Apr. 18th, 2016

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Rick Hasen is a professor of election law at UC Irvine. He is as close to an honest broker as I can imagine. He has what I would characterize as liberal sensibilities, in terms of wanting the broadest access to the right to vote and reasonable restrictions on campaign contributions. But he also is honest in evaluating the current state of the law.

See this. Sanders is accusing the Clinton campaign of improprieties that do not really exist, but feed into a narrative of Clinton corruption. It's dishonest, and it plays right into a decades-long GOP meme that Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted.

As another commenter put it at some point, I'd like Sanders more if I had any faith that he believes it's more important that a Democratic nominee win the White House than that he personally wins.

Honestly, it's reached the point where every time Sanders opens his mouth, I have to make a Clinton donation. If he says one more time that New York should allow Independents to vote in the Democratic primary so that he - who is not a Democrat - can win the Democratic primary with the support of people who aren't Democrats - I may have to give up the next month's food budget.

Tell me again, Senator Sanders, why the votes of black voters in the South shouldn't count? At least on this, you and the GOP agree.

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