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I read a lot of Derek/Stiles even though I gave up on Teen Wolf long ago, basically because most authors use those characters as stand-ins for certain basic fannish archetypes. And that's what [ profile] standinginanicedress does - lots and lots of AU Derek/Stiles. But she has an interesting, not-quite-the-usual take on tropes; there's always a bit of a twist on what you'd ordinarily expect, usually in the direction of taking the trope in a a more realistic, less idealized direction than you usually see.

Anyway, I imagine most Teen Wolf fans are already familiar with her work, but if you've somehow missed it, I recommend you give her a try. And because it's all (or mostly) AU, you really don't have to be familiar with the show.
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So here I am at my second Vividcon. My first was 3 years ago; I still consider myself a newbie. And they let me do a vidshow! My show was "You're My Best Friend," dedicated to BFFs. Designing the show, I was graced with an embarrassment of awesome choices - it was actually kind of painful to narrow things down. I quickly learned that my choices were less about vid quality - there were many excellent quality vids to choose from - than about constructing the right mix. Like, a mix of buddies in different settings, with different relationships to each other, different song types, different moods - it meant I couldn't include a lot of really wonderful vids because they didn't fit with the mix. In a couple of cases, I had to choose among several excellent vids to the same song, each about a different buddy pairing. (hey, that could have been a whole 'nother show!).

But anyway. Here's how the BFF Vidshow turned out:

From Here on Out by Mithborien. Teen Wolf. Buddies have your back.

Strength in You by Here's Luck. Gilmore Girls. Buddies give you strength to endure.

We Are Gonna Be Friends by humansrsuperior. Life. Sometimes buddies have different ways of doing things...

Do My Thing by Laura Shapiro. The Heat. ...but buddies still fit together.

My Best Friend by Killa. Lost Girl. Buddies inspire lots of feelings.

Ain't No Easy Way by Danegen. Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. So sometimes you get into bad situations with your buddy.

Shine by Eunice. Thelma & Louise. But your buddy stays with you until the end.

Thick as Thieves by Charmax. Dead Like Me. And even beyond.

Motown Philly by Jarrow. Psych. Buddies can be playmates.

King and Lionheart by cosmic llin. Star Trek: Voyager. And comrades.

I Do The Dumbest Things For You by Purplefringe. Stargate: Atlantis. And poor influences.

My Secret by Such Heights. Elementary. Buddies can teach us about ourselves.

Gimme Shelter by Thandie. Starsky & Hutch. You can shoot people with your buddy.

Never Always Getting Back Together by Ash. Supernatural. Even though you don't always get along, you and your buddy will still find a way back to each other.

And that was the show! Thank you so much to everyone who made suggestions and everyone who allowed me to use their vids!


Oct. 12th, 2014 06:34 am
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The dude who plays Scott's dad on Teen Wolf is now a gay hooker on Scandal.

You're welcome.
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is following Scotusblog and asking questions. I mean, you know, normal questions.

How many Colton Haynes's do you think there can be?!?
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Starts with "F," ends with "U"

It's actually an incredibly disturbing series in which Stiles sleeps with Scott's father for a while, with endgame Stiles/Derek. It's incredibly disturbing because - I'm not exactly sure whether you'd call it noncon or dubcon, but what it comes down to is, the relationship between Stiles and Daddy McCall illustrates pretty much exactly why we have concepts like "statutory rape." I.e., it's mostly from Stiles's point of view, and Stiles is consenting, and Stiles experiences himself - at least at first - as enjoying himself sexually and making his own choices, but it's also pretty clear that the power and experience differential is such that this is in no way a consensual relationship. And then things escalate.

So, point being, the author really does a very good job of demonstrating this, and then there's the healthier Derek/Stiles thing that the story develops into for your h/c fix and spoonful of sugar. The larger supernatural/werewolf picture is almost an afterthought to the story, until you get to the ending chapters.
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about Felicity Smoak, the main reason for watching Arrow. (It's also impossible not to notice that the Felicity/Oliver emotional dynamic is the same as the fanon Derek/Stiles dynamic, the Charles/Erik dynamic as portrayed in some segment of fics, and similar fannish archetypes - grim and driven meets bubbly and irreverent/sunny.)

I had no idea about the president of WB. That's awesome.
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Trust In This (Even If You're Scared Stiff) (4021 words) by otter
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Original Characters
Additional Tags: Kid Fic, Fluff, Flash Fic

Stiles' kid has a tendency to get into fights and possibly has bad taste in friends. Or enemies. Stiles isn't sure yet, but he's pretty sure the other kid's dad is too hot to be human.

This put a massive smile on my face. (via [profile] blue_meridian)
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CBS is now posting fanart for Person of Interest. How very Teen Wolf of you, CBS.

*Of course, CBS is skipping, umm, those images.

**I don't think? they necessarily got permission from the artists? But they do seem to be posting credits and links to the original, where they can find them.

Edit: [ profile] tenillypo says that they are asking artist permission.
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POI vs. Teen Wolf snippet.

(BTW, for those who are interested, I'm doing a lot of my POI posting on Tumblr, where I am [ profile] giandujakiss. Part of the reason is that I'm trying not to spam my LJ/Dreamwidth pals who aren't in the fandom; the other part of the reason is that I've discovered that whatever the flaws in the Tumblr interface, it's freaking marvelous for connecting with other fans that have shared interests.)
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but your casting is unbelievable.

The Borg Queen, Captain Jack, Crixus, Lincoln Lee, Gaius Baltar, Helo, Ruby, Harry Dresden, Jackson Whittemore, River Song - it's like you're doing a marathon through All the Fandoms.

(Also, is there Oliver/Felicity yet?)
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To discover Hello Tailor's extremely informative summary of Teen Wolf. While I can't say I have the same devotion to the show that she does, I think it makes for ... um, educational ... reading.
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I have never watched The Sentinel, but I know the basic premise. I've read a lot of Sentinel fusions with other fandoms (i.e., Steve is a Sentinel and Danny is his Guide! Sherlock Holmes is a Sentinel and Watson is his Guide! Derek Hale is a Sentinel and Stiles is his Guide! John Reese is a Sentinel and Finch is his Guide! Erik Lehnsherr is a Sentinel and Charles Xavier is his Guide! etc).

(not for nothing, but you could do a whole massive meta on fannish slash archetypes just by categorizing characters as Sentinels and Guides. But I digress.)

One thing that seems to be very common in these fusion stories is that the universe knows of, and accepts, the existence of Sentinels, and there's some sort of "Center" where Sentinels are treated for Sentinel-specific mental conditions, hooked up with Guides, etc.

But I'd always thought that in the actual Sentinel series, the existence of Sentinels was not generally known.

So, is this all fanon? The idea of Sentinels as generally known, Centers to treat them, and so on? Because if so, it's remarkably consistent across fandom fusions.

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