Date: 2016-12-25 07:31 pm (UTC)
gwyn: (edna)
From: [personal profile] gwyn
It's not a better dynamic in that it's still decorative women, and thin, size zero women at that, but I'd say if you're interested in the crafting aspect, watch the first four or five seasons and skip everything after. I gave up after…7? Maybe? Or 8? I can't remember, but it had gotten so bad with producer interference of who they wanted the narrative to be about and have win that I just abandoned the show, especially since it had compromised Tim's integrity so much and he was my favorite thing about it. ANd I thought if I had to listen to the Michael Kors QuipBot3000 again I would spork my eyeballs--but then he left it and…Zac Posen came in? I think?

Anyways, in the early seasons, they picked a model for each episode, there was a whole thing about it, and Heidi's presence ws largely about the models and some judging--but the models were also out if they weren't selected. One season had a huge flaming meltdown, I think it was season 1, with one of the models in fact. The challenges were more interesting, there was way more emphasis on the creativity than the drama (not that there wasn't drama, oh boy did they amp that up, but you got to see them work on things way more than yammer about it and bitch at each other), and some of the designs truly were amazing.

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