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This really was a pretty awesome show. I love the way the "villains" are humanized over the course of the series - and this scene where Justin has to deal with cruel schoolmates honestly had me all verklempt (again).

The biggest problem, though, is the casting of Daniel. All the other characters play at high camp, but Eric Mabius is, like, 10 levels below them - he almost seems to be in a different show.

It's actually kind of a recurring theme with the straight white male characters, actually, especially the ones who are presented as hot and desirable. (Like, Betty's first boyfriend Henry, played by Christopher Gorham, is presented as nerdy and awkward, so he's over the top and on the same level as everyone else, but Matt, another boyfriend, is a more normal guy, so he comes off like Daniel - understated and wildly out of place). The straight white men are so low-key as compared to everyone else, it's almost like someone was intentionally trying to cause them to be overwhelmed by the personalities around them. Which is ... an interesting choice, but a real weakness when it comes to Daniel, given his prominence.

But, whatever, everything else is just funny and touching and I totally forgot how much I enjoyed this show.
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Because I'm finding this B-plot regarding Justin's sexual orientation to be kind of amazing...

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