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- but every year it's so true.

I get such glee from watching the Festivids trickle in! I love rooting through everyone's music choices, and I get such a kick out of seeing the eclectic group of fandoms represented - between treats and pinch hits and people who match on multiple things and people vidding things that they never offered, the assignments really only give me a vague idea of what to expect. I've been scrambling around on Wikipedia going, "What is that?" for all of these sources I've never heard of. And also, in at least one case, I've finally had a longstanding question answered - so that's where that icon is from!

And it's just so satisfying to see the list of outstanding vids slowly get filled in as more people submit stuff... and of course, as we get closer to deadline, the pace of submissions picks up. Although, if this year is anything like last year, I have to try to be patient because half of the assignments won't come in until the very last day. *pouts*

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