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So I used to be a huge Charles/Erik shipper. And then I saw DOFP and it just killed my ship, dead. I hated them both so much in that movie - I found them both so vile - that it entirely destroyed any desire to see them happy, horizontally or otherwise.

I have no Civil War spoilers, but people who have seen the movie have indicated - without spoilers - that they are DISAPPOINT on a fannish level.

If Civil War kills my Steve/Bucky ship, I may never recover from the pain.
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When Do Viewers Commit to TV Shows? Netflix Reveals Data
Netflix knows your TV relationship status.

New data from the streaming-video service reveal the point at which users fully committed to some of the most popular TV shows on Netflix. For instance, it took only two episodes of “Breaking Bad” for the vast majority of viewers to buy into the crime drama and complete the first season. “How I Met Your Mother,” on the other hand, was a more acquired taste: The high-concept sitcom didn’t hit a critical mass of loyal Netflix viewers until its eighth episode.

Netflix examined viewing patterns in the first season of 25 of the most-watched TV series in its catalog, including its own original series like “House of Cards” and “Orange Is the New Black.” The company identified the episode where 70% or more of viewers went on to finish at least the show’s first season.

Netflix uses such data, including the popularity of certain subjects and actors, to predict viewing patterns and determine how much money to spend on original or licensed shows. Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos says these statistics do not influence creative decisions about the company’s original series....

Netflix also tracks statistics on attrition—when viewers bail out on a series for whatever reason—but the company declined to share that research.
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Including hunting through the ringtones for message notifications that sound as close to my old phone's notifications as possible, and becoming resentful when they don't match exactly and I have to learn a whole new set of beeps and rings.

(I'm too lazy and uncreative to bother downloading notifications from the internet; I just use what's preloaded on the phone, and I have different ones for different email accounts, for reminders, etc - so it's always painful when I have to switch and the new phone doesn't have the same set as the old phone)

And then there was the 2-hour long ritual of re-tagging all of the fanfic ebooks I had saved on the old phone, because the tags didn't transfer over with the files. Consider that my gesture toward fanfic appreciation day - nothing says devotion like 2 hours of tagging poi/merlin/avengers/s&h/spn/holmes/xmen/hl!
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Sadly I'm missing Day 3 of VVC - too many real life things to do at home. And that means I don't get to attend vid review, which is my favorite part :-(. I hope people post good notes.

Anyway, as long as I'm on the plane, this is my con report. If I'd had the foresight I'd have brought my con program with me, but it's in my checked bag, so I'm working from memory.

Friday )

Saturday )

And my plane trip is coming to an end now so I'll have to post about premieres later. Oh, I can't wait to see reports on the day that I'm missing!
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So, all the news lately is about the To Kill a Mockingbird sequel, and how the Big Revelation is changing readers' views of the classic characters. Many people who love Mockingbird and outraged and unhappy over the new book.

In case you've avoided the news, I have spoiler space -

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This is something I posted to tumblr and am reposting here.

Apparently, Bob Singer apparently spoke at a convention and excused Charlie's death on the grounds that the writers just were not thinking about her gender and her orientation - as though that's an excuse. Fozmeadows argues that given the history of treatment of gay characters, they are not excused from thinking about these issues.

I have a slightly different take - I think they're lying.

This is how they’re lying: Of course they don’t say, “Oh, she’s gay, let’s kill her.”

What they do say is, “I’m making a show about two people who travel the country killing monsters. And of course those characters: (1) will survive, and (2) will be white; and (3) will be male; and (4) will be straight.”

And then they say, they want to introduce someone to be the ruler of hell, and the angel who saves Dean. And of course those characters have to be white males, too - who are portrayed as straight even though there’s no reason why they would be, given that they aren’t even human and are borrowing bodies anyway.

So at some point, someone thinks, well, we can’t populate our entire show with straight white men, can we? So you get people of color (Kevin) and gay women (Charlie). Except they’re marked for death, right from the get go - because it’s fundamental to the show’s premise that people of color and gay people and women aren’t even in the class of characters who are untouchable by virtue of the narrative.

So when the creators say, “We didn’t think about whether Charlie was gay when we killed her,” that’s true. Because the decision was made much earlier - when they decided that gay people don’t get the kinds of roles that make them so critical to the narrative that they are functionally invulnerable. And that’s why “we didn’t think about her orientation” is not an excuse.

You know when it will be an excuse? When gay people get to be Sam and Dean. Then they can kill off the semi-regular gay characters and I promise not to raise a peep of protest.
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Starting with the disclaimer, I've never read the story.

That said, it occurs to me that Holly Golightly is in some ways the original manic pixie dream girl. But the actual movie doesn't actually suffer from the flaws that make the character so problematic.

She's the wild and crazy girl with some kind of deeper trauma who teaches the guy stuff. Because of her, he's inspired to write again, and he exits what we're meant to understand is an unhealthy/unsatisfying romantic relationship.

But despite her persona and her role in his life, the movie barely spends any time on the changes he undergoes, or what they mean for Paul's character - we know, because we're told, that he's changed as a result of their relationship, but he seems to leave the movie pretty much the same guy as he began.

The movie is really mostly interested in Holly. She's the one where we really see change, and it's grating and painful. She's the one whose background is truly explored. Paul could be any of a dozen square jawed guys; the movie is about her development.

But somehow, that wasn't quite the lesson that future generations learned.

And on a completely unrelated note, more people need to see Mad Max so you can talk to me about it and write meta. Also, to join me in 'shipping Max/Furiosa. Honestly, everything's so miserable and bleak in their universe that I don't even particularly want to see them have sex - in this setting, it's hard to imagine anything particularly romantic about any sexual contact. But I could totally read 100K words of them learning to hold each other tenderly.

