Jul. 28th, 2016 09:39 am
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I normally am not really a Twitter person but at least during the DNC and likely during the entire election season I'm kind of addicted, so if you want to see my almost-entirely-political tweets (which are mostly retweets of things I thought were wise/funny), you can I'm at [ profile] giandujakiss.
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I visited your website to find a purse once, I didn't find anything, I never came back - I do not need to see your embedded advertisements on every single webpage I've visited since then!
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I Still Use an AOL Email Account

(the only reason Dreamwidth has a gmail account attached is that Dreamwidth notifications stopped working on AOL. Everything else - LJ, tumblr, etc - is keyed to AOL).
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Facebook still leads social media, but sees slower growth among young users
An ethnographic study of 16-18 year olds north of London found teens are opting to use private messaging services such as WhatsApp and Snapchat to communicate with their friends. In many cases, the study said, teens stay on Facebook at the behest of their parents, who have made it a tool for keeping track of their children.

“You just can’t be young and free if you know your parents can access your every indiscretion,” wrote Daniel Miller, a professor of Material Culture at UCL, who ran the study.

In other words, teens are using Facebook, but not for the same reasons that they once did. And that, Smith said, fits in with a larger trend in the social media space: Americans are diversifying the social networks that they use.

More than 40 percent of Americans, Pew found, maintain multiple social network accounts for different purposes. ...

Users go to specific places based on what they’re trying to do, Smith said, and so engagement for many of the smaller sites are on par with Facebook, Smith noted.


Sep. 23rd, 2013 10:41 am
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Give Yourself 5 Stars? Online, It Might Cost You
New York regulators will announce on Monday the most comprehensive crackdown to date on deceptive reviews on the Internet. Agreements have been reached with 19 companies to cease their misleading practices and pay a total of $350,000 in penalties.

The yearlong investigation encompassed companies that create fake reviews as well as the clients that buy them. Among those signing the agreements are a charter bus operator, a teeth-whitening service, a laser hair-removal chain and an adult entertainment club. Also signing are several reputation-enhancement firms that place fraudulent reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, Citysearch and Yahoo.

A phony review of a restaurant may lead to a bad meal, which is disappointing. But the investigation uncovered a wide range of services buying fake reviews that could do more permanent damage: dentists, lawyers, even an ultrasound clinic.

The investigation revealed a web of deceit in which reviewers in Bangladesh, the Philippines and Eastern Europe produced, for as little as a dollar a rave, buckets of praise for places they had never seen in countries where they had never been.

A 2012 Gartner study estimated that one in seven recommendations or ratings on social media sites like Facebook would soon be fake. And there have been instances where all the reviews of a product have been secretly bought and paid for by the seller of the product.

[T]he New York investigation shows that the fakers are constantly increasing in sophistication. “Do not make them sound like an advertisement,” one firm investigated by the attorney general cautioned its writers. Another boasted of using multiple computers to foil suspicions that arose when more than one review came from the same machine. A third talked of outwitting Facebook.
I recently moved to a new area, and very often, I have to just google around to find basic stores, services, etc - and I never know whether to trust the reviews on Yelp, even as I'm often forced to rely on them. It's incredibly annoying.

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