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but your casting is unbelievable.

The Borg Queen, Captain Jack, Crixus, Lincoln Lee, Gaius Baltar, Helo, Ruby, Harry Dresden, Jackson Whittemore, River Song - it's like you're doing a marathon through All the Fandoms.

(Also, is there Oliver/Felicity yet?)
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When did you become so horrifying and interesting?

(This message brought to you by me finally catching up on the episodes on my DVR.)

(There's a meme going around where you identify the shows you've dropped in 2012. I don't really drop shows. They just pile up on my DVR unwatched. I'm looking at you, Fringe.)
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Well, here I am home from VVC! Most of this post was actually typed up on the airplane home – I’m writing quickly while everything is still fresh in my mind, but I’m sure there’s plenty I’ll forget to mention! And I still haven't seen all the vids - missed a bunch from CVV, and from various themed show premieres - but here's what I can say right now:

My overall summary is that the vids were amazing and I may have OD’d. I spent most of my time in vid shows, rather than panels, so there’s a little bit of sensory overload going on for me right now (possibly, that’s also due to the con suite M&M bowl.) Right now, I feel like I’ve done more in the past three days than in the entire four weeks prior. And I just want to shout out a thank you to the con organizers - everything was fun and beautifully coordinated and (from the outside, at least) appeared to run perfectly. Everyone was telling me that VVC is known for being an incredibly well-run con, and that's exactly how it seemed to me. Thank you so much for having me there!

Also, I can report that I have all kinds of muscle soreness in new places, which I attribute to the fact that the hotel management kept the air conditioning at near-Arctic temperatures, and so I spent a lot of the con huddled and shivering in a ball. Which, as it turns out, apparently works as exercise. Who knew? (Thanks, MorganDawn, for posting a warning - otherwise I wouldn't have thought to pack a sweatjacket!)

Best moment: The Sunday noon break, watching everyone gather in the con suite for lunch – which consisted of food scrounged from the suite tables, namely, Swedish fish, M&Ms, pretzels, and potato chips. To be fair, I am in absolutely no position to throw stones when it comes to healthy eating; nonetheless, there was something hilarious about watching adults sit down to eat a meal that was basically the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Dinner. (If it hadn't been for the fact that Laura Shapiro had previously invited me to go to an actual restaurant, I'd have been right there with them.)

Second best moment(s): Watching my own vids on a movie screen. Vanity, I know, but – wow! They look like a real ... thing, there!

Question I was most often asked: How do you pronounce your LJ name?

Most surprising question: Are you having a good con? Not because there is anything surprising in the sentiment, but because this was my very first con – VVC or anything else – so I hadn’t heard that particular turn of phrase before.

Biggest regret: Not getting to at least say hello to everyone I know online. I saw lots of people I “know” but was too shy and retiring to approach. Nonetheless, I was very pleased to meet the many people that I did get to meet.

Second biggest regret: Not getting to talk more with the people I did meet! The days were so packed, I only managed to exchange a few words with most people. But at least now I know the faces - and the regional accents!

Greatest triumph: I won chocolate in Greensilver’s “guess the five most common premiere fandoms” contest. Greensilver announced in advance that she would give chocolate to anyone who could guess the top five fandoms for all premiering vids. I came closest with four, so I won. I guessed Multifandom, Avengers-verse, Game of Thrones, Sherlock BBC, and Community. Community was wrong – it was Harry Potter.

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Because I have very strong and very specific feelings on the subject of breakfast, I woke up at 5:15 this morning so that I could shower and get to the Starbucks - which is like a 10 minute walk from the hotel - by the time it opened at 6:00 am, with my Supernatural travel mug in tow.

I am now back in my room, with coffee and blueberry scone, and plenty of time to decompress before things begin again.

Wow. That was a great (exhausting) day.

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Not to watch Castle. For some reason, I decided to watch this season's finale, even though I'd never seen an episode of the show before.

Oh my god, did I make the right call initially.

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...Fringe was about Olivia?

This message brought to you by someone who just watched the most recent episode. Bleargh.

Oh my god!

Sep. 2nd, 2011 02:58 pm
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It's a Fringe/X-Men First Class crossover! Where the XMFC world is just another alternate universe, and when Erik and Charles find themselves transported to our world, Olivia has to get them back home. Awesome.
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Just finished "Three Journeys."

