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Why has no one said anything about this? What do we think?!?
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It is a pretty standard trope in Hollywood films to have a male character - usually a child/teen - who is unpopular and kind of nebbishy, but finds himself drawn into some great and exciting fantasy story, where he alone can do the thing and his nerdiness is finally an asset and everyone admires him.

TVTropes calls this the Ascended Fanboy. Examples include Galaxy Quest, and Paul. Hell, Wesley Crusher was this kind of character. Not to mention Hiro on Heroes.

And in general, when Hollywood introduces a character who is a big nerdy fan of pop culture, the vast majority of the time, those characters are male, and when you do get a female, she is portrayed far more harshly, and far less sympathetically, than male characters are. (I.e., compare Becky in Supernatural to the male analogs - Garth, the fake Winchester brothers in Real Ghostbusters, even the horrendous evil teen in Swap Meat - the guys get to go on advantures and save the day, while Becky gets to be a rapist whose only interest in Supernatural is sexual. Or Big Bang Theory, where the guy nerds are fans, the girl nerd is not. SPN belatedly "apologized" with Charlie's introduction, but I strongly suspect that was in reaction to fan criticism.) Anyhoo, this was actually a real problem for me when I made A Different Kind of Love Song - male fan representation was easy to find, female fan representation was like pulling teeth, and canonically positive female fan representation was pretty much limited to Charlie on SPN and Laura in a single episode of Remington Steele.

I mean, male fans are mocked, but it's an affectionate mockery, with a recognition of their humanity, and usually a chance for them to be the hero at the end. Not so female fans - for example, the fan stand-ins in Xena are not only portrayed unattractively throughout the episode, but are used to mock the trope of fan heroism, when they try to interject themselves into the climactic fight and quickly get their asses kicked. The female fans in West Wing and Star Trek: Voyager exist only to be lectured to by men about their poor life choices.

Which is why Skye is awesome. She's the exact same male fantasy that we see on screen all the damn time, from nerdiness to computer geekery to fannishness to her superspecial power to save the day. Only this time, she's a chick. I am thrilled to see her. (And this is why I did not object - as some did - to the line about sweaty cosplay girls. Because while I could have lived without the "sweaty," it was an explicit acknowledgement of her fannishness - which is so very, very hard to find for women characters.)
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Day 20 - A narrative vid you love

Glorious, by [personal profile] such_heights. This is fascinating because it's a multifandom vid celebrating female characters, but she weaves the footage together to create a single narrative for them.

Along similar lines -

Jack, by [ profile] lcsbanana. Heroes. This one's also a celebration of the female characters, and, in particular, LC's reconstruction of their stories.

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And it still must be seen to be believed:

Okay, I can't get the embed to work, so go here.

No seriously, watch. And after you watch, you can see the follow-up:

In other news, I am now all caught up on Heroes episodes! I have no idea what the fuck is going on, but I am caught up!

And, [ profile] festivids sign-ups are live through November 17! Whee!!!

The Blahs

Oct. 22nd, 2009 05:15 am
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No Merlin last week, no Supernatural this week, and I can't even work up the energy to start screaming about how Goldman Sachs took over the Treasury Department.

I'm working on this Merlin vid that may never make it out of development, and I'm struck anew by just how gaunt Colin Morgan looks now - it's incredibly striking, especially when compared to how he looked in Season One. I can't help but fear this is some kind of thing where he starts a radical diet to avoid the natural filling-out that comes with age and thus maintain a youthful appearance for the show - if that's what it's about, that's really sad.

Misha as Misha is adorable. Also, his attitude toward him looking at fanfic captures exactly my attitude toward him looking at fanfic. Now if he could just get Kripke to feel the same way.

I have yet to watch any episodes of Heroes this season, but I'll get around to it. Heroes, Smallville, and Fringe are the three shows I continue to watch even though I have literally no idea what's going on. Flashforward will soon be in that category.

Scarecrow & Mrs. King will finally be coming to DVD! In 2010. Maybe. I'll just keep hoping because, as I've mentioned before, I do love this show.

And, finally, I did complete the A Charming Man remaster - but it's actually not very different from the original, surprisingly. A couple of clips are sharper, some coloring differences, but it pretty much looks the same. Still, if you're interested, you can DL at my website.
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And it was terrific fun, except...

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