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I watch the next episode, Last Temptation (which I guess is the most recent?), and of course -

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I tend to fall behind in House, because after a certain point I just can't take how House humiliates everyone around him (especially women), and I have to back off for a while and then I sort of gingerly dip a toe back in. My toe dipped in with The Dig...

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I have not yet watched the latest episode of House - but this post contains spoilers for Office Politics and A Pox on Our House.

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Spoilers for Massage Therapy )

You know, after the ick of the season premiere, I delayed watching the next couple of episodes because I was afraid of more fail. And then they turned out to be okay, and so I was lulled into a false sense of security.
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Warnings for lack of squee.

House season premiere

Spoilers )

The Chase & Hawaii 5-0

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I write to inform you that Allison Janney now has a semi-regular/recurring role on In Plain Sight.


(Incidentally, In Plain Sight provides a nice a gender-reversal of the "genius wrangler" trope - i.e., where a male lead sort of runs rampant and breaks all the rules and is generally obnoxious and out-of-control and a female lead is put in the role of playing mommy/grown-up. There was an LJ post about it that I can't locate now but it basically sums up why I had to stop watching The Mentalist and Lie to Me, why I never even started watching Castle, and why House walks a very fine line. But In Plain Sight is the opposite, or close to - Mary's not a prodigy in the same way the male "geniuses" are, but she's certainly extremely skilled. - Edit: Oh, here's the post.)

(Oh, also? This week? Don't even get me started on another rant about how TV makes it sound as though it's ethical and appropriate for cops and prosecutors withhold exculpatory information from the defense.)
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But that wasn't bad.

I do have some things to say - but not about that thing. About the other things.

Spoilers think that every exit is an entrance somewhere else. )
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After reading the reaction of my FList, though, if it features anything less than a full-frontal NC-17 House/Wilson sex scene, I will be sorely disappointed.
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Just fyi, it actually would be considered discrimination on the basis of sex to...

Spoilers for Epic Fail )
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It doesn't define "fan videos" anywhere.

(Spoilers for the House season finale, which, incidentally - holy fuck!)

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