Jan. 18th, 2016

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So I hadn't seen the Star Wars movie because I'm really not a Star Wars fan. But everyone was screaming about how awesome it is that a woman gets the Skywalker role, and that two non-white men are cast in supporting roles, and Leia's a general, etc, etc, and so I finally went.

And now, having seen the movie, yes, kudos to the casting and all, but ... there's a reason I'm not a Star Wars fan. I'm going to have to stand my ground on that one.

And as glad as I am that they're clearly setting up for sequels, and given the tremendous box office success I'd say sequels are a certainty, the cynical part of my brain thinks that the sequels will dial back Rey's role. The studio heads will dismiss the success of TFA despite the female lead as being due to the brand name of the franchise; they'll convince themselves that now that the novelty has worn off, boys will need a male hero to maintain interest, and also how are they supposed to sell toys with breasts on them? And Rey will be reduced to a supporting role in her own story.


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