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but your casting is unbelievable.

The Borg Queen, Captain Jack, Crixus, Lincoln Lee, Gaius Baltar, Helo, Ruby, Harry Dresden, Jackson Whittemore, River Song - it's like you're doing a marathon through All the Fandoms.

(Also, is there Oliver/Felicity yet?)
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So for obvious reasons, people have been comparing these two vids. There are a lot of differences between them just in terms of the intent of the creators, and the POV in the way the vids were constructed. Additionally, this may be really obvious, but I hadn't seen it mentioned so...

Spoilers for the vids )
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Lightning Field, by [ profile] bradcpu. Legend of the Seeker, Cara/Kahlan. Whatever its weaknesses, LOTS gives really good vid, and Brad shows off the gorgeous footage and the sexual tension while also presenting a really nice character study of Cara.

Hurricane, by [ profile] laurashapiro. This is a brilliantly realized constructed-reality vid slashing Starbuck of BSG with Aeryn of Farscape. I've never seen Farscape but she's convinced me they are perfect for each other. Also, hot as hell.


Aug. 30th, 2009 10:34 am
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See, the thing about Vid Farr is, when I'm in its grip, everything else is out of my consciousness. Reading LJ, the news, even work I'm supposed to be doing, falls by the wayside. And it's not just about an urgency to vid - it's like whatever problems I was having with a vid, finding the right clips, getting the timing right, whatever, are all just solved - all the sections that I didn't know what to do with, where I searched and searched for clips that would fit, suddenly I know exactly what needs to happen there and it's all so clear - I go from not knowing what to do with half the vid to suddenly having so many ideas that I can't decide what section to vid first.

And then when the Farr is over, I poke my head up, look around, and it feels like I'm waking up from a dream. I have no idea what just happened the last couple of days, but I'm facing an empty refrigerator, a dangerously low supply of catfood, and a stack of bills I was supposed to pay days earlier (yikes!).

It's so disorienting.

Also, when I'm in Vid Farr, I can't watch other vids. See, usually, I love watching vids and I especially like to study them so I can improve my own technique. I have a whole folder of "vids to study" on my hard drive that contains vids where there's something about the technique or the effects that I think I can learn from. But when I'm experiencing the Farr, I can't even think about any other vids.

The upshot of all this is, I fell embarrassingly behind in my VVC vid viewing, and by now I'm sure everyone's seen everything, but, for posterity's sake, I come bearing recs:

They Don't Know, by [ profile] laurashapiro. Doctor Who, Rose/Ten. I love this vid because it captures both the squee and a sense of ironic self-awareness.

We Are, by [ profile] bananainpyjamas. SCC. It looks like SCC and Dollhouse were the big vid favorites this year at VVC (and it makes sense - they're pretty, and with only a few episodes, they're easy to get a handle on as a vidder). Anyway, this is a gorgeous SCC vid, I love the themes and the song choice and I particular love the way she perfectly selects clips to match the intensity of the song, and also to highlight little musical flourishes. So awesome.

I'm Not Dead, by [ profile] dualbunny. BSG. With the third installment in her series, Dualbunny has now definitively proven that Pink is the voice of Starbuck.

Also, a fic rec - [ profile] rivkat's The Glamorous Life. Dean gets turned into an incubus, and so, naturally, he has sex with Sam. And other people. It's fantastic. She's had this one in the works forever and I had to beg her to finish it because she was afraid it stepped too close to the Id Vortex. Bite your tongue, I say! There is no such thing.

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