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Whatever happens

let the record reflect that the majority of Americans voted against this.
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Or technically, as one Republican member of the Electoral College wrote in his very sniffy auto-reply, a plurality of Americans voted against this.
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(perfect icon, btw)
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I've just been torn between "He is such a joke, the resistance will rise up and squish him" and "We're all fucked" for most of the day. :-/
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I feel sick every time I think of him as president. You may like this post by John Pavlovitz -- Let the Record Show -- which is an eloquent explanation of why the dump is so worrying.

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Please don't take this the wrong way, but shouldn't that be "A majority of the Americans who voted"? According to the statistical analyses I've seen, either 45% of the voting age population or 40% of the voting eligible population didn't vote at all. Not for Hillary Clinton, or Trump, or anyone else.

And no, I'm not trying to quibble or say that the 3,000,000 votes in Clinton's favour didn't count. My worry is that Trump is going to create a climate in which someone a lot smarter, and even nastier, than he is finds a way to engage all those millions: someone who bypasses the nation's brain and reaches straight into the collective gut. With everything that follows.

FWIW: I've never lived in the States and don't expect to, but I have two African-American nieces who do. Our family is taking a very personal interest.


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On re-reading, to clarify: someone a lot smarter, and even nastier, than he is finds a way to engage all those millions - that is, the non-voters.