Unfortunately, so far this show is incredibly slow-moving - there's about five minutes of plot in every forty-something minute episode. What keeps me going are the truly engrossing performances, particularly by Joseph Fiennes and Eva Green (who is magnificent - I wish they had an actual plot for her). I'm also enjoying Clive Standen as Gawain and Chipo Chung as Vivian, although Vivian reminds me painfully of Fringe's Astrid, in that she's a woman of color who has amazing onscreen chemistry and yet they can't figure out what to do with her except have her serve the white lady.

It's a pity that the supporting cast so obviously, embarrassingly outshines Jamie Campbell Bower's King Arthur. He's the most boring, lifeless person in the cast.
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1. I am not going to criticize LJ for being the victim of attacks - esp. since the latest rumors are that the attacks are coming from the Russian government as a way of silencing dissidents. I will, however, loudly criticize LJ for still not fixing the goddamn comment notification problem.

So, Dreamwidth just sent me a new invite code, and I offer it to whoever grabs it first: 8VTX6BBJN3VF4AAAM888

2. Obviously, now is a good time to worry about whether my LJ content is stable. I've been manually reposting my old vid posts here at Dreamwidth, so at least those will be accessible to people when LJ is down, but that won't save the old comments. I'd love to import the posts automatically, but I only want to import older posts (i.e., before I started cross posting), or even just posts with particular tags ("my vids"). As I understand it, however, you can only import all the posts - and that would wreak havoc with my Dreamwidth journal. So, manual it is, then.

3. I am absolutely overwhelmed with work, so of course I'm flooded with vid bunnies - Fringe! Steve/Danny slash! Two different White Collar ideas! And an awesome Nikita bunny that someone passed along! Sigh. Funny how that happens.

4. Yesterday I was at work and I saw a mailing label that said "New York Ofc," and for a moment I wondered why anyone wanted to send a letter to an Original Female Character.

5. Step 1 - eliminate Medicare, reduce taxes on the rich, raise taxes on everyone else. Step 2 - ???. Step 3 - Profit!
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Quiet Longing - Anita Blake 'verse. I did love the first few books in the series once upon a time; then I gave up on them and I don't remember the plots very well, but I enjoyed this ficlet.

So We'll Go No More A-Roving - Tom Stoppard's Arcadia. I saw the Broadway production (twice), so of course, in my head, Hannah is Blair Brown, Valentine is Robert Sean Leonard, and Septimus is Billy Crudup.

Between Now and Forever - A Little Princess (1995). I enjoyed this story even though I've never seen the 1995 movie. I have, however, read the book, seen the Shirley Temple version (*shudder*), and I am deeply, irrevocably in love with the 1986 TV adaptation, which is actually quite faithful to the book except that the old bachelor next door was actually played by an extremely young hot guy, and Sara Crewe came off as more teenager than child, causing me to (inevitably) 'ship them like crazy ... shut up.

Lucky Stone - Haven. Nathan/Audrey UST. I'm a total sucker for the whole he-can-only-feel-her-touch thing.

Mnemosyne - The Lion in Winter. Really nice characterizations and some beautiful writing.

13 Ways of Looking At Betrayal - Fringe. Great insights into Olivia.

the true meaning of friendship (and zombies) - In Plain Sight, Mary & Marshall. So very, very spot on.

And a bonus non-Yuletide rec:

Fanart, girl!Holmes and girl!Watson from the BBC 'verse.
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Remember how Fringe was moved to Fridays, aka, the "Death Slot"?

Fox responds:

(spoilers for Fringe eps; brief glimpses of future ones)

(via [ profile] tzikeh)
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Is that I truly believe that there's an actual real plan for a well-designed broader plot - as compared to a lot of shows where I feel like they've got some vague overarching idea but they're more interested in spooky details along the way that will never get adequately explained.

So I believe, for example, that...

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See if you can spot the most important person in the room:

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The Undercovers

Spoilers )

Vampire Diaries: Bad Moon Rising

Spoilers )

Fringe Season Premiere

Spoilers )

Nikita: Kill Jill

Spoilers )


Aug. 9th, 2010 02:37 pm
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Dancing with Myself. Tribute to Gene Kelly. Sensational.

Evil Love Shack of Darkness. Evil Dead movies, to the B-52s. Hilarious.

Boom Boom Pow. Fringe. Incredible rhythm and movement.

U.R.A. Fever. Fringe. Olivia is awesome.

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