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I have been rewatching Doctor Who. I am reminded:

(1) Handlebars is really an amazing vid.

(2) I love Donna like burning. On rewatch, I love her even more than I did originally.

(3) I will never forgive the show for what happened to her. The Doctor found a woman/companion who - more than anyone else - was capable of interacting with him on an equivalent level, and man, was she punished for it.
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but your casting is unbelievable.

The Borg Queen, Captain Jack, Crixus, Lincoln Lee, Gaius Baltar, Helo, Ruby, Harry Dresden, Jackson Whittemore, River Song - it's like you're doing a marathon through All the Fandoms.

(Also, is there Oliver/Felicity yet?)
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So has anyone created a T-shirt on Cafe Press or something that says "You never forget your first," and then you have the option of choosing a picture of One through Eleven?
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Unfortunately, between Festivids and Real Life, all I am able to offer is a selection of links to things I saw on Tumblr that gave me joy.

The Les Mis thing (which is a lot like the Merlin thing)

Princess Avengers (the Pocahontas one is perfection itself)

This cat

These pandas

I would buy this in a heartbeat

This keyboard modification

These women

Katharine Hepburn in Holiday (which is an awesome movie, but they cut the best line from the play)

Castiel vs. Captain America

Old and new. And another one

I want to attend this

Suddenly my childhood love of Barbie is rekindled
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My thoughts are - very similar to others' thoughts. Nothing at all surprising here. This is not squeeful, in case you need the warning. Also, everyone on the planet should read [personal profile] selenak's fantastic meta on the Craig trio of Bond films.

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I'd randomly insert extras who look like Matt Smith or David Tennant or Chris Eccleston in the background of crowd scenes. Just to stand there and look interested in what's going on.
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I hate reccing vids from VVC because it's like this flood of amazing stuff, and there's something for every fandom and every taste, and I dislike feeling like I have to choose vids. That said, here are a few that stayed with me:

I Walked, The Borgias. Very interesting cutting style, focusing on Lucrezia and Cesare.

Get the Party Started, Leverage and White Collar. So much fun how the vidder blends the 'verses.

Come On, Firefly. Charmax delightfully highlights every beat and twang.

Black Dove (January), Doctor Who, focused on River Song. Really amazing editing.

A Sophisticated Song. Tribute to Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. Be still my heart.

High Voltage, all the Stargates. I really only barely know Stargate but I just loved this aesthetically.
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It was adorable. My favorite moment:

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Today I have to fly away for work, and the really awful bit is that I will almost certainly not be able to watch the H50 season finale until Wednesday. Bleargh. Also, I have to hang out with people from work. But, I'll have my laptop with me so you can expect to hear me whining.

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I know there's a lot to chew on here, but mostly I can't help noticing that whenever an episode of this show involves America, I always get the feeling they're mocking us. Hmmm.... *narrows eyes*

Also, SPN has nothing on Doctor Who when it comes to creepy children. *shudder*

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