Mar. 27th, 2016

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I think it's worth reading:
Bernie Sanders Is Accidentally Insulting Minority Voters

Here’s a guy who has been on the front lines of the civil rights movement. His entire existence is predicated on empowering disadvantaged economic classes. ...

And he is being flat out repudiated by African-American voters, and losing to a member of the family who pushed through many of the policies minorities are now complaining about. He’s not wining the Latino vote. Hillary Clinton is beating Bernie Sanders with people of color like Obama beat Hillary Clinton with people of color, AND OBAMA IS BLACK. What in the ever-loving hell is going ON here?

The explanations for why this is happening tend to blame the minority voter. Bernie surrogates say: “minority voters are voting against their own interests,” “minority voters are too ‘loyal’ to the Clinton brand,” “minority voters are just not familiar with Bernie’s platform,” “minority voters are just not familiar with Hillary’s actual record,” and my favorite one, fresh from this morning goes something like, “f**k those black Southerners in states Democrats won’t win anyway, brothers up North and West know better.”

Can I just throw out there the possibility that Sanders is under-performing with minorities because Sanders is doing something wrong? When Republicans lose the minority vote by 70 points, progressive don’t insult minorities, we blame the tone-deaf Republican party. Maybe we could apply the same logic to the Bernie Sanders campaign?

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