Feb. 2nd, 2013

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Emily VanCamp of ‘Revenge’ Tagged for ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’
According to Deadline.com, Emily VanCamp, best known as Emily Thorne on the hit TV series “Revenge,” will be playing Sharon Carter, the female lead in the comic-inspired adventure, which is said to pick up in Marvel multi-verse where “The Avengers” left off.

VanCamp’s character in “Captain Avenger: The Winter Solider” will be romancing Steve Rogers, the alter ego of Captain America; while Alison Brie, Felicity Jones, and Anna Kendrick were among the actresses said to be in talks for the role, Deadline.com’s Mike Fleming Jr. reports that VanCamp is to be confirmed to play Carter.
Yes, Revenge has gone seriously downhill since Nolan stopped being Emily's chief confidant and they moved into separate storylines (the show shines for those brief moments when they plot together, the rest is meh), but this news still pleases me.
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So, Festivids reveals are up! You can now see who made what vids at the website or at either of the masterposts.

As for me, I made two vids:

Titanium (Wonder Woman). Yeah, yeah, everybody and his mother had me pegged for this; I knew even as I was making it that I may as well go ahead and sign my name because I wasn't fooling anyone.


Lady Marmalade (Cleopatra 2525)

More later....
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*pulls tape off mouth ... ouch!*

Keeping my mouth shut all this time was tough! There was so much I wanted to say about everything but I was afraid that even things only tangentially related to my vids would give it all away.

The first thing I wanted to say was that I personally have been calling this the Bechdel Test Festivids. There were plenty of vids that focused on awesome individual female characters - a Losers vid that focused on Aisha, a Colombiana vid, a Maid Marian from Robin of Sherwood vid, a Mattie vid from True Grit, Audrey from Haven, Cha Song Joo from Capital Scandal, Ma Joad from Grapes of Wrath, and that's only for starters - there are plenty more. But I particularly noticed what felt to me to be a large number of vids that were about women's relationships with other women - Birds of Prey, two Charlie's Angels movies vids, a Charlie's Angels tv show vid, three(!) League of Their Own vids, a Bletchley Circle vid (I never heard of this show and now I want to watch! But all of the *ahem* links at the *ahem* places are expired!), Sense & Sensibility and Lilo & Stitch vids that focused on sisters, two Chak De! India vids, a Daria & Jane vid, the women of Parks & Rec - and that's also really just a small sampling. I mean, I didn't do a scientific comparison to prior years' Festivids, but it felt to me like there were a large number of women-centric - and in particular, women's relationship-centric - vids this year. Let's just say that if VVC ever does another Bechdel-test themed show, they won't be hurting for potential vids to include.

I apparently was caught in the zeitgeist, because both of my vids were about (scantily-clad) women who kick ass -- and, to a lesser extent, about their relationships with other women: Lady Marmalade (Cleopatra 2525) and Titanium (Wonder Woman).

Cleopatra 2525 )

Wonder Woman )

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