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Here is my spoilery (very spoilery, seriously, don't read unless you want to be very spoiled) but brief discussion:

It was a lot of fun, and obviously, any scene with Gal Godot or the Amazons just shone (shined?). Except for the backstory narrative thing, which dragged.

It was too long. Mostly because of all the talking men. So many men, who talked so much. Usually, in action movies my complaint is that there's too much action and not enough scenes of people interacting. Here, it's the opposite: Not nearly enough action scenes, and so very many talking men. Though I did like the talking men talking about genocide of Native Americans and racial discrimination. Otherwise, they could stop talking. Any time now.

Young Diana pretending to fight felt like a sly wink at every little girl who twirled in her living room pretending to change into Wonder Woman.

Steve Trevor was fridged for Diana's character arc! Which I love on a meta level, but am disappointed about because I like Steve Trevor and I like him with Diana, even if theirs is a doomed romance because she lives forever and he, well, doesn't. (Also, notice that men are fridged in an active-y way rather than a passive-y way, because they are Men).

Man, this plot is a lot like Captain America. Like, a lot a lot. Which was likely part of the reason why they moved it to WWI from WWII. (Are the Howling Commando substitutes from the comics, or was that just straight up stolen from Captain America?)

I am very uncomfortable with signaling villany via ugliness and/or scarring and/or disability (walking with a cane).

Okay, yeah. Possibly more later. Possibly not. My internet goes in and out.
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