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See if you can spot the most important person in the room:

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So for obvious reasons, people have been comparing these two vids. There are a lot of differences between them just in terms of the intent of the creators, and the POV in the way the vids were constructed. Additionally, this may be really obvious, but I hadn't seen it mentioned so...

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here. Categories include most improved show, least improved, best badass (Cara vs. Dean Winchester? HOW DO YOU CHOOSE?), and so on.

I was particularly amused to see that in the "Least Villainous Villain" category, you have a choice between Lucifer, Samifer, and Sue Sylvester.

I was saddened to see that in the "HoYay!" category, we have Dean and Castiel but not Dean and Sam. Blasphemy. (Happily, Cara/Kahlan and Merlin/Arthur are also options - but where the hell was Blair/Serena??).

Oh noes!

Apr. 26th, 2010 02:07 pm
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via [ profile] meredith44, I see that Legend of the Seeker has been canceled.

Even though I was essentially only watching for Cara (and thus found the last two episodes largely unbearable), I'll miss my intermittent amusement.
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Lightning Field, by [ profile] bradcpu. Legend of the Seeker, Cara/Kahlan. Whatever its weaknesses, LOTS gives really good vid, and Brad shows off the gorgeous footage and the sexual tension while also presenting a really nice character study of Cara.

Hurricane, by [ profile] laurashapiro. This is a brilliantly realized constructed-reality vid slashing Starbuck of BSG with Aeryn of Farscape. I've never seen Farscape but she's convinced me they are perfect for each other. Also, hot as hell.
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Okay, so by now I've seen most - though not all - of the Festivids, because I was lucky enough to get a head start :-) (yes, I know who made them, okay? I KNOW). And I am not kidding when I say you should watch each and every one of them. I'm really quite amazed at how consistently good they all are (although in wildly different ways). And the source! I mean, there are vids with this gorgeous source you've never seen before, and then ugly-as-hell source but dear God, remember when television looked like that? And then there're all the vids to sources you always thought would make an amazing vid, and now you know - or source where you think my god, why didn't I realize how amazing that would be to vid, or source where, you'd have sworn it was unviddable, but you would be wrong, and just plain source where there are a few existing vids but you knew there needed to be more and hey! Now there are.

But this isn't like Yuletide, where there are something like 500 million stories, so that you can do a rec list of 100 and it's still not obvious which one's yours. If I went through and rec'd everything I loved, I'd essentially be outing myself. So I can't do that (unless I was wily and rec'd myself, which ... I am not going to do). So I'm saving a bunch of recs until after the reveal.

For now, though, I can't help but jump up and down and squee about just a teeny taste of what's good. And I can't emphasize this enough: it doesn't matter if you don't know the source. Hell, I don't know the source for many of these - you still should watch them.

I have to start with the vid that was made just for me: Sleepwalker (Profit). I love this show, which is about how pretty Adrian Pasdar is how a man who was literally raised by television as a child turned into a soulless monster who schemes his way through the corporate world. This vid is perfectly Profit - it's creepy and spooky and weird and in a million years I would never have paired Adam Lambert with this show but wow, that totally works. Like, not even in a cracky way - it works for real.

Other vids you should totally watch while you're, you know, watching everything:

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I find I'm enjoying it a lot more, principally because I really like Cara. In the first season, there really wasn't anyone I cared much about, but Cara sparks things up, both because she's interesting in and of herself, and because she creates a needed tension in the group. And I'm particularly amused at how she signals her independence from the Mord'Sith by wearing her leather dominatrix outfit in a manner that reveals her cleavage. That'll show 'em.

Mostly, though, I can't get over the fantastically inconsistent characterization, horrendous dialogue, and facially nonsensical plots (It'll take me years to teach you the spell! Or five minutes. Whatever.), all embedded within a BDSM milieu so explicit that it actually makes me blush.
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...isn't really doing much for me, after the first three disks of the first season.

I'll keep watching and report in, but I think I've figured out the problem.

It's got exactly the fantasy elements that normally appeal to me. It's got a forbidden-love romance that hits most of my kinks, and an insanely crackish BDSM premise that is exactly the kind of stuff fannish dreams are made on (that episode? With the dominatrix and the training? Holy shit.)


I'm just not into the leads.

Normally, when I fall in love with a cheap syndicated fantasy series, it's because the series features a cast that, while perhaps not particularly skillful or talented, is at least charismatic. That's what happened to me with Xena, and with Hercules, and with The Lost World (shut up shut up shut up - Marguerite was awesome - and someday when I'm in the mood I'll compare her character to certain archetypes like Debra Kerr in King Solomon's Mines and to, swear to god, one of my favorite feminist icons, Alexandra in the cartoon version of Josie and the Pussycats, but today is not that day). But none of the leads in Legend of the Seeker really appeals to me on any level, even just an aesthetic one. It's completely a matter of idiosyncratic personal taste, but they just don't have that spark that made, say, Lucy Lawless and Kevin Sorbo so much fun to watch.

But I'll still keep at it. It's hiatus, after all.

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