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Who's shown up in my neighborhood. I've seen him several times now, but all in the last couple of weeks. No collar.

At first when I got near him he ducked away, but yesterday I put out some food and he immediately popped out, nibbled, and then started cuddling me - more interested in pettings than in eating.

That makes me worry he's not feral - he's abandoned. I mean, feral cats aren't usually that affectionate, are they?

But he's missing the top of one ear; am I right that usually means he's part of a TNR program? So I should just leave him be? (By the way, I'm saying "he" but I really have no idea of the gender)

I am so torn about what to do about this cat; definitely an adult, probably new to the area, hangs out too much in the street (where the cars go) for my comfort, and clearly once you show him you're a friend he's affectionate as hell.

Date: 2017-04-18 07:37 pm (UTC)
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I don't know about the TNR ear thing, but my much-missed Olive wasn't a trapped and released cat but had the ear notch. She came out of a hoarding situation east of the mountains here, and that was how they indicated all the animals had been spayed/neutered. (Barbaric, I thought, and I didn't understand why they didn't tattoo her like my other kitty was.) So some places do that for animals that aren't feral, and he definitely sounds like he's a love bug.

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