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So here's where a Trump surrogate recommends internment camps for Muslims

God help us the moment we get hit with a terror attack.
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And Daesh probably knows that, too. Wouldn't it just play right into their hands? The bit where they're trying to put all Islam against the West.

Don't I have enough scary thoughts to be going on with? :(
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Yup. I had this whole long comment typed out then lost my train of thought and realized there really isn't anything to say but yup.

And again I'm so happy I never brought children into this world.
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But weren't these found unconstitutional retroactively? I mean, I guess they don't care, but you'd think they'd frame it differently for appearances sake at least.
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How depressing, that it's never been overturned.

I just looked at this NYT article that said:

When government lawyers offered Korematsu a pardon, he refused. "As long as my record stands in federal court," Korematsu, then 64, said in an emotional courtroom oration, "any American citizen can be held in prison or concentration camps without a trial or a hearing." The judge agreed, ruling from the bench that Korematsu had been innocent. Just like that, the legality of the internment was struck down forever.

I'm glad at least Korematsu himself got vindicated.

And the Wikipedia article on Korematsu says "decision has not been explicitly overturned although in 2011, the Department of Justice filed an official notice conceding that the then Solicitor General's defense of the internment policy to be in error."

I am about to run out the door so I can't do more research right now, but I think the next thing I will read is the Solicitor General's blog on this topic. The site does not load for me right now but it's on Internet Archive. I hope this gives me some solace.
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How utterly depressing. Obviously I expected too much from the US. :(
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