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I just want to rec the two fantastic vids that were made for me, each of which happens to focus on my favorite tiny-fandom OTPs.

The SeƱorita and the Doctor (Queen of Swords). You guys - you guys. It's a female Zorro and her adventures with Peter Wingfield, who admires her when she's wearing the mask and disdains her when she isn't. It is exactly why I love this 'ship.

The Crow (VR.5). YES, VR.5!!!! Syd/Oliver, with Anthony Stewart Head and Lori Singer just burning up with chemistry.

Thank you, festividders!
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Whoever on my FList said this movie is just a big budget VR.5, with a male hero instead of a female one?

It totally is.

*misses VR.5*
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Both [personal profile] coffeeandink and [ profile] sdwolfpup called it. Stealthy, I am not.
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Created for [ profile] halfamoon.

Vid title: Glass Coffin
Song: Blinding by Florence and the Machine
Fandom: VR.5

Summary: To sleep no more.

Sizes: 41 MB (560 x 420 .wmv), 10 MB (400 x 300 .wmv)
Length: 2:14

Download: Monsters from the Vids

Embedded under the cut )

Thanks so much to [ profile] halcyon_shift and [ profile] lcsbanana for beta-ing.

Notes: VR.5 ran briefly on the Fox network in 1995. Thirteen episodes were produced; only ten aired in the original run although the remaining three eventually aired on SyFy. The show starred Lori Singer as Sydney Bloom, a computer geek who discovers that the virtual reality computer system she has built enables her to enter other people's unconscious minds.

Unfortunately, VR.5 is not available on commercial DVD; hence the fuzziness in the vid.

More tl;dr about this show and why it is Made of Awesome )

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