(News reports of box office are characterizing the weekend as battle of the sexes, Pitch Perfect 2 versus Mad Max. They couldn't be more wrong: women lead both films)
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is so amusing.

So, I'm on Tumblr, and the vast majority of my activity is reblogging - sometimes with added commentary, usually not. If you use Tumblr, you know that generally, if you reblog something, and one of your followers likes it or reblogs it, you get a note. But if someone likes or reblogs from them, you won't get any notes - so you don't see how your reblog of the item spreads beyond your initial set of followers.

Occasionally, I post original content to Tumblr. For original content, I'll get notified of all activity - likes and reblogs that come not just from my followers, but also from their followers. Every time the content is liked or reblogged, I'm notified.

Most of the time, my original postings don't really get very far past my followers, so there's no real difference.

But recently I posted to Tumblr that Black Widow SNL sketch. And that actually did become very popular (I wasn't the only one who posted it, but it looks like all the versions were popular). So I've been getting a ton of notes.

Anyway, those notes died down after a couple of days - instead of getting 50 per second, I'd get them once or twice an hour. Because people basically hang out within networks of people, and after it had spread around among the network, everyone had seen it, and no one was reblogging/liking it.

Except! I can tell exactly when it reaches someone who borders on a different network of people. Because today I got a reblog, and then within minutes I got this huge cascade of notes - a whole new set of likes and reblogs. Presumably because that one reblogger is only tangentially connected to the original networks (maybe follows only one person in those networks, since s/he found this post so late in the game), but apparently is connected to an entirely distinct new network that's now picking up on the post.

Anyway, it's fascinating. I feel like someone could model patterns of, I dunno, disease spreading or something this way.
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[personal profile] rivkat attended a symposium at DePaul that was all about Supernatural and its relationship to fans. You can see all of her panel notes here.
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Earlier I posted that the OTW and EFF posted its petition to renew and expand the DMCA exemption for vidders. The industry filed an opposing brief, and the OTW/EFF filed their reply here.


May. 2nd, 2015 07:37 am
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Yeah, I pretty much agree with the general consensus.

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VVC programming has been announced, and I get to design a vidshow! It's something I've been wanting for years - a vidshow focused on buddies. Because that is my particular fandom kink.

Anyway, the show is called "You're my best friend," and it's basically going to be 45 minutes of buddy vids. Therefore, I am officially soliciting suggestions! Buddies of all kinds are needed - same gender, mixed gender, siblings, parent/child, cop partners, whatevs. The only restriction is that the focus has to be on 2 people. It's fine if there's a suggestion of a romantic pairing - hard to avoid for a lot of these!! - but the theme of the vid should be buddy-ness.

(To clarify, multifandoms are fine - but the relationships highlighted in the multi should be between 2 buddies)

I've got comments screened to this post, and you should feel free to email me at giandujakiss at AOL with any ideas. Self-recs welcomed and encouraged!

Thank you!!

(I'm really looking forward to suggestions - I mean, I can only pick a small number of vids but man it'll be fun to find new vids to watch during the selection process!)


Feb. 10th, 2015 10:33 am
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The OTW, in conjunction with the EFF, just submitted this year's petition for a DMCA exemption for vidders. It's 145 pages, and it features lots of commentary from vidders (including me, natch!) about what they do and why they do it and why they need to have access to copyrighted source material.

If this is like the last time, copyright holders - basically the MPAA, etc - will submit an opposing statement, and the OTW will then get a chance to reply. There may be hearings.


Feb. 4th, 2015 12:28 pm
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Helping to spread the word:
Call For Collaboration-Textual Analysis of Supernatural

I am looking for a collaborator with computational linguistic skills for a project mining the dialogue of the U.S. television program Supernatural (CW Network, 2005-present). My goal is to demonstrate, through textual analysis, the originality of the dialogue, the breadth of words and phrases used by the writers, the way language is used to distinguish characters and reveal character traits, etc.The product of this project will be an article for publication in a peer-reviewed venue. Presentation at an appropriate conference is also a possibility.
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the worst muse, and particularly after spending a lot of time on Tumblr, I feel like saying to fandom - have you considered berating people for not sharing your character conceptions? Maybe you should tell people that their kinks are invalid?
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but here are my general observations.

Male protagonists are permitted to go on violent sprees to avenge the harms inflicted on female loved ones, but not on themselves. They often may have endured horrible tortures personally, but their violent vendettas are rooted in harms to women who they must protect.

Villains, however, frequently base their vendettas on harms to themselves, rather than loved ones. Silva in Skyfall, or Lex Luthor in some Superman versions, are examples. It is a sign of vanity and weakness if one goes on a vendetta to avenge harms done to one's own person.

Unless you are a woman, because female protagonists - unlike male protagonists - are permitted to avenge themselves. Which I take to be a subtle suggestion that women are expected to be vainer and more self-centered than men.

Generally, when heroes - male or female - avenge others, those others are female. Both women and men may avenge mothers, female lovers, daughters, female friends, sisters - but not men. Presumably, this is because women are viewed as uniquely vulnerable and helpless; men are expected to care for themselves, and so harms done to them, while tragic, are not worthy of vengeance by heroes (though they might be by villains).

There are exceptions - I can think of several off the top of my head. Khan avenged his wife; Maggie Q's Nikita avenged her male fiance. Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke is sort of avenging her father, although she's also largely avenging herself so I'm not sure how much that counts. Nonetheless, I believe these are decently accurate general rules.

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