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I have kind of a thing for OTPs where there's this smaller weaker kid who is angry and who wants justice, and he's protected by this older kid who is sure the weaker kid is better than him and it's his job to protect the weaker kid, because he may not be as smart or good as the weaker kid but physically he can do something - and of course the stronger kid is kind of brash and a player, while the weaker kid is sensitive and honorable - and then they grow up, and now the weak kid is so much stronger, and the strong kid ends up being tortured for decades because of choices he made while trying to protect the once-weaker kid, and he ends up being forced to do terrible things that he now feels guilty about, and the two kids end up with their roles reversed.

umm... also? If you have any fic recs where Dean Bucky had to engage in acts of prostitution as a kid in order to support Sam Steve, they would not be unappreciated (happy endings necessary, natch, which pretty much means modern day).

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