May. 6th, 2016

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I did enjoy it, for the most part, though it had that frustrating thing where the plot kind of hinges on everyone not talking when it would be obvious for them to do so. And honestly, the motivations were pretty forced, but I expected that going in.

The number of audience members who left as soon as the credits started to roll was shocking. Have you people never been to a Marvel movie?

It did not kill my Steve/Bucky 'ship, but I'm gonna need all the fixit fic please.
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as I did during the G.W. Bush years - for those of you who aren't Americans, please understand, at least 50% of the country is at least as appalled as you are by Trump. Terrified, shocked, and disgusted - and sort of disbelieving that he's the GOP nominee, and that the GOP is falling in line behind him.

This is the thing I hope non-Americans understand about U.S. politics: Seriously, at least 50% of us are right there with you. And we're terrified we'll have to live under this maniac.

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