and pretty and that's what I went to see, so I got my money's worth.

It was one of those movies where, for most of it, you're thinking that there must be some better compromise solutions but no one seems to be able to conceive of them.

However - minor spoiler:

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2017-01-05 09:52 pm
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Saw Hidden Figures

Loved it. Yes, there's stuff to critique but I'm just gonna float on idealism for a while.

Taraji Henson in particular was riveting; there was something just so compelling about her performance.

The theater was about half full - which is actually pretty good, considering the timing. Kids and adults, and people actually cheered and clapped at several points.

Definitely go see.
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2016-12-21 09:52 am

Assassin's Creed

is a terrible terrible movie that wastes some amazing actors.

I know literally nothing about the game, which may color my opinion somewhat, but I Wikipedia'ed it after the movie, and ... no, I think this is just yet another reason why games should not be movies.

(To be fair, based on the Wiki game description, I think possibly it could have been a very good movie. This - was not that movie.)

There are so many many things I could talk about - the wooden dialogue and the nonsensical plot and the absolute nonstop fight sequences that replace anything like characterization -seriously, we don't know the first thing about Fassbender's character and he's the hero - but there's just one very specific point that I will single out to criticize.

Spoilers )

I think at some point I have to recognize that Fassbender will never, ever make a movie that appeals to me as much as XMFC.
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2016-12-19 06:51 pm

I'll probably go see Gifted because soft dad Chris Evans is kind of irresistible but

am I the only person who thinks the story feels different if you imagine it's a boy child instead of a girl child? Like, would we think it's noble for a father figure to insist that a prodigy boy not get the best education so that the boy can have his childhood? Or is that something we only say about girls?

I mean, there's plenty of evidence that early on, girls and boys have the same interest in math, and that girls tend to drop out in part because they aren't pressured to continue - when they say they want to stop, adults let them, and but adults push boys to carry on.

I think it was Katrina vanden Heuvel who wrote that it's only with girls where we say, "Well, you can go off to cure cancer, or you can be a wife and mother - it's your choice." We never present these as choices for boys.

The premise of Gifted seems to fall into the same category for me.