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and then I laugh and laugh and laugh.

When Adrian Pasdar looks back on the biggest regrets of his life, I have no doubt that Solarbabies is near the top of the list.

What makes it particularly special is that the movie was made before inline skating became a thing, so all of the skating on ordinary roller skates looks even more ridiculous.

And I don't know if anyone's seen the movie Living in Oblivion, but James LeGros's character, the vain diva actor, was apparently modeled on LeGros's experiences working with Jason Patric on Solarbabies.

And the whole movie is available on YouTube. (Here is Part 1).

You're welcome.
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So has anyone created a T-shirt on Cafe Press or something that says "You never forget your first," and then you have the option of choosing a picture of One through Eleven?
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When you're writing canon-compliant XMFC, and you say that Erik is unique because "most people" refuse to let Charles freely enter their minds ... umm, who do you imagine all these people are?

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Someone should distribute a line of Syrah wines called "Que."

Also, pictures of Grumpy Cat depress me because I'm not convinced she really is happy.
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Pilot just told us, in all seriousness, that we're lucky - the other planes waiting on the tarmac have been there for much longer than we have, so our wait will be short by comparison.

I am not comforted.
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i hate waiting
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Every single time I see him on my screen, I get bored. The more he appears on my screen, the bored-er I get.

I just want to see Annie going on missions and going undercover and eluding the bad guys and being smart and beating people up. I get that you're trying to have some kind of overarching Grand Conspiracy plot, and that's fine, but every time we see her mooning over a vacation fling as though it was True Love I want to fast forward. He is seriously sucking the life out of this show. Stop it.

In other news, I am unreasonably excited for the premiere of Nikita on Thursday.

Also, they're filming something near my house - there's a huge set up with trailers and equipment and a very nice catered breakfast spread that, sadly, they aren't sharing with the public.
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...but I'm struck by how every single time I either rewatch SPN's Sin City, or review the episode for vidding purposes, I find myself flooded anew with love for Casey the Demon. I don't know why, she just really appeals to me.

Hands down, she's my favorite one-shot character, even, I think, beating out the psychiatrist from Sam, Interrupted.
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And it's starting to make me ... twitchy.

Happily, I've got a vacation coming up, which I will use to work on the overdue auction vid that I really need to make some progress on.

And also, it's really been too long since I've made an embarrassing, shameless vid about Sam and Dean's earth-shattering love for each other. I've got to make one of those every so often, or all the colours of my world start to fade.
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Where are the tearjerker vids to Mika's "Happy Ending"?

Because I keep imagining it as Sam and Dean and thinking about [ profile] candle_beck's stories, and getting myself a little verklempt.

I'm in that sort of mood. Shut up.
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