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May. 21st, 2015 12:16 pm
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Oh, show. You could have done so much better.

So obv. my hopes for a Charlie resurrection were unrealized, and it's such a direct dig at the fans that I'd be angry except for how the show has so deteriorated it's not worth my time.

(Although I notice that now that death is dead, any number of handwavey explanations could be used to bring her back.)

First, why were Sam and Dean fighting at the end? Because Death was afraid Sam would never stop trying to save his brother, therefore he had to die? It was so ... forced, so artificial, it was painful. I mean, I assume they wanted either a Cain and Abel vibe, or to mirror Swan Song, but either way, the narrative was so dramatically unworthy of the moment that the whole thing was just a random WTF. Especially since we've seen them fight, far more brutally, so this was absolutely nothing.

The Mark of Cain makes you a misogynist? Awesome, thanks for that, Show.

Oscar. Can we just take a minute to appreciate how much more powerful everything would have been if the writers had, I dunno, planned further in advance, and introduced Oscar way back earlier in the season? Because then there might have been real stakes. Imagine how awesome it would have been - Crowley makes a friend. Crowley has a confidant. This is a sign of Crowley's growing humanity. And then we suddenly discover - Crowley had an ulterior motive all the time! Oscar is not what he seems! But ... no. So Oscar was just a random guy, who we saw in one episode prior for 2 seconds.

(a minor point - as I understood it, Death felt Sam cheated death because they'd stopped him from sealing the gates? How about the time Dean literally brought him back from the dead? But no, we can't have any institutional memory longer than 2 years)

Oh, oh, also - there are three impossible things you need to get! All of which are introduced in this episode! Two of which will be obtained offscreen by a supernatural being with absolutely no consequences! Are they taking writing lessons from Steven Moffat?

Finally, it would be great if I thought Rowena succeeded in goading Cas into killing Crowley, but since Crowley's white male status protects him from such things (wasn't he supposed to be really evil now? I guess not), I'm pretty sure he'll be returning.

Oh, show. I'm not mad, just disappointed.
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