May. 7th, 2015

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Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries to be a movie filmed in the UK
GLAMOROUS lady detective Miss Fisher is embarking on her most exciting adventure yet: a feature film adaptation shot in England and set in a variety of exotic locations around the world.

The makers of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries report strong interest in the screenplay and are scouring the globe for an internationally recognised star to join the cast.

Head writer Deb Cox says a feature will finally give their larger than life character — played by Essie Davis — the big canvas she deserves, describing the tone as: “The same kind of tongue-in-cheek adventures on the big screen that Indiana Jones has managed for the last three decades.”
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The Power Grab at Airports Has a New Headache
Anyone who has ever been desperate to charge a mobile device at an airport knows the feeling of frustration that can arise from trying to find something that’s been around for more than 100 years: an electric outlet.

So it is not especially funny to spot one in the terminal and get down on hands and knees to plug in your charger, only to find that it is a trick, and that you are poking futilely at a real-looking sticker of an outlet pasted on a baseboard.

“Apply to the wall at the airport, stand back and record all the miseries you cause,” says one online ad offering such stickers, $5.75 for a sheet of four.

It is unclear what dark force would impel a prankster to do this, but the stickers are turning up in airport terminals where passengers often have to compete for any outlet available to charge the mobile devices that most business travelers carry. The reaction to being fooled this way is fairly clear, though.

“This is Satan’s handiwork,” says a comment on Reddit about the trick stickers from a traveler who was duped at the Denver airport.
I recently had to do a lot of traveling for work, and let me tell you, the difference between airports that have outlets at every chair, and airports that don't, is vast.

And if you can land yourself on a plane that has outlets associated with the seats? You've found nirvana.

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