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2017-04-12 04:02 am
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I saw Gifted!

Almost nothing happened that wasn't entirely predictable, but Chris Evans was very touchable-looking and pretty and that's what I went to see, so I got my money's worth.

It was one of those movies where, for most of it, you're thinking that there must be some better compromise solutions but no one seems to be able to conceive of them.

However - minor spoiler:

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2017-01-05 09:52 pm
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Saw Hidden Figures

Loved it. Yes, there's stuff to critique but I'm just gonna float on idealism for a while.

Taraji Henson in particular was riveting; there was something just so compelling about her performance.

The theater was about half full - which is actually pretty good, considering the timing. Kids and adults, and people actually cheered and clapped at several points.

Definitely go see.
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2016-12-21 09:52 am

Assassin's Creed

is a terrible terrible movie that wastes some amazing actors.

I know literally nothing about the game, which may color my opinion somewhat, but I Wikipedia'ed it after the movie, and ... no, I think this is just yet another reason why games should not be movies.

(To be fair, based on the Wiki game description, I think possibly it could have been a very good movie. This - was not that movie.)

There are so many many things I could talk about - the wooden dialogue and the nonsensical plot and the absolute nonstop fight sequences that replace anything like characterization -seriously, we don't know the first thing about Fassbender's character and he's the hero - but there's just one very specific point that I will single out to criticize.

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I think at some point I have to recognize that Fassbender will never, ever make a movie that appeals to me as much as XMFC.
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2016-12-19 06:51 pm

I'll probably go see Gifted because soft dad Chris Evans is kind of irresistible but

am I the only person who thinks the story feels different if you imagine it's a boy child instead of a girl child? Like, would we think it's noble for a father figure to insist that a prodigy boy not get the best education so that the boy can have his childhood? Or is that something we only say about girls?

I mean, there's plenty of evidence that early on, girls and boys have the same interest in math, and that girls tend to drop out in part because they aren't pressured to continue - when they say they want to stop, adults let them, and but adults push boys to carry on.

I think it was Katrina vanden Heuvel who wrote that it's only with girls where we say, "Well, you can go off to cure cancer, or you can be a wife and mother - it's your choice." We never present these as choices for boys.

The premise of Gifted seems to fall into the same category for me.
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2016-10-04 05:17 pm

So what do we think of Conviction?

From a legal-mystery standpoint, it's fairly by-the-numbers. But I am excited to see a woman play the maverick-operates-on-her-own-rules-because-she's-just-that-good character. The last time I saw it attempted was Dana Delaney in Body of Proof, where she was basically a Dr. House-like medical examiner, but they couldn't quite commit to her being just as obnoxious as House, so they had to soften her.

Also, they're 'shipping her with Eddie Cahill and I've always had soft spot for Eddie Cahill. Which means, I have no hope for the actual plots, but I am interested to see where they're going with the characters.

Also, they've got a Hillary Clinton analog who looks like she'll be appropriately complex and ruthless.

BTW, I am in love with Pitch, so that's a thing.  And I didn't even realize it was the Saved by the Bell dude under that beard.  I feel very old.
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2016-09-17 08:53 am

Anyone watching Queen Sugar?

Is anyone else amused that Bianca Lawson is playing a character named Darla?

One detail that keeps striking me - Blue, the little boy, plays with what appears to be some kind of Barbie-like doll, and it's entirely unremarked. That's just his favorite toy, whatever.
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2016-09-04 02:39 pm

Are there any premiering TV shows that I should be paying attention to?

Because I can't find any (i.e., on the actual teevee, not purely internet streaming).
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2016-07-25 10:30 pm

I'm just thinking

After Trump's lineup of A-List speakers, how awesome would it be if the Dems could round out their speakers with Henry Winkler or Ron Howard?
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2016-07-16 09:01 pm

For I have seen Ghostbusters!!

Quick nonspoilery thoughts:

It was a lot of fun, if a bit broader than my taste, and I found myself just sitting there smiling.

It was flawed in that modern action movie way, where it's facially obvious that a lot of exposition and plotting was cut. The only reason it wasn't entirely incoherent was because you kind of know the story from the original - like, not the same plot exactly, but the same story beats. For that reason, I think the original is a superior piece of filmmaking.

Everyone's awesome but Kate McKinnon steals the show.

With the caveat that I've never seen a Paul Feig movie before (again, his humor is too broad for my taste), it was a revelation to see women playing these kinds of roles. Not just comedic, but awkward and goofy and loud and taking up space and with no concern at all for whether they were pretty. (Let's all remember that Joss Whedon told Elizabeth Olsen not to scrunch up her face during the Avengers action scenes, because it made her look unattractive.) That they are women is essentially unremarked.

Case in point: There's a running joke thing about Melissa McCarthy and food, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she's heavy. She does physical comedy and it has nothing to do with the fact that she's heavy.

I remember the original Ghostbusters, which I loved as a kid. It was hilarious and I saw it many times. And always, always - even before I had any particular political consciousness - I disliked the bits that had to do with Bill Murray skeevily coming on to women, and hated the whole part of the plot where Sigourney Weaver is possessed, turned into a weird sex maniac, and has to sleep with Rick Moranis. It was like this horrible sour note in the middle of the film. I wasn't really old enough to understand why I hated those bits, I just knew I found them basically unwatchable.

But with the new Ghostbusters, I get a glimpse of how different it would have been for me - for all of us - if we'd gotten stories about women like this as we were growing up.

There is a scene at the very end of the credits so don't leave.

Oh also good commentary here.
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2016-06-12 04:12 pm

Underground vid rec!

Freedom by [personal profile] frayadjacent. Captures a lot of the excitement of the show.
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2016-04-09 09:49 am

Jesus Christ when Gilmore Girls was good it was brilliant

Makes what's coming after season 1 all the more painful.

(If you haven't seen at least season 1 of Gilmore Girls, and you care about complex stories involving relationships between women, you are totally missing out)
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2016-04-03 07:55 am

Wynnona Earp

I have no idea what that was but I'm looking forward to next week.
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2016-03-31 07:41 pm


Ummm ... that scene was perhaps a little too ... attractive ... for my comfort.

In other news, I am absolutely in complete love with - well, after seeing the episode, you'll know who. Give me all the fic please.
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2016-03-24 04:19 pm

You know it occurs to me

Wonder Woman first appeared during WWII - where's my Captain America meets Wonder Woman fanfic?
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2016-03-22 05:36 am

Okay, internet, I'm going to need help

This weekend, Batman versus Superman opens. And I'd pretty much decided I was done with endless Batman and Superman recycles, and even though they're trying to lure me in by having Wonder Woman in a secondary role, I was not going to be fooled. My thinking has been, when I'm actually holding a advance ticket to see the Wonder Woman movie in my little hands, then I'll go back and watch the Batman versus Superman movie, as backstory.

That said, I might be willing to depart from this stance if I am reliably informed that Wonder Woman has a very large, awesome role in Batman versus Superman.

So y'all to report back and tell me what I should do.