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all I can think is, why are not more people talking about Major Crimes?

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ends with me going "Awwww..." and melting in front of the television.

Seriously, Rusty and Sharon is the greatest love story ever told.

Also, I'm two episodes in to Almost Human, and there is nothing original there, but it hits all the standard buddy!kink notes, so it has my devotion.

I'm so easy.
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It's pretty by-the-numbers, but hey, it's Rebecca Romjin in a buddy procedural, which is really all I need to keep watching.

And as long as we're on the subject of TNT shows and their casts (esp. since King & Maxwell appears to have stolen John Tenney from Major Crimes), Rusty actually made me cry in the Major Crimes season premiere. Oh, Rusty. I do not know why fandom is not all over the show about the homeless gay teenage hustler and his clam-like guardian.
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That the Rusty and Sharon show is being written by a former fanfic writer.

Come on - 'fess up. Who are you? What name do you post under?

(If only the Rusty and Sharon show were ... you know, a real show.)
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Your crime stories are reasonably entertaining, they're fine as far as police procedurals go, but every week I have to fight not to fast forward through all your mystery bits so I can get to the Rusty and Sharon show.
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am I to understand that Major Crimes, the Closer sequel, features an ongoing storyline about Captain Raydor's developing relationship with her gay teenage hooker ward?

Is ... is it my birthday?

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