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Not a college student. So it's sort of embarrassing when I have to make it clear to colleagues that there's an infinitely larger chance of me attending your event if you bribe me with food or alcohol.


Jul. 16th, 2013 11:47 am
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Cola-flavored wine for the younger audience. It's come to this?
a French producer is introducing cola-flavored wine.

Say what?

Hausmann Famille, a branch of the firm Châteaux en Bordeaux, has introduced Rouge Sucette, a red wine doused with cola flavor targeted for a younger audience.

In France, sad to say wine drinking has plummeted in recent years, particularly among the young, who are more attracted to beer and spirits. ...

Rouge Sucette — “Red Lollipop” — is cheaper than wine. A bottle will cost just under $4 in France and will be sold primarily in hypermarchés (huge supermarkets). How many Red Lollipop drinkers will graduate to something more sophisticated is not yet known.
Don't judge.
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just how much shelf space is devoted to alcohol in gas station mini-marts.
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and I discover that the episode that aired on December 11 beat me to the Que Syrah joke.

I swear, I had not seen it until just now. I feel I need to get that out there.
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Someone should distribute a line of Syrah wines called "Que."

Also, pictures of Grumpy Cat depress me because I'm not convinced she really is happy.

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