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I don't want a sports jersey. I don't want a sports jersey

Make it stop, LJ, make it stop.

*sobs wildly*
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This is the fourth year we've done Festivids. The first year, it was based entirely on LJ. Starting with FV 2010, we began crossposting the vids to Dreamwidth.

If you look at the comments on the vids, you can see the migration to Dreamwidth. In FV 2010, for any given vid, there tended to be more comments on the LJ side than on the Dreamwidth side; not always, not for every vid, but for the majority, and sometimes the disparities were quite stark. In FV 2011, it could go either way - some vids had more comments on Dreamwidth, some more on LJ. But this year? There is far, far more comment activity on the Dreamwidth side - it's not even close.
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So I woke up and LJ had replaced the cut font with the scissor thing? And that's annoying enough, except that for some reason, I can only see the scissors on one computer - on my other computer, I just get a little box, like it can't process the scissor symbol.

Umm, does anyone know what I need to do, or update? I'm using Windows XP.
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The Oscar nominations reminded me I think I meant to post about this movie.

I ... don't think I saw the same movie that everyone else saw.

Spoilers )

Random unrelated fandom-community observation - it seems to me from watching Festivids commentary that there's a lot more activity on the Dreamwidth side of things than we had last year or that I would have expected. Rec lists tend to link to Dreamwidth; comments at Dreamwidth match or exceed the LJ comments at least for a lot of vids. It seems like a striking shift, although I'm not sure if I'm imagining it.


Jan. 14th, 2012 04:31 am
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I can't fill out a single LJ form, including posting, commenting, or login - which means I can't submit a support request because the site won't accept it. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know if there's an email address I can use to submit a support request?
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Something's horribly wrong with LJ for me and it somehow seems to be tied to my journal style, but I'm not allowed to change anything or comment. And I can't post or read my FList.


And, joy, I can't even submit a support request.

Turns out I can't do anything - it won't read anything I type in a box, so when I tried logging out, I can't log back in.

Oh LJ, please fix this soon.


Dec. 22nd, 2011 04:09 pm
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My trusty style=mine just stopped working. My journal is still set to that as a default for viewing everything, but suddenly, if I view individual posts in other journals, it doesn't work. Even if I manually type in ?style=mine, it doesn't work.

I really hope this is a temporary thing while they fix all the other bugs.

Edit: No, it's just that the settings were changed on my customization, because - of course! Why not change them? Changed them back, it's fine now.
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I was bracing for the great comment-style holocaust but it turns out I've apparently been using S2 all along, or something, because everything looks exactly the same to me (I view everything in my own style).

Although honestly, I wish they'd spend a little less time removing popular comment features and a little more time restoring my comment notifications, which have been verkakte since the latest DDOS attack.
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LJ has a security bug where users are randomly getting access to others' journals, including private and FLocked entries?

I'll just say that if anyone out there has access to my private entries, you've probably figured out what my Festivids assignment is, so I'd appreciate it if you could keep it under your hat.
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are now live. And LJ is going down in a half hour.

Stupid LJ.
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I was finally able to post yesterday, and then last night, I lost my posting capability again ... and now this morning suddenly I can't read my FList.

I guess I should be happy because this means they're working on it?

Oh, poor SPN BigBang authors ... you must be dying.

Edit: Apparently it's a DDOS attack; see comments.
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Rude Pundit:
So, for instance, in Glendale, California, which has an $18 million budget gap, the price for to get a license for your pet just went from $5.50-$27.50 to $15.50-$65. And it now costs $80 for a permit to take pictures at the local sports complex. It used to be free....

In Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Corbett has cut state programs and refused to tax natural gas drillers. So $1.1 billion was cut from education programs. At the same time, he's got a panel endorsing a plan to jack up drivers' license fees from $29.50 to $69.50 and vehicle registration from $36 to $98. It doubles the length of time between renewals, but since the fee is more than doubled, it's not a wash. This is to fill a $3.5 billion transportation funding hole. But, hey, at least it ain't a tax hike.
Also, this killed me. While I cried bitter tears:

And someday, I may even be able to post this to LJ.
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LJ's undoing the city identifier thing. However insensitive the original change was, I do compliment them for reacting quickly to users' displeasure.
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Apparently when IP logging is on, there will also be a display of the commenter's city, and this will happen on old comments as well as new ones going forward.
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I want my style back!

My journal style stopped working. IDEK. It just disappeared, and I had a new style, and when I searched (and searched) and finally found my old one as an option, I tried to put it back, and I got an error message.

I liked that style, dammit. I've now picked the closest one I could find, but I really want my old one back.

I realize that many of you may have no idea what my journal style looks like - if you're like me, you view every journal in your own style and have no idea how other people's journals appear - but I miss it, and of course, this means that all of LJ looks bizarre and unfamiliar to me.


Edit: Wait, I think I got it back! But the text doesn't look right - does anyone know if there's a special way to change the font or font size? I can't find it in the options.
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1. I am not going to criticize LJ for being the victim of attacks - esp. since the latest rumors are that the attacks are coming from the Russian government as a way of silencing dissidents. I will, however, loudly criticize LJ for still not fixing the goddamn comment notification problem.

So, Dreamwidth just sent me a new invite code, and I offer it to whoever grabs it first: 8VTX6BBJN3VF4AAAM888

2. Obviously, now is a good time to worry about whether my LJ content is stable. I've been manually reposting my old vid posts here at Dreamwidth, so at least those will be accessible to people when LJ is down, but that won't save the old comments. I'd love to import the posts automatically, but I only want to import older posts (i.e., before I started cross posting), or even just posts with particular tags ("my vids"). As I understand it, however, you can only import all the posts - and that would wreak havoc with my Dreamwidth journal. So, manual it is, then.

3. I am absolutely overwhelmed with work, so of course I'm flooded with vid bunnies - Fringe! Steve/Danny slash! Two different White Collar ideas! And an awesome Nikita bunny that someone passed along! Sigh. Funny how that happens.

4. Yesterday I was at work and I saw a mailing label that said "New York Ofc," and for a moment I wondered why anyone wanted to send a letter to an Original Female Character.

5. Step 1 - eliminate Medicare, reduce taxes on the rich, raise taxes on everyone else. Step 2 - ???. Step 3 - Profit!
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So I've turned off LJ commenting for new posts until comment notifications are working again - and I gather that may be a very long time.

(And no, LJ, I will not change my email provider because you cannot get it together to make your goddamn service work properly. It's your responsibility to make your service work with major email providers, not the responsibility of your users to use your preferred email addresses. And also? I like AOL. That's right, you heard me. I like AOL for a very specific reason and I'm not going to change it. Also, I tried the thing where I direct LJ email to a gmail account, and have gmail forward to AOL. It doesn't work - AOL hates LJ so much that it won't even accept forwards from gmail.)

So. I really hope people who read me on LJ won't be dissuaded from commenting on Dreamwidth - you can comment anonymously, or with Open ID, or! You can set up a Dreamwidth account, and, if you like, use it only to comment on Dreamwidth posts. Here are some codes:




Hope to see you over there!
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But just in case, have some Dreamwidth invite codes:






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