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But DOFP seems to have killed my desire to 'ship Erik/Charles.

I mean, I came out of that movie so much less enthusiastic about them than when I went in.

It's not that I didn't see any chemistry between them - for my money, the airplane scene was the closest a superhero movie's ever come to gay foreplay (and that includes the Sam/Steve meet cute in Cap 2) - and I suppose part of my lack of enthusiasm comes from my absorption with Steve/Bucky, but I think mostly, I came out of DOFP disliking the two of them so much. Sanctimonious, self-pitying Jesus!Charles could not be less attractive to me, and megalomaniacal!Erik isn't far behind; plus, I felt as though the camaraderie between them that was such a hallmark of First Class was missing.

So, I'm kind of off Erik/Charles at the moment, which sort of sucks because all of my fave authors are posting fixit fic. And the Steve/Bucky authors aren't writing fast enough (in part because I've stopped reading WIPs - I'm tracking so many stories on AO3, hoping the authors will hurry up and finish, my email inbox looks like I'm being spammed with gay porn).